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February 2003

Friday, February 28
Bill Moyers: Patriotism and the Flag
John Brady Kiesling: A Diplomat's Letter of Resignation
Kathy Kelly: Between Heaven and Hell
Huck Gutman: Corporate Tax Evasion on an Enormous Scale
Andrew Rice: What Happened to the Truth?
William Hartung/Michelle Ciarrocca: Buying a Coalition
Robert Fisk: America Uses Israel's Words to Justify Occupation
Hubert Locke: Bush & Co. Don't Care What We Think
Nicholas Kristof: Secret, Scary Plans
Derrick Jackson: Clarence Thomas's Cruel View of Prisoners
Dave Koehler: Fallacies and War: Misleading a Nervous America to the Wrong Conclusion
Paul Douglas Newman: The Academy and the Politics of Fear

Thursday, February 27
Howard Zinn: As I Write This, It Looks Like War
Naomi Klein: The Voilà Moment: So, Bush Wants Civil Disobedience?
William Pfaff: Washington's Folly: Winning a War and Losing the World
Sheryl McCarthy: College Student's Quiet Protest Is on the Ball
Jeremy Scahill: The Ghosts of Safwan: A Report from the Iraq/Kuwait Border
John Nichols: Exit Phil Donahue
Jim Lobe: US Building a 'Coalition of the Coerced'?
Simon Tisdall: War Remains the Option of FirstResort - Not Last
Seth Sandronsky: Europe's Anti-Americanism
Ruth Rosen: Do Women Want War?
Jonathan Rowe: War and Warming: Polemical Blowback
Marwan Bishara: War on Iraq: Not in the Name of Democracy

Wednesday, February 26
Rick Ellis: The Surrender Of MSNBC
Ronnie Dugger: The American Emergency
Robert Kuttner: Victory Without a War
Mokhiber/Weissman: On Covering the Bush White House: Too Much
Anthony Robinson: Nation Has Cause for Moral Reflection
Kathy Kelly: In Baghdad: A Tight Squeeze
Jerry & Joe Long: The Ballad of the Ochre Berets
David Blake Willis: Looking into Pandora's Box: Notes from Japan on Ground Zero
Derrick Jackson: Blacks Have Good Cause to Oppose War in Iraq
Stephen Zunes: Howard Dean: Hawk in Dove’s Clothing?
Paulo Coelho: It's Under Bush's Bed!

Tuesday, February 25
Norman Mailer: Gaining an Empire, Losing Democracy?
James Carroll: Watching the War with Both Eyes
Robert Fisk: How The News Will Be Censored In This War
Ray McGovern: Imagery Intelligence Blurred
George Monbiot: By Tearing Up the Global Rulebook, the US is in Fact Undermining Its Own Imperial Rule
Robert Scheer: A Tip on Iraq From Those Who Walked That Road
Thom Hartmann: Healthcare Reveals Real "Conservative" Agenda - Drown Democracy In A Bathtub
Paul Krugman: Threats, Promises and Lies
Pierre Tristam: In Defense of Those Weenie Frenchmen
John Nichols: Liberal Talk Radio? It'll Fly Like a Dodo

Monday, February 24
Terence Blacker: Rough-Riding Cowboys in the Holy Ghost Corral
Ira Chernus: US Arms Control Hypocrisy is the Real Threat to Security
Mokhiber/Weissman: 12 Reasons to Oppose a War with Iraq
Ramzi Kysia: Living Against Disaster
Terry Neal: Democratic Faithful Welcome Antiwar Messengers
Richard Norton-Taylor: Both the Military and the Spooks are Opposed to War on Iraq
Ruth Rosen: How Safe is Our Food?
Cesar Chelala: Humanitarian Consequences of War in Iraq
Bernie Sanders: One Nation, In Distress

Sunday, February 23
Harvey Wasserman: A Regime That Hates Democracy Can't Wage War for Democracy
Martin Luther King, Jr: 'The Peace Race': Martin Luther King on the Middle East
Amin Saikal: The Hypocrisy of the Humanitarian Case for War
Haroon Siddiqui: Osama Must Be Relishing Thought of US Invasion
Caroline Arnold: No Winners Possible in Bush's Game of War
Leah Wells: City Councils Should Take Stand for Peace
Joe Steinberger: The World Calls
Terry Jones: Powell Speaks with Forked Tongue

Friday, February 21
Tariq Ali: A Second Resolution is Not Enough
AJ Griffith: I Was Called, I Withdrew From SU, My Mom Cried
Molly Ivins: Trashing the War Critics Doesn't Help
Adrian Hamilton: America Seems to Believe It Doesn't Need Any Allies
Laura Robinson: Honk If You Hate SUVs
Derrick Jackson: US Plays the Arms Sales Game
Rajeev Goyle: Patriot Act Sequel Worse Than Original
Joseph Stiglitz: War Could Bomb Your Pocketbook

Thursday, February 20
John Judis: This Road to Hell Is Paved With Bush's Bad Choices
Cynthia Peters: Taking to the Streets - That's Freedom
Haroon Siddiqui: The People and the Web vs. Bush and Blair
Ruth Rosen: Global Protest, New World Politics
Henry Mintzberg: But Mr. Bush, Why Now?
James Zogby: Democrats: It's Time to Lead or Risk Losing Again
William Pfaff: Bush's Macho Posturing on Germany
Molly Ivins: France's Stance on War Hardly Warrants Bashing
Lorraine Kreahling: NYC 2/15: Crowd Control Was Out of Control

Wednesday, February 19
Arianna Huffington: The Bottom Line On Iraq: It's The Bottom Line
Bernard Weiner: Bush Knows the Jig Is Up: So Let's Hurry on to Baghdad
Derrick Jackson: Protesters Worldwide Send a Message
Bill C Davis: The "Irrelevant" in the Middle of the Living Room
Susan Estrich: If War Is Not a Foregone Conclusion, Then Why Does the Media Act Like It Is?
Arlene Distler: Feb. 15th, 2003: And the World Will Live As One
Joyce Marcel: Peace and Poetry On Earth
Robert Kuttner: Grasping Bush's Overreach

Tuesday, February 18
Bruce Ackerman: Is the Right To March A Security Issue?
James Carroll: The Age of Innocence
Toronto Star: Peace Activists Aren't Appeasers
Charlotte Aldebron: A 12-Year Old Girl's Speech to a Northern Maine Peace Rally
John Nichols: Kucinich for Safe Food, Against War
Mark Weisbrot: Bush Unites the World
Pierre Tristam: Bush Dragging Us Through Muck with Fixation on Babylonian Lewinsky
John Buell: Answering Moral Blackmail
Paul Krugman: Behind the Great Divide
Robert Scheer: Damned If They Do, Damned If They Don't

Monday, February 17
Scott Taylor: Depleted Uranium: The Weapon We Gave Iraq
Huck Gutman: What Are They Really Up To?
Madeleine Bunting: There Will Be Millions of People Who Will Never Forget Saturday February 15 2003
Robert Jensen/Rahul Mahajan: Putting the Public Back in Public Policy
Bob Herbert: Strategic Advice From the Public
Ruth Rosen: Who is Your Hero?
Kevin Phillips: Bushonomics: One Family's Lifelong Legacy to America's Investment Class
Richard Williams: Flood of Emotion and Anger That Rose to Wash Away Years of Dismay

Sunday, February 16
Jimmy Breslin: Walking Along Streets of Peace
Nancy Capaccio: NYC 2/15: A Deeper Chill
Linda McQuaig: The Thing Is, It Is About Oil
Molly Ivins: A Season of Stupidity
Michael Kazin: Patriotism and Protest: The Peace Movement Needs a Moral Vision Grounded in American Ideals
Robert Fisk: The US: A Nation Divided, With No Bridges Left to Build
Henry Porter: One US Rule for Israel, Another for Saddam
Haroon Siddiqui: Case for War Eroded by Absurd US Arguments
Baltimore Sun: Colin Powell is Blowing It
Bill C Davis: An Intervention

Saturday, February 15
Ira Chernus: A War to Save the Dollar: But Where are the Real People?
Noriko Nakada: As in the 1940s, We Are Asleep to Loss of Rights
Robert Fisk: The Case Against War: A Conflict Driven by the Self-Interest of America
Sam Husseini: Compass Roses: From the Seeds of Antiwar to the Flowering of Global Democracy
Christopher Brauchli: Changing Rules and Undoing the Constitution

Friday, February 14
John Pilger: Why We Should March Tomorrow
Sarah Shields: A Proposed Speech: Bush says NO to Iraq war, YES to War against Indifference
Derrick Jackson: What About the Death Toll?
Natasha Walter: War is Pretty Much Inevitable - But That Doesn't Mean Protest is Pointless
Ralph Nader: What Role the Oil Industry Playing in Bush's Drive to War?
Susan Lenfestey: Mingling Love and War on Cupid's Day
Edward Said: Every One of Us Must Raise Our Voices, and March in Protest
Lawrence Ferlinghetti: Taking a Stand on Iraq: Speak Out
Lloyd Jansen: Bush Plays Into al-Qaida's Hands
Adrian Hamilton: Yes, There is an Alternative to This Approaching War

Thursday, February 13
George Bisharat: Impending War on Iraq an American Jihad
Jeremy Brecher: The Alternative to War
Stephen Zunes: The Bush Administration’s Attacks on the United Nations
Ruth Rosen: World Protests War
Jack Balkin: USA Patriot Act: A Dreadful Act II
Dra. Rosa Maria Pegueros: Iraq? We Are Still Paying for Vietnam
Ray McGovern: CIA Director Caves In
Sheryl McCarthy: Even Those Who Know War Protest for Peace
Peter Wirth: Selling A War
William Pfaff: Western Publics Can't Stomach US Foreign Policy
Molly Ivins: Rich People and Their Level of Greed
Haroon Siddiqui: Keep Leash on Dogs of War...

Wednesday, February 12
Senator Robert Byrd: Reckless Administration May Reap Disastrous Consequences
Ray McGovern: Sliding Into War: Wishful Thinking, Once Again, in Washington
Robert Kuttner: Pre-War Collateral Damage
Arianna Huffington: Accountants Rock The SEC: Gimme Tax Shelter
Richard Martin: Ours Is, In Fact, To Wonder Why
Derrick Jackson: Laura Bush's Poetry Symposium Could Have Been a Subversive Celebration
John Nichols: Dems Move to Block Estrada
Matt Wuerker: Recipe for Disaster: GW's Caesar Salad
Lloyd Axworthy: War Not the Only Solution

Tuesday, February 11
Emil Guillermo: Rattling For Peace
Mark Weisbrot: War Games: "Old Europe" Confronts Washington on Iraq
Laura Billings: Stars' Views Shouldn't Be So Easily Written Off
James Carroll: Saying No to War
Robert Scheer: House of Cards: Bush's Paper-Thin Evidence to Justify a War has Fallen Apart
Ira Lacher: A Clear Victory, a Cloudy “Peace”
David Corn: The Banning of Rabbi Lerner
Paul Krugman: The Wimps of War
Joy-Ann Lomena Reid: Full Spectrum Conspiracy?
Thomas Walkom: Replays Show Powell Did Not Score
William Pfaff: Crushing German Dissent: Why the US Fears Europe

Monday, February 10
Frida Berrigan/William Hartung: Dazzled by the Pinstripes: Powell at the United Nations
Scotty McLennan: Declaring a Just War?
Lawrence Martin: Fear-Mongering At Its Worst
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown: I Beg You, Mr Blair: Listen to the World's Women
Gary Younge: Twin Vision of Empire
Jamie Court: Damage Cap Adds Insult to Injuries
Stephen Zunes: A History Lesson: U.S. Intervention in the Middle East Has Always Ended Up Being a Disaster for American Interests
Salim Muwakkil: Can the Juggernaut of an Iraqi Invasion Be Stopped?

Sunday, February 9
David Potorti: Only Human
Clay Evans: If You Do Not Support This War, Please Don't Say You "Support the Troops" When It Begins
Wendell Berry: A Citizen's Response to the National Security Strategy of the United States of America
Joan Smith: It's About Time the US Got Over 9/11
Ben Granby: Report from Baghdad: The Growing Anxiety
Heather Wokusch: Bringing the Battle Back Home: Linking War and Domestic Violence
William Walker: The Lessons of Guernica: 'Profound Symbolism' as UN Hides Picasso's Anti-War Masterpiece
Mary Riddell: With Bible and Bombs
Madison Capital Times: Powell Failed to Make Case for War
Eric Margolis: Powell's 'Proof' is All Smoke and Mirrors
Haroon Siddiqui: The US Wants War. Let the World Be Damned

Saturday, February 8
Ken Wiwa: Why American Hegemonism is No Slam-Dunk
Jacob Levich: New Iraq Report: Yes, Tony, There is a Conspiracy
Mark Morford: On the Verge of Bush's Brutal War for Oil, The US Proves Its Arrogance, And the World is Disgusted
Christopher Brauchli: Ashcroft Preaches Love and Capital Punishment
William Pfaff: Iraq II: A Just War or Geopolitical Strategy?

Friday, February 7
Huck Gutman: Iraq and The Unhappy Lessons of History
Molly Ivins: Rabid Rightists are Leninists of Today
Rahul Mahajan: Responding to Colin Powell
Mokhiber/Weissman: Corporations, War, You
VIPS: CIA Veterans Speak Out on Colin Powell's Presentation
Linda Beviss: Israelis Play Sickening Game of 'Bingo'
Jimmy Breslin: They Call This Evidence

Thursday, February 6
Phyllis Bennis: Powell’s Dubious Case for War
Robert Fisk: You Wanted to Believe Him – But It Was Like Something Out of Beckett
Stephen Zunes: Mr. Powell, You’re No Adlai Stevenson
Molly Ivins: Does This President Actually Believe His Own Words?
Norman Solomon: Colin Powell Is Flawless -- Inside a Media Bubble
Robert Jensen: Powell Before the UN: Sale or No Sale?
Madison Capital Times: Not a Case for War
Pat Holt: Someone, Blow the Whistle on Bush's Excessive Secrecy
Antonia Zerbisias: Tyranny of Words and War
Independent/UK: Mr Powell Failed to Make the Case for a War on Iraq
Caroline Arnold: We’re Americans -- For Goodness Sake

Wednesday, February 5
David Moberg: The World Needs a New Kind of Globalization
Robert Scheer: Only by Swallowing Big Lies Can Powell Justify a War
Robert Kuttner: The Shuttle Spectacle
Maureen Dowd: Powell Without Picasso
Ramzy Baroud: War on Iraq Double Disaster for Palestinians
Benjamin Barber: In Doubt We Trust: War Talk Deserves Skepticism, Not a Blank Check
John Nichols: Poetic Protests Against War, Censorship

Tuesday, February 4
George Monbiot: To Crush the Poor
James Carroll: The Seven Died in a Noble Pursuit
Dennis Hans: An Open Letter to the UN About Colin Powell
Margie Burns: Bush-Linked Company Handled Security for the WTC, Dulles and United
New York Times: Misguided Marijuana War
Ira Chernus: Brandishing Nukes -- A Self-Defeating Policy
Thomas Oliphant: Bush Fudging the Ruinous Costs of War

Monday, February 3
Jeremy Scahill: FOX News: The Network America Trusts’ (To Pay ‘Saddam’)
Madeline Bunting: The US is Ignoring an Important Lesson from History - That an Empire Cannot Survive on Brute Force Alone
Ruth Rosen: Our Polluted Bodies
Salim Muwakkil: The Elusive Face of Compassionate Conservatism
Norman Solomon: Waiting for the Missiles in Baghdad
William Pfaff: Religiosity and Foreign Policy: When Power Disdains Realism
Robert Jensen: The Message from Porto Alegre to the United States: Restrain the Empire




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