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April 2003

Wednesday, April 30
Thom Hartmann: The Crime Of The Century: A Never-Ending "War Against Terrorism"
Kathy Kelly: Where is Madame Cynthia?
Arianna Huffington: Pensions For Execs, Shaft For Workers
Derrick Jackson: Defense CEOs Are Big Winners of Iraq War
Ted Rall: President Gore: A Look Back
Siddharth Varadarajan: Yes, But Where Are the Saddam Look-Alikes?
Robert Jensen: Fighting Alienation in the USA
Colleen Redman: Rediscovering Patriotism
Maureen Dowd: Hypocrisy & Apple Pie
James Brooks: In Reverse? Check Your Mirrors!
Robert Kuttner: Bush's Role in State Fiscal Crises

Tuesday, April 29
Felicity Arbuthnot: Fallujah - A Shooting Too Far?
Robert Steinback: Did Our Leaders Lie to Us? Do We Even Care?
James Carroll: Memory and Moral Awareness in Korea
Nancy Snow: Operation Media Monopoly Freedom: Statement to FCC Public Forum on Media Consolidation
Mokhiber/Weissman: Grace News
David Kirby: Kent State - May 4, 1970: 'Good American' Revisionism
Paul Krugman: Matters of Emphasis
Salim Muwakkil: Throwing Away the Key: Our Nation’s Penal System Has Abandoned All Pretense of Penitence or Any Notion of Rehabilitation
Sanho Tree: The War at Home: Does the Drug War Cause More Harm Than the Drugs Themselves?
Ed Garvey: To Tell the Truth is Not George W. Bush's Game
Gwynne Dyer: Sugar Lobby Copies Big Tobacco
Peter Canellos: War's Blurred Message Raises the Stakes

Monday, April 28
Ruth Rosen: At Home, No Superpower
John Brady Kiesling: Diplomatic Breakdown
Rosa Maria Pegueros: On Victory and Bragging Rights
Jonathan Rowe/Gary Ruskin: The Parents' Bill of Rights
Bernie Weiner: U.S. Iraq Policy for Dummies
Joy-Ann Lomena Reid: Whistling Dixie: Grow Up, Country Music Fans. Grow Up, America
Dan Plesch: Without the UN Safety Net, Even Japan May Go Nuclear
Crystal Webb: Fighting a Civil War for Civil Rights: Public Figures with Guts

Friday, April 25
David MacMichael/Ray McGovern: Ex-CIA Professionals: Weapons of Mass Distraction: Where? Find? Plant?
Catharine Cooper: Question My Americanism?
Ralph Nader: Corporate Crimes: 'Tough Cop' Needed, Not a 'Too Big to Fail' Advocate
Ruth Coniff: Howard Dean: An Old-Style Centrist
Robert Hinkley: Corporations 'License to Kill' Should Be Revoked
Phil Steger: Regime Change Didn't Have to Come via War
Ira Chernus: New Palestinian Leadership May Dim Hopes for Peace
Mark Engler/Saurav Sarkar: Immigrant Rights Lost in Bureaucratic Shuffle
Dan Savage: Unlike Republican Appeals to Racist Voters, Republican Appeals to Homophobic Voters are Overt
Robert Kuttner: Far Right Greases Skids for GOP Fall
Madison Capital Times: Rick Santorum: A Bigot Who Spreads Lies

Thursday, April 24
Naomi Klein: Argentina's Luddite Rulers
Stephen Hume: Brutal Treatment of Young Prisoners Isn't Restricted to Iraq
Suzanne Blanchard: Losing the War
John Nichols: The Boss Rises to Dixie Chicks' Defense
Marty Jezer: On Howard Dean
Amy Goodman/Henry Norr: San Francisco Chronicle Fires Reporter For Attending Peace Protest; Former Chronicle Columnist Henry Norr Talks to Democracy Now!
Mark Weisbrot: U.S. Economic Prescriptions Still Failing in Latin America
Mike Bryan: Mr. President, Please Attack Appalachia
Haroon Siddiqui: Heading Toward an Historic Mistake
Ruth Rosen: One Soldier's Plea

Wednesday, April 23
Ted Rall: Bush Comes Clean: It Was About the Oil
Bruce Springsteen: The Dixie Chicks are Getting a Raw Deal, and an Un-American One to Boot
Arianna Huffington: Crony Capitalism Goes To War
Joyce Marcel: The Politics of Easter Dinner
Stephen Cohen: Has the War Made America Safer?
Polly Toynbee: Just Say No to a Drugs Policy That Doesn't Work
Maureen Dowd: Chest Banging, Here and There
Arturo Rodríguez: César Chávez's Legacy Lives On

Tuesday, April 22
James Carroll: A Nation Lost
Margie Boulé: These Parents Give from Heart to Help Fund Eugene School
Linda Diebel: Many Faces of Donald Rumsfeld
Robert Scheer: Did Bush Deceive Us in His Rush to War?
Pierre Tristam: Refusing Lollipops of Deception from Bush’s Imperialist Bazaar
Dena Montague: War Profiteers, in Africa, as Well as Iraq
John Passacantando: Administration Has Declared War on the Environment
David Corn: Where Have All the WMD-Hunters Gone?
Ross Gelbspan: Rx for an Ailing Planet
Harold Meyerson: CEOs You Don't Want in the Cockpit

Monday, April 21
Jonathan Steele: This Occupation is a Disaster. The US Must Leave - and Fast
Jillian Aldebron: The Caller
Mokhiber/Weissman: Licensed to Kill, Inc
Bob Herbert: War! What is It Good For? George Shultz Knows
Ira Chernus: MSNBC Reveals Facts on Israel's Weapons of Mass Destruction
Carl Mayer: Nike Just Doesn't Do It
Gary Younge: Bush Needs His Next Fix
Bob Keeler: Silence in the Pulpits About War's Morality
Ruth Rosen: Trashing Our History

Sunday, April 20
Eric Margolis: Bush and Blair and the Big Lie
Paul Kennedy: The Perils Of Empire: This Looks Like America's Moment. History Should Give Us Pause
Edward Said: Give Us Back Our Democracy
Hamsa Mohammed in Baghdad: A New Kind of Democracy
Caroline Arnold: Rhetoric of 'Compassion' Painfully Empty
John Pilger: The Unthinkable is Becoming Normal. Do Not Forget the Horror
Marc Cooper: Savage Justice: An Indictment of Fidel Castro
Jon Wiener: Overthrow Now, Pay Later
Adam Hochschild: Human Rights Era Eclipsed
Peter Scowen: Pro-US Pundits Should Get Real

Saturday, April 19
Colman McCarthy: TV's Military 'Embeds'
Fergal Keane: A Dangerous Groundswell of Resentment is Building Up on the Streets of Baghdad
Ben Okri: The New Dark Age
William Pfaff: The World According to Bush
Christopher Brauchli: Ashcroft After Guilty Pleas, Not Justice
Ken Wiwa: In the Beginning, Bush Said, Let There Be Might
New York Times: And the Winner Is Bechtel
Haider Hamza in Baghdad: How is War Ever Won?

Friday, April 18
Anthony Robinson: War in Iraq a Reason for Shame
Martha Kessler: Avoid the Road to Damascus
J. Schaefer: Quaere Verum: Do Not Despair For You Are Not Alone
Bruce Mulkey: Peace in Our Time Begins with How We Choose to Live Our Lives
Paul Krugman: Rejecting the World
Norman Solomon: Media and the Politics of Empathy
Mark Morford: The Warmongers Were Right!...

Thursday, April 17
Howard Dean: Bush: It's Not Just His Doctrine That's Wrong
Frances Hasso: Who Covered The War Best? Try al-Jazeera
Sheryl McCarthy: Threats Against Syria Have a Familiar Ring
Katy Ryan: Stories of Rescue
John Borowski: Teachers Beware: Corporate America has Invaded the Schools!
Armineh Noravian: Duties of New US Citizens
Warren Goldstein: Before Promoting Freedom in Iraq, Do So at Home
Robert Fisk: For the People on the Streets, This is not Liberation but a New Colonial Oppression
Paul Manganello: Young Voices: U.S. Can't Declare War a Victory
Ruth Rosen: Taking Our Daughters and Sons to Work

Wednesday, April 16
Tim Robbins: "A Chill Wind is Blowing in This Nation": Speech to the National Press Club
Tom Andrews: 'Citizen's Anti-War Movement More Important Than Ever'
Ellis Henican: Time to Inspect The Home Front
Elizabeth Ready/John Moyers: Ballots Can Keep Bullets From Flying: A Call To Register For Peace
Joyce Marcel: For Lack of a Beautiful Mind
Jill Rachel Jacobs: Cost of War? 74 Billion. Cost of Free Speech? Priceless
Arianna Huffington: Why The Anti-War Movement Was Right
Peter FitzSimons: Please, Prove Us Peaceniks Wrong
Brian Coleman: This Is The House, That George Bought
Robert Kuttner: Redefining 'Democracy' as Disorder
Scott Ritter: Missing Arms Cast Doubt on War

Tuesday, April 15
Robert Fisk: Library Books, Letters and Priceless Documents are Set Ablaze in Final Chapter of the Sacking of Baghdad
Kathy Kelly: From Baghdad: Other Hearts
Robert Scheer: It's US Policy That's 'Untidy'
Norman Solomon: Mark Twain Speaks to Us: "I Am an Anti-Imperialist"
Matthew Engel: War for Many Americans Has Become Something Fascinating, Glorious, Satisfying, Charmingly Distant and Thus Quasi-Fictional
Sean Gonsalves: Modern-Day Version of 'The Tao of War'?
John Nichols: 'Stuff Happens': Riots? Looting?
Richard Overy: Coalition in the War Crimes Dock?
Ali Abunimah/Hussein Ibish: The Misadventures of Neoconservatives
Paul Krugman: Behind Our Backs

Monday, April 14
Roger Morris: From Republic to Empire
Barbara Ehrenreich: The Roots of War
Bob Herbert: Ultimate Insiders
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown: Cheering Crowds Don't Make an Unjust War Right
Wade Hudson: Reflections on the Battle of Baghdad
Charles Knight: As Baghdad Falls Howard Dean Folds Back into the National Security Establishment
Bill McKibben: Keep Us Human: If We're Truly Smart, We'll Refuse to Foolishly Tamper with Our DNA
Ruth Rosen: 'Every Soldier, Someone's Child'
Fenton Johnson: In Winning Iraq, What Do We Lose at Home?
Robert Jensen: For Self-Determination in Iraq, The U.S. Must Leave
Peter Preston: Censoring the Dead: We Can See Corpses in TV Dramas, But Not the Real Casualties of War

Sunday, April 13
Howard Zinn: A Kinder, Gentler Patriotism
Jesse L. Jackson Jr: America  Exports Flawed Democracy
Linda McQuaig: I'll Stay Off Bandwagon of Conquering Army
Al Franken: Norm and the Other 1 Percent
Nick Canepa: 'Bull Durham' Decision Just Plain Un-American
Joseph Betz: After an Unjust War, Is It Possible to Achieve a Just Peace?
Robert Fisk: A Civilization Torn to Pieces

Saturday, April 12
William Pfaff: Global Domination Carries Grave Risks
Naomi Klein: Iraq 'Reconstruction'? Privatization in Disguise
Ira Chernus: Next Task for Peace Movement: Let a Thousand Stories Bloom
Ramzi Kysia: Where Now, America?
David Hare: All the Explanations for This War are Bogus
Tim Robbins/Dale Petroskey: Tim Robbins vs. the Baseball Hall of Fame
New York Times: Cooperstown Muffs One
Christopher Brauchli: Fatcats Do Well While the Rest Suffer
Jonathan Freedland: Are Tyrants Shocked, Awed or Stocking Up on Nukes?
Robert Fisk: Who is to Blame for the Collapse in Morality That Followed the 'Liberation'?
Antonia Zerbisias: Chaos, or Just a Little Vase They're Going Through?

Friday, April 11
Jenny Ruth Yasi: If Nation Goes Astray, It's OK to Break a Law
Derrick Jackson: The Iraq War and America's Oil Addiction
Gwynne Dyer: Who's Next for Global Vigilante?
Thom Hartmann: The Real War - On American Democracy
John O'Farrell: One McWar To Go, Please
Catharine Cooper: Is This What We Are Fighting For?
Tim Bottorff: America, Baseball, Apple Pie, and.... Censorship?
Christopher Cook: The Long War: Changing Hearts and Minds
Paul Krugman: Conquest and Neglect
Robert Fisk: Baghdad: The Day After
Madison Capital Times: Not Just 'Idiots' Fret Over Deaths
Chris Ajemian: Our Place in the World: Bush Allied Most of World Against Us

Thursday, April 10
William Pfaff: The Neocoservative Agenda: Which Country is Next on the List?
Seumas Milne: Iraqis Have Paid the Blood Price for a Fraudulent War
Bob Herbert: Spoils of War
Stephen Zunes: Cause for Celebration, Cause for Concern
Ruth Rosen: What Would Martin Do?
Antonia Zerbisias: Save Me, Save Me from Fog of US War Coverage
Robert Fisk: Final Proof that War is About the Failure of the Human Spirit
Haroon Siddiqui: It's Time for America to Pause
Patrick Carkin: Saddam is Gone... So What's the Peace Movement's Problem?

Wednesday, April 9
Molly Ivins: Bush Offers Crooks and Warmongers to Lead Iraq
Pierre Tristam: Beyond Iraq: Looking Ahead to Deja-Vu
Robert Jensen: The Images They Choose, and Choose to Ignore
Brian Corr: What's Next for the Peace Movement?
William Hoynes: Fault Lines on the Home Front
Derrick Jackson: America's One-Sided Prayers
Vinay Menon: Manipulations of a Pentagon Mouthpiece; 'Key Messages' Replace the Truth
Jill Schuker: Unanswered Questions
Roy MacGregor: Images of Flag-Draped Coffins and Gung-ho Recruiting Posters Compete in a Rundown Coal City
Robert Fisk: Is There Some Element in the US Military That Wants to Take Out Journalists?
Jonathan Steele: For Arabs 'It Feels Like 1967 All Over Again'
Alexander Cockburn: We Said It Would Be a Nightmare. And Yes, That's Exactly What It Is
Michael Moore: My Oscar "Backlash": "Stupid White Men" Back At #1, "Bowling" Breaks New Records

Tuesday, April 8
Jerry Long: Think You Know What Patriotism Is?
Diane Carman: Nuns' Faith Finds Chink in US Armor
James Carroll: The Answer is No
Ira Chernus: Blaming the Victim is an Old Habit
Walt Kramarz: Corporate Profits For the Troops!
George Monbiot: Chemical Hypocrites: As It Struggles to Justify Its Invasion, The US is Getting Ready to Use Banned Weapons in Iraq
Robert Scheer: The View From the Throne
Richard Clinton: It Can't Happen Here -- Or Can It?
Antonia Zerbisias: As Battles Rage, Cheney Calls the Star — Seriously
Paul Krugman: The Last Refuge
Robert Fisk: It Seemed as if Baghdad Would Fall Within Hours. But the Day Was Characterized by Crazed Normality, High Farce and Death

Monday, April 7
Gunter Grass: The U.S. Betrays Its Core Values
Jon Wolfsthal : The Mystery of Saddam's Banned Arms
Vinay Menon: CNN Won't Let the Facts in Iraq Get in the Way
Dave Zweifel: Patriotism is More Than Flag Waving
George Galloway: My Views are Those of Millions; I Am Not a Traitor and I Will Not Be Gagged Over This War
Robert Fisk: The Twisted Language of War That is Used to Justify the Unjustifiable
Paul Rockwell: How Bush Betrayed Our Troops
William Pfaff: Bush's War Strategy
Robert Musil/Kenneth Bacon: Postwar Humanitarian Aid Plans in Disarray
Robert Jensen: Embedded Media Give Up Independence

Sunday, April 6
Antonia Zerbisias: 'Saving Private Lynch' and Other Tales
John Pilger: We See Too Much. We Know Too Much. That's Our Best Defense
Linda McQuaig: Now Playing: Saving Private Lynch
Peter Brooks: Civilization's Obscene Ghost
Mary Riddell: A Morally Hollow Victory: No Amount of PR Will Disguise the Fact That This War is an Outrage Against Humanity
Caroline Arnold: Grand Plans Aside, It's Time to End the War
Carl Pope: Energy Independence: Ounce of Efficiency, Pound of Freedom
Dilip Hiro: The West Will Have to Reap the Whirlwind Sown by Bush and Blair
John Liechty: Fox & Crow

Saturday, April 5
James Fox: Hearts, Minds and Bodybags: Iraq Can't Be a Vietnam, Pundits Insist. Those Who Were There Know Better
Molly Ivins: Did Anyone Sign Up For All of This?
Vinay Menon: The Shape of World War IV, By Number
George McGovern: The Reason Why
Alan Morse: On the School Board
Robert Fisk: Where Were the Panicking Crowds? Where Were the Food Queues? Where Were the Empty Streets?
Steven Hill/Rob Richie: Save Our Democracy: A Call to Action
Christopher Brauchli: Ashcroft Has Trouble with Lawyerly Ethics
David Corn: The Pentagon's (CIA) Man in Iraq
Mike Ferner: Back from Baghdad. Where Next for the Peace Movement?

Friday, April 4
Joanne Grady Huskey: Bombs Bring Only Pain and Terror
Mark Weisbrot: King's Legacy: Americans Must Choose Between War and Social Progress
Ruth Rosen: Of Friendship and War
Suzy Kane: 'Fast Food Nation' at War with Iraq
Joseph Mulligan: The War's Economic Motives Are Obvious
Betsy Barnum: Becoming a Self-Governing People
Weldon Nisly: Victims of War Are Not Our Enemies
Margaret Krome: $75 Billion Not Even Close to True Cost of War on Iraq
Youssef Ibrahim: Yes, Oil Plays Big Role As Motive for Iraq War
Margaret Atwood: A Letter to America

Thursday, April 3
Fred Kaplan: This is Not Terrorism: Branding Iraqi Attacks Subtly Suggests a 9/11 Link
Norman Solomon: The Thick Fog of War on American Television
Pepe Escobar: Cluster Bombs Liberate Iraqi Children
Joy-Ann L. Reid: Against a Senseless War
Ralph Nader: Puzzling Questions Arise from Bush's Campaign of Fear
Robert Fisk: Wailing Children, the Wounded, the Dead: Victims of the Day Cluster Bombs Rained on Babylon
Natasha Walter: Would There Have Been This War If There Was True Equality for Women?
Marty Jezer: To the Anti-War Movement
Lee Drutman/Charlie Cray: Halliburton, Dick Cheney, and Wartime Spoils
Haroon Siddiqui: Divvying Up the War Booty in Iraq
The Charleston Gazette: War Profits: Perle's Conniving
Bob Fitrakis: Silence Remains Betrayal

Wednesday, April 2
Arundhati Roy: Mesopotamia. Babylon. The Tigris and Euphrates
Robert Jensen: Arnett Paid a Price for Being Truly Neutral
Sally Grant: Freedom Under Attack
Jeff Cohen: 4 New Questions for This Year's Passover Dinner
Jonathan Freedland: What Has Become of American Values and Idealism? All Swept Away in This Thoroughly Un-American War
Arianna Huffington: Corporate America's Most Wanted
Stanley Kutler: Perle's New World Order -- And Ours?
James Haught: An Unnecessary War
Robert Kuttner: Bush Benefits From Decay of Democracy
Tom Gallagher: Pelosi Doesn't Represent Us

Tuesday, April 1
James Carroll: An April Fools' Day Surprise -- And Hope
George Monbiot: It Will End in Disaster
Ira Chernus: Bring Back the Body Count
Pierre Tristam: Pinocchios of a G-rated War Veil Scars of X-Rated Battlefield
Robert Fisk: The Monster of Baghdad is Now the Hero of Arabia
Leonard Pitts: The True Cost of a Nation at War
John MacArthur: The Bright Side of War
Doug Ireland: When Telling The Truth Will Get You Fired From The Networks
Robert Scheer: 'Terror' as the Ultimate Excuse




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