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August 2003

Sunday, August 31
Tom Brazaitis: Promises Turn to Toxic Dust
Scott Ritter: Resistance to American Occupation is Growing, Thriving on the Country's Instability
Ellen Goodman: On a Lake in Maine, Rachel Carson's Warning Resonates
Madison Capital Times: Corporate America - Too Lean, Too Mean
Washington Post: Mr. Bush and the Flag

Saturday, August 30
Marlene Nadle: Women Will Have to Save the World
Christopher Brauchli: Sweet Home Alabama, Where Theocrats Rule
Colbert King: Prove the Weapons Case
Jay Bookman: So Far, US Has Losing Hand in Iraq

Friday, August 29
Andrew Greeley: US Sinking in Iraq Quagmire
Norman Solomon: The Ten Commandments -- Are They Fair and Balanced?
Jill Rachel Jacobs: Hooray for GI George
William Greider: Lessons of the Blackout
Mark Weisbrot: Venezuela: The Other Side of the Story
Paul Krugman: Someday, When the Grown-ups Are Back in Charge, They'll Have Quite a Mess to Clean Up
Robert Reich: Time Bomb Ticks Beneath the Economy
Edward Wilson: Bush's Forest Plan Worse Than Fire
Elizabeth Blanks Hindman: Free-Market Broadcasting vs. the Marketplace of Ideas
Judith Butler: No, It's Not Anti-semitic

Thursday, August 28
Ariel Dorfman: Martin Luther King: A Latin American Perspective
Susan Williams: Our Soldiers In Iraq Are At Risk For No Good Reason
Jimmy Breslin: Howard Dean: Dull, But Still a Draw
Ruth Rosen: Post-Sept. 11 Credibility Gap
Antonia Zerbisias: Let Al-Jazeera Broadcast Here
Paul Rogat Loeb: Lootocracy
Rosa Maria Pegueros: The Culture of Scarcity
Ellen Goodman: America, Like Iraq, Targeted by Forces Bent on Theocracy
John Nichols: Dean, Kerry, Kucinich and Wisconsin
Fedwa Wazwaz: Bush Appointee is a Bigot Disguised as a Scholar
Charleston Gazette: Deception: Iraq War Quagmire
Jim Hightower: Does Wal-Mart Need More Power?
Roger Bullard: Faith in a Wise Constitution

Wednesday, August 27
Naomi Klein: Bush's War Goes Global
Danny Schecter: Marching on Washington and Moving in the Movement: Remembering What It Was Like Four Decades Ago
Barbara Burt: Democratic Presidential Candidates: A Heaping Smorgasbord for the Voters
Brigitte Schön: An Austrian Traveler Finds America a People-Less Country
Harold Meyerson: In Wal-Mart's America
Doris 'Granny D' Haddock: How a Small Group of Dedicated People Might Actually Do Something
Lisa Eriksson/Ryan Harlin: A Case Against the Case Against the Case For Howard Dean: Can We All Stop This Madness?
Maureen Dowd: The Jihad All-Stars
Robert Kuttner: If Clark Runs, All Bets are Off
Dave Zweifel: Time is Now for Universal Health Care
Darrell Hutchins/Jeff Milchen: Americans Working More, Earning Less
Joseph Dolman: EPA Was Stupid to Issue Misleading Reports

Tuesday, August 26
Robert Byrd: Unprepared for Peace in Iraq
Paul Krugman: Dust and Deception
Medea Benjamin: Grassroots Democracy in Iraq, American Style
Norman Solomon: Dean Hopes and Green Dreams: The 2004 Presidential Race
Felicity Arbuthnot: Go To Iraq and Get Them Back Now - An Open Letter
Stephen Zunes: Kerry’s Deceptions on Iraq Threaten His Presidential Hopes
John Nichols: Dubious Dossier Fueled Bush Deceits
Dennis Hans: African Uranium and the Scarlett Dossier: Britain's Top Spooks are Mightily Confused About What they Know - or Even Think they Know
Sean Gonsalves: How to Get US Attention?
Max Castro: America's Double Standard Infuriates Rest of the World
John Buell: Shedding Light on the Massive Power Blackout
Jeanette Fitzsimons: GM Industry Falling Apart Worldwide
George Monbiot: Beware the Bluewash: The UN Must Not Let Itself be Used as a Dustbin for Failed American Adventures

Monday, August 25
Scott Ritter: A Weapons Cache We'll Never See
Greg Palast: Black Out at the Times; Readers Forced to View Unsolicited Corpornography
Neil Peirce: Alabama Tax Plan Causes Unholy Outrage
Jon Carroll: I Have to Admit That I Was Wrong. The Invasion of Iraq by the United States is Not as Bad an Idea as I Thought It Was. It's Worse
Sheryl McCarthy: Alabama Judge Leads Campaign of Hypocrisy
Rahul Mahajan: Gunpoint Democracy in Iraq
John Turri: A Progressive Case for Dean? Not Yet, Kucinich Is Still Our Man
Gary Younge: God Help America: US Law Insists on the Separation of Church and State. So Why Does Religion Now Govern?
Dave Zweifel: Bush Policies Make Tough Times Tougher
Jonathan Turley: 'Ashcroft Unplugged:' Coming Soon
Harley Sorensen: Saving Face, Losing a War

Sunday, August 24
Jimmy Breslin: The Air Is Thick With Lies
Eric Margolis: US Mired in a Mess of Its Own Making
Maureen Dowd: Gotta Lotta Stigmata
Ed Vulliamy: Farewell America: The Observer's Award-Winning US Correspondent Explains How, Reluctantly, He has now Fallen Out of Love
Austin American-Statesman: Ashcroft Needs to Listen to Americans' Concerns About Patriot Act
Gene Collier: Dear Mr. President: What Have You Got Against Veterans?
Michael Uhl: Warriors For Peace
RC Longworth: Preemptive Attacks: When You Cut Off One Head, Do Two Sprout in Its Place?

Saturday, August 23
William Pfaff: The Philosophers of Chaos Reap a Whirlwind
Deborah Morse-Kahn: When It Comes to War, Bush is an Inaction Figure
Christopher Brauchli: Bush and Co. Lit Up Over Medical Marijuana
Clare Short: It's Official - Saddam Was Not An Imminent Threat
Marc Lynch: America is Losing the Battle for Arab Opinion

Friday, August 22
Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity: Now It’s Your Turn: Intelligence Veterans Challenge Colleagues to Speak Out
Heather Wokusch: Lawsuit for Gulf War Veterans Targets WMD Businesses
Martin Woollacott: Sharon is Now a Danger to US Troops and Hopes in Iraq
Marty Jezer: No Easy Exit
Mark Morford: Action Figures For Imbeciles: It's the G.W. Bush "Aviator" Doll, Just in Time to Degrade Every Notion of Heroism, Ever
Daytona Beach News-Journal: Bush's Mideast Problem: Going It Alone is Road Map to Perdition
Norman Solomon: If Famous Journalists Became Honest Rappers
Don Williams: War Foes Were Right
EJ Dionne Jr: Can We Now Please Admit That the Bush Administration's Policies in Iraq are a Terrible Failure?
Derrick Jackson: Bush's Non-leap Forward
Elizabeth Sullivan: One Sad and Scary Anniversary Deserves Another
Ralph Nader: What the Press is Not Reporting - The Case for National Health Care and Affordable Cable

Thursday, August 21
John Nichols: Even the Obits are Going Against Bush
Amory Lovins: Towering Design Flaws
Antonia Zerbisias: The Grid Ate My Homework
Bob Herbert: The Iraq Fiasco: A Price Too High
Jay Bookman: Wanted: Presidential Plan for Iraq
Catherine Sullivan/Erin Welch: Welfare Reform: Few Options, Little Hope
Maureen Dowd: Another Optimistic Bush Fantasy up in Smoke
Washington Post: Mr. Ashcroft's Roadshow

Wednesday, August 20
Dennis Kucinich: Power to the People
Robert C. Byrd: Trouble Brewing
Derrick Jackson: The Terminator or the Terminated?
Robert Kuttner: The Electricity is Back On -- So What's Next?
Miami Herald: A Boost For Clean Air Act - Old Power Plants Must Clean Emissions
Robert Fisk: Who Wants to Go to Iraq Now?
Jessica Stern: How America Created a Terrorist Haven
Naomi Klein: Why Aren't We Shocked?
Washington Post: Demagogue Down South
Norman Solomon: Schwarzenegger Run May Trigger Tremors in GOP

Tuesday, August 19
Jeremy Rifkin: Powering the People
George Monbiot: Poisoned Chalice - Wherever it is Prescribed, a Dose of IMF Medicine Only Compounds Economic Crisis
Hugo Young: American Voters Have Two Choices: Bush or Bush-lite
Helen Thomas: No Mercy in Ashcroft's Brand of Justice
Jonathan Turley: Hollywood Isn't Holding Its Lines Against the Pentagon
Paul Krugman: The Road to Ruin
Pierre Tristam: Central Command's Web Site
Thomas Oliphant: Arnold's Campaign is Flopping So Far
John Turri: 16 Words, But Not the Ones You're Thinking Of

Monday, August 18
Harvey Wasserman: Forget Arnold, "Blackout Pete" Wilson is the Electric Terminator
Trevor Phillips: More Than Skin Deep - Don't be Fooled by the Success of a Few Minority Americans - Racism is Still Rife
Harley Sorensen: The Curse of Bigness
Mark Kurlansky: Thunder of '68 Rumbles Onward
Miami Herald: Modify Tribunal Rules - Procedures Should Be Fair, Impartial
David F. Schultz: Another Jam in Our Infrastructure
Paul Krugman: Welcome to the Era of Twilight Zone Economics
Leonard Pitts, Jr.: Teach Gay Children to Cope, Not Retreat
Mark Starowicz: Blair, the BBC and the Devil's Dilemma
Bob Herbert: Staying in the Dark
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: The US, the UN and Iraq

Sunday, August 17
Brian Eno: Lessons in How to Lie About Iraq
T.A. Barron: Bush Waging a War On Our Parks, Forests
Heather Wokusch: Trading on Terror: Linking Financial Markets and War
Howard Dean: Our Nation is in Crisis
Jason Leopold: Ahnuld, Ken Lay, George Bush, Dick Cheney and Gray Davis
Eric Margolis: Canadians In Kabul Are Not Peacekeepers
Lester Grinspoon: The Shifting Medical View on Marijuana

Saturday, August 16
Robert Kuttner: Blackout: An Industry Trapped by a Theory
Harvey Wasserman: The Latest Bogus Fossil-Nuke Blackout: This Grid Should Not Exist
Sarah Wolfe/Thomas Homer-Dixon: Blackout: The Matrix of Our Troubles
Madison Capital Times: What Will War Cost?
David Corn: Will the CIA Protect the White House?
Katha Pollitt: Selling Dean Short
Kevin Watkins: Stumbling Toward Disaster: The Trade Charade
Jeremy Rifkin: Our Fellow Creatures Have Feelings - So We Should Give Them Rights Too
Gregory Kane: Hollywood Needs to Look to Social Workers for Heroes
Helen Thomas: Ashcroft's Power Grows In Terrorist Witch Hunt

Friday, August 15
Greg Palast: Power Outage Traced To Dim Bulb In White House
John Turri: A Tale of Two Power Outages
Naomi Klein: Stark Message of the Mutiny: Is the Philippine Government Bombing its Own People for Dollars?
Derrick Jackson: America's Worst Side in Iraq
Jamal Juma': Stop the Wall 'Snaking Through the West Bank'
John Nichols: Oh, How Courageous Senate Could Be
Tom Teepen: With Science, Bushies Play Fast and Loose
John Pilger: August Marks Another Anniversary of the Atomic Bombing of Japan, the Ultimate Act of Terrorism

Thursday, August 14
Tom Turnipseed: The Iraq War Could Become The Greatest Defeat In United States' History
Haroon Siddiqui: Terrorists Sprouting Under Nose of American Troops?
New York Times: White House Fantasies on Iraq
Jay Bookman: It's Fair to Say Fox's Lawsuit Lacks Balance
Peter Zimmerman: The Bush Deceit
Norman Solomon: News Flash -- This Is Not a "Silly Season"
Michael Gould-Wartofsky: Young People Are Speaking -- Is Anyone Listening?
Alan Miller: Wall Street Bullish on the Spoils of War
Marwan Bishara: Israel is Turning the Road Map Into a Road Block
Ruth Rosen: Campus Cultural Wars
Jack Balkin: Don't Use Those Words: Fox News Owns Them

Wednesday, August 13
Jonathan Schell: Ways to Win
James Larocca: Have We Forgotten Anger in the Eyes?
Derrick Jackson: Questions for Cold War Queen Condoleezza
Baltimore Sun: Invasion of Iraq was a Setback, not a Victory, in the War on Terrror
Sheldon Rampton/John Stauber: The Saudi Hot Potato
Alana Y. Price: Strategic Manipulation of the “War on Terror” Apparent in U.S. Treatment of Cuba
Bernard Weiner/Ernest Partridge: California Recall: The Coup Inside a Circus
Mark Weisbrot: Stakes Are High in IMF-Argentina Negotiations
Robert Kuttner: The Utility We Still Love To Hate
Roy Hattersly: A War Fought Under False Pretenses
Lester Brown: China is Losing the War on Advancing Deserts

Tuesday, August 12
George Monbiot: With Eyes Wide Shut: Climate Change Threatens the Future of Humanity, but we Refuse to Respond Rationally
Ray McGovern: Sleep Well, Thomas; It Was a Pack of Lies
Norman Solomon: Arnold Twists Adam Smith
Sheldon Rampton/John Stauber: The 'Big Impact' Is One More Weapon of Mass Deception
Nathan Newman: Why Does the Bush Administration Hate Our Troops?
Pierre Tristam: Eli Whitney Started Spiral Toward Sprawl with Fast Gun
Sean Gonsalves: Does the United States Honor Children?
Ralph Nader: Make the Recall Count
Minneapolis Star Tribune: Saddam and the Bomb: More Evidence He Wasn't Trying for One
Paul Krugman: Thanks for the M.R.E.'s
Seth Sandronsky: Globalize That: Capital Flight to China

Monday, August 11
Salim Muwakkil: When Warriors Dissent
Samuel Dash: Today We Face Another 'Watergate'
Thom Hartmann: Turn Your Radio On - The Unions' Answer to Right-Wing Static
Nico Pitney: The Progressive Case for Dean
Wendy Brinker: What Would J.R. Do?
Gary Younge: The US, Race and War
Jonathan Turley: Under Ashcroft, Justice Is Blind and Handcuffed
Gary Hart: Business as Usual for Chemical Plants
Bob Herbert: The Art of the False Impression
Jeffrey Dvorkin: Journalists' Opinions: The Eunuch in the Harem?

Sunday, August 10
Mokhiber/Weissman: We Had a Democracy Once, But You Crushed It
Jimmy Breslin: Limited War In Iraq Is Illusion
Haroon Siddiqui: What Language is US Speaking in Iraq?
Ralph Nader: Selling Out: Our Public Space, Universal Services Under Assault
New York Times: Blacklisting Judges
Michael Kilian: US Rocketing Down a Road That Leads to Victory, Vietnam-Style
Tom Brazaitis: At Least Gore is Still Debating Bush

Saturday, August 9
Katrina Vanden Heuvel: Kids, Lies, and President Bush
Roanoke Times: Bush's Scary Message Control
Steve Osborn: A Fatal Flaw in our Alleged Foreign Policy
Marty Jezer: Liberia And American Interventionism
Felicity Arbuthnot: Carnage at Al Mansur
Christopher Brauchli: Bush's Friends in Low Places
Bob Guldin: The Cancellation of Democracy

Friday, August 8
Ruth Rosen: As Ordered, It's About Oil
Ruth Conniff: Ganging Up on Dean
Gwynne Dyer: More US Troops will Die in 'Iraq-Nam'
David Sirota: The CEO-In-Chief
Doug Kendall/Melanie Sloan: Conflict On The Federal Bench
Belva Ann Prycel: Impeachable Offenses
Sebastopol, CA City Council: Letter to President Bush Regarding his Justifications For War
Paul Krugman: Salt of the Earth: Will We Avoid the Fate of Past Civilizations? Not If Bush Can Help It
Norman Solomon: To Err Is Human, To Truly Correct Is Divine
Robert Koehler: US Tactics Never Pointed Iraq to Peace
Ethan Bronner: An Israeli Barrier That Could Have Reduced Conflict Is Increasing It

Thursday, August 7
Al Gore: Text of Speech to 'The President's Ideologically Narrow Agenda has Seriously Divided America'
Isabel Hilton: Masters of Deceit: Convicted Felons Responsible for Thousands of Deaths are Calling the Shots at the White House
John Nichols: Joe Lieberman Just Doesn't Get It
Jon Carroll: The War in Iraq is Just Starting
Duncan Campbell: Churches, Mosques and Unions are Reviving the Non-Violent Civil Rights Tradition
Bert Sacks: Sanctions in Iraq Hurt the Innocent
Margaret Krome: An Interested, Involved Citizenry is Vital to Democracy
Bob Herbert: Despair of the Jobless
Pramila Jayapal/Steve Williamson: Hop on Board for Immigrant Justice
Mark Engler: Globalization's "Lost Decade"

Wednesday, August 6
Ira Chernus: Nuclear Weapons Are No Cure For American Epidemic Of Fear
Madelaine Drohan: Now They Tell Us: Privatization Is No Panacea
Minneapolis Star-Tribune: Bishop Robinson's Ambush: The Anatomy of a Smear
Robert Kuttner: The Fruits of Bushonomics
Lori Wallach: Turning the Trade Tables
New York Times: Karl Rove's Water Policy
Patrick Connors: Expanding Settlements Invade Palestinian Lands
John Borowski: Tim Hermach Epitomizes What is Needed to Create a Sustainable and Healthy Future for Our Children.A Lorax with an Attitude
Carol Marin: Lists? What Lists? Who Gets on Those Airport No-fly Lists, and Why?
Robert Richie/Steven Hill: Fixing California's Recall
Maureen Dowd: Neocon Coup at the Department d'État

Tuesday, August 5
Jeff Chester/Steven Rosenfeld: Stealing The Internet: With Blessings from the FCC and Congress, the High-tech Industry Wants to Privatize the Internet
John Nichols: 'Except Lieberman': Democrats see Mr. Right as Mr. Wrong
James Carroll: America's Habit of Revenge
Karen Kwiatkowski: Career Officer Does Eye-Opening Stint Inside the Bush Pentagon
Jonathan Franklin: The War According to David Hackworth
Jonathan Steele: Only the UN Can Give Iraq Security and Sovereignty
Larry Weaver: America's First Empire Proved Costly, Frustrating
Ray McGovern: Intelligence Shouldn't Exist Just to Serve Policy
Thea Paneth: Why Do I Hold That Sign on the Corner?
Steve Chapman: The Other Iraq Fraud
Moshe Adler: Let Iraqis Decide What to Privatize

Monday, August 4
David Morse: What Was Behind the Pentagon's Betting Parlor?
Simon Tisdall: Bumbling Bush may have Given Osama an Open Goal
Ruth Rosen: Why Privatize National Parks?
Harley Sorensen: Catholic Politicians Told to Do as the Romans Do
Brian Wren: US Steals Captives' Rights - Constitution Ignored at Guantanamo Bay
Neil Peirce: Local-Federal Partnership in Danger of Unraveling
Jared Blumenfeld: New Approaches to Safeguarding the Earth - An Environmental Version of the Hippocratic Oath
Robert Jensen: News Media Industry's Criticism of Iraq Coverage Reveals Deeper Problems with Mainstream Journalists' Conception of News
Boston Globe: Pollution in Washington
Walter Williams: Dems vs. GOP: Best Weapons Are the Facts
Bob Herbert: Jailing Immigrants

Sunday, August 3
Eric Margolis: US Wants Saddam, But Dead - Not Alive
Robert Reich: The Honeymoon Continues for George
Johann Hari: International Solidarity Movement (ISM) United by Hatred of Oppression
Maureen Dowd: Butch, Butch Bush!
Les Payne: The Bureaucrats of Evil
Michael McConnell: Administration's Argument Long on Drama, Short on Facts
Carl Hiaasen: We Won. Now What?

Friday, August 1
Norman Solomon: US Media Are Too Soft on the White House
Walter Williams: Bush's High Crimes Against the Nation
Rosa Maria Pegueros: Where Have All the Soldiers Gone?
Kenny Mostern: An Open Letter to Congressman Dennis Kucinich
John Glass: Hunting for Bambi. Hoax? Reality? Does it Matter?
Marty Jezer: Bob Hope: Court Jester
Stephen Zunes: Bush and Iraq: The Distortions Keep on Coming
Joan Ryan: Does a Name Empower or Stigmatize?
Karl Bralich: The Fight for Freedom Begins with Ourselves
Derrick Jackson: Politics Beats Science in Senate
Paul Krugman: State of Decline
Jules Witcover: Congress Beginning to Wake Up...




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