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September 2002

Monday, September 30
Daoud Kuttab: A New Intifada is Born: Increasing Numbers of Palestinians are Turning to Non-Violent Protests
Kenneth Roth: International Criminal Court: Resist Washington's Arm-Twisting
Jay Bookman: The President's Real Goal in Iraq
Zeynep Toufe: Theme Song for 21st Century Famines: "We Own the World, We Ignore the Children"
Charles Sheehan-Miles: Who Am I to Question the Commander-in-Chief?
Ted Kennedy: Eliminating the Threat
Heather Wokusch: Toxic Jihad: Our Hidden Bombs

Friday, September 27
Barbara Lee: Alternatives to War
Seumas Milne: We Are Sleepwalking Into a Reckless War of Aggression
Derrick Jackson: A Replay of Vietnam in Iraq?
Marty Jezer: For the Democrats: A Defining Moment
Anita Roddick: How I Became a Target for America's Zealots
Mokhiber/Weissman: 10 (More) Reasons to Protest the IMF and World Bank; Come to DC on Saturday, September 28
Hubert Locke: Even Friends Abroad Decry America's Arrogance

Thursday, September 26
Molly Ivins: Mr. Bush, Stop the Insanity
Ira Chernus: New Bush Policy: WE Hate THEIR Freedoms
Andrew Murray: War Calls for Direct Action
Ron Martz: Gulf War Vets Hope Errors Not Repeated
Robert Fisk: Water War Looms as Israel Tells Lebanon to Halt River Works
Norman Solomon: Spinning Media Gears for a Faraway War
Sheryl McCarthy: Bush Should Just Be Honest About This War
Dennis Hans: Chicken-Hawk Pundits Can Peck Path to U.S.-Saddam Rapprochement

Wednesday, September 25
Robert Kuttner: Gore's Surprising Act of Leadership Against Iraq War
Robert Fisk: The Dishonesty of This So-Called Dossier
Irene Khan: Iraq II: Who Cares About the People?
Norman Solomon: Determined Journalism Can Challenge Injustice
Martin Kettle: Mentioning the War: The German Minister Who Likened Bush to Hitler was Sacked. So What Will Happen to Al Gore?
Paul Knox: Bush's Big-Stick Folly
Arlene Zarembka: Abiding by the Rule of Law
Robert Weissman: The Enron of the Developing World
Martha Davis : US Should Join the World in Defining Women's Rights

Tuesday, September 24
Bill C Davis: A Failure of Imagination
Frida Berrigan: 9-11 Now and Then
James Laxer: The Day the Empire Struck Back
Sean Gonsalves: US was a Key Supplier to Saddam
Larry Weiss: War is a Lousy Way to Win an Election
Arianna Huffington: Campaign 2002: Send In The Populists
Tom Brazaitis: US Should Concede Defeat in the War on Drugs

Monday, September 23
Salim Muwakkil: War Talk Helps Bush, Imperils Our Future
Kathryn Casa: Just Say No
Harvey Wasserman: Credibility Meltdown: The NRC’s Failure to Deal with Davis-Besse May Point to the End of Nuke Power
Peter Kilfoyle: Defending Ourselves: Only a United Europe Can Counterbalance an Increasingly Paranoid and Hawkish America
Katharine Viner: Feminism as Imperialism: George Bush is Not the First Empire-Builder to Wage War in the Name of Women
Lynn Landes: Election Night Projections - Cover For Vote Rigging Since 1964?
Jules Witcover: Congress Should Remember Lessons of Tonkin

Sunday, September 22
Maureen Dowd: Culture War With B-2's
Courtland Milloy: For a Person Or a Nation, The Wrong Code
Molly Ivins: Bush Moves Iraq Goalposts All Over
Ken Loach: Marching Off to Peace: London Readies for Next Saturday's Anti-War Demonstration
Eric Margolis: That Tricky Saddam Still Sets the Agenda
Thom Hartmann: Dismantling Democracy: What's Behind the Magic Trick of War?

Saturday, September 21
Christopher Brauchli: Unhealthy Weapons in the War on Drugs
Amy Pagnozzi: Peace Worker Goes Where Bombs Fall
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Reject President's War Resolutions
Dennis Rahkonen: Welcome to 1984: Bush's Declaration of World Domination
Christopher Krohn: Why I'm Fighting Federal Drug Laws From City Hall

Friday, September 20
Mark Twain: Victory of the Loud Little Handful
Ralph Nader: The Ultimate Downfall of the Corporate Globalizers May Be That They Know No Limits
Matthew Miller: War with Iraq, The Ultimate Wedge Issue
Arianna Huffington: It's Gut Check Time For Corporate America
Mokhiber/Weissman: The Bush Victory in Iraq
Rob Sullivan: It's the War, Stupid
Michael Klare: Oiling the Wheels of War
Derrick Jackson: Voting for Democracy
Joanne Baker: Weapons of Silent Mass Destruction

Thursday, September 19
Norman Solomon: Baghdad, Autumn 2002: City of Doom
Antonia Zerbisias: Protesters Get Short Shrift in Post-9/11 America
Philip Weiss: Holy or Unholy, Jews and Right in an Alliance
Thomas Friedman: The Iraq Debate is Upside Down
Kathleen O'Connor: Balancing the Budget on the Voiceless, the Sick
Acel Moore: Raising Questions About War
Sheryl McCarthy: U.S.'s Rape of the Indians Continues Still Today

Wednesday, September 18
Richard Gwyn: An Iron-Fisted Foreign Policy:
Madison Capital Times: Bribing Our Way to War
Robert Fisk: President Bush Wants War, Not Justice - And He'll Soon Find Another Excuse For It
Marwan Bishara: Waging War Seldom Leads to Lasting Peace
Robert Scheer: Curses! Dubya Gets Foiled Again
Simon Tisdall: Saddam's Concessions Will Never Be Enough for the US
Robert Kuttner: Bush Wins, Loses on Iraq
John Nichols: USA Patriot Act Needs Dismantling
John Liechty: The Ways of Uncle

Tuesday, September 17
Hank Perritt: My Party Must Say No to War
James Carroll: Keeping Faith in Our Doubts
Kimon Valaskakis: Might Makes Right? Wrong
Tom Turnipseed: International Criminals
Arianna Huffington: A Crack House Divided
Sean Gonsalves: Bush Fails to Make Case for War
Thomas Walkom: Bush Now Has To Refuse To Take Yes For An Answer
Haifa Zangana: Bombs Will Deepen Iraq's Nightmare
Paul Krugman: Cronies in Arms
Independent/UK: In An Age of Global Terror, The Nuclear Industry is Unsafe - At Any Price
Sean Sandronsky: In U.S., Extended Joblessness Grows

Monday, September 16
Gary Younge: Action Can Stop the War:
Lynn Landes: Elections In America - Assume Crooks Are In Control
Beerman/Lawson/Hathout/Regas: Men of God, Warriors for Peace, Enemies of War
John Quigley: Attack Would Breed More Terrorists
Guardian/UK: Oiling the Wheels of War: Iraq Campaign May Spark Global Recession
Joan Bertin: Now They Check the Books You Read

Sunday, September 15
Ellen Goodman: It's Time for the US to Join the United Nations
Linda McQuaig: Media Frenzy Feeds US Delusions Over Attack
Robert Fisk: America's Case for War is Built on Blindness, Hypocrisy and Lies
Stephen Zunes: Bush's United Nations Speech Unconvincing
Eric Margolis: Saddam's Nukes are a Western Myth
Heather Wokusch: Return of the DICKS! (Awarding Our Warmongering Leaders)

Friday, September 13
Robert Jensen/Rahul Mahajan: Bush at the U.N.: 'Diplomacy' in the Age of the American Empire
Anonymous Gulf War Veteran: Ten Reasons Why Many Gulf War Veterans Oppose Re-Invading Iraq
Aimee Liu: You Will Fly the Flag, and You Will Like It
Robert Fisk: The Mantra That Means This Time It's Serious
Harvey Wasserman: Bush's 9/11 Reichstag Fire
Polly Toynbee: The Last Emperor: One Thing Was Made Crystal Clear Yesterday: There Is No Other Authority Than America
Molly Ivins: Credit-Card Companies Manipulate Congress

Thursday, September 12
Antonia Zerbisias: CNN's Hatchet Job on Scott Ritter
Sheryl McCarthy: Don't Turn These Mourners' Sorrow Into a War Cry
Molly Ivins: A Long Way to Go on Corporate Reform
Zeynep Toufe: Clash Within a Civilization: America’s War Against its Better Self
Mark Weisbrot: The Cost of War
Lynn Landes: Americans... Leading the Way... Destroying The Planet. What's The World To Do?
Milton Viorst: Imagining the Worst-Case Scenario in Iraq
Martin Kettle: Blair May Be First Buddy, But It's Time He Faced the Facts

Wednesday, September 11
Rep. Dennis Kucinich: Architects of New Worlds
Mark Hertsgaard: Why We Still Don't Get It, One Year On
Peaceful Tomorrows: One Year Later: September Eleventh 2002 Statement
Bruce Ramsey: Let's Pick Fights, Enemies with Prudence
William Pfaff: Geopolitics Have Changed for the Worse: The Temptation of Hegemony
Laurie King-Irani: The Hijackings are Still in Progress. Let's Roll
Jules Witcover: Fresh Eyes See America Adrift
Pico Iyer: Turning a Page in History

Tuesday, September 10
Pierre Tristam: Sept. 11 Ceremonies Slight Truths of the Tragedy
Laura Flanders: Some of Us Did Not Die
Bill C Davis: 16 Acres And A Fuel
William Hartung: As Terror War Expands, Failures Multiply
Scott Ritter: Cheney's Warped Perspective on the Need to Attack Iraq
Sean Gonsalves: Look for Hope in 9/11 Observances
James Carroll: Looking War in the Face
Robert Fisk: Bush is Intent on Painting Allies and Enemies in the Middle East as Evil

Monday, September 9
Robert Jensen: There's Still Time for Americans to Stop Insanity
Salim Muwakkil: The Blinding Gauze of Sentimentality
Noam Chomsky: Drain the Swamp and There Will Be No More Mosquitoes
Ramzi Kysia: Calling 9-11: America and Iraq
Mike Zmolek: Ignore the Distractions: Bush Means War
William Raspberry: Our Insane Focus on Iraq
Jim Wallis: Ground Sacred to Reconstruction

Sunday, September 8
Ariel Dorfman: An Open Letter to America
Stephanie Salter: A Last, Best Hope for America: Realism
Rita Corriel: My Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year) Offering
Paul Rogat Loeb: Invisible Casualties
New York Times: An Uncertain Trumpet
Chris Bohjalian: Sept 11: Talking Then, Talking Now
Peter Beaumont: Why 'Blowback' is the Hidden Danger of War
Eric Margolis: Uncertainties Abound in Pinpointing the Real Enemy
Rob Morse: I Scream, You Scream, Bush Screams for Ice Cream

Saturday, September 7
Fergal Keane: President Bush Will Have to Shock the American People into War
Christopher Brauchli: Bush, Musharraf are Disturbingly Similar
George Fisher: Power Over Principle
David Krieger: Looking Back on September 11th
R. Scott Moxley: Rogue Statesman: Congressman Dana Rohrabacher

Friday, September 6
Tom Regan: When Contemplating War, Beware of Babies in Incubators
Mark Morford: Dick Cheney, American Warmonger
John Nichols: Standing Up for Dissent
Caroline Arnold: Entrusting the World to Supermen
H.D.S. Greenway: America as Lone Ranger
Arianna Huffington: Trickle Down Trickles Up Again
Mokhiber/Weissman: Advertise This!
Derrick Jackson: Powell's Oil Quest
AL Kennedy: Bomb the Lot of Them

Thursday, September 5
Jimmy Carter: The Troubling New Face of America
Antonia Zerbisias: Sept. 11 Recalled: Too Much Who, Not Much Why
Geoffrey Lean: Earth Summit: Colin Powell's Barracking Reveals Delegates' Fury and Frustration
Norman Solomon: The Powell Trap: Easing Us Into War
Molly Ivins: Now That's Class Warfare
Mo Mowlam: The Real Goal is the Seizure of Saudi Oil
David Wildman: Attack Iraq? At The Kerry Demonstration
Margaret Krome: No Rosy Future in Sight

Wednesday, September 4
Howard Zinn: Looking Back To See The Challenge Ahead
Molly Ivins: Cheney-Linked Nonsense: VP Boosted Saddam
Jean McElhaney: Take Path of Active Nonviolence in Response to 9-11
Mokhiber/Weissman: Thirsty for Justice
Bruce Cole: The Limits of Denial
Ross Baker: Bush, Others Exploit Sept. 11 to Peril Nation

Tuesday, September 3
Sean Gonsalves: War on Terrorism Has Oily Undercurrent
Robert Scheer: Dick Cheney's Nightmare of Peace
Lily Moretti: Let's Learn the Truth Before We Fight This Time
John Liechty: Weighing Our Options
George Monbiot: Trouble in the Pipeline: The Corporate Promises Being Made at the Earth Summit Are Likely to Prove Hollow
Boston Globe: Mary Robinson: Human Rights Crusader
Miriam Pemberton: Another Gulf War Threatens to Throw the World Into a Recession
Norman Solomon: What If We Didn't Need Labor Day?
Robert Jensen: Rape is 'Normal'

Monday, September 2
Martin Kettle: Relax, the Republicans' Days are Numbered
Molly Ivins: Corporations Bold with Balderdash
Mark Gubrud: Naked Aggression or Fig Leaf? Making Sense of the Iraq Situation
Lynn Landes: West Nile Virus - A Manufactured Crisis
Jeremy Rifkin: A Hydrogen Economy: The Power to Change the World
Bob Herbert: Secrecy Is Our Enemy
William Pfaff: Too Much Secrecy: Governments Don't Like to be Accountable
Salim Muwakkil: Why is Prison Becoming the Norm for Black Males?

Sunday, September 1
Karen Alter: War on Iraq: Fast-Forward to 2012
Tristram Hunt: GW Bush: A Puritan on the Warpath
Felicity Arbuthnot: Iraq's Slide From the Impossible to the Apocalyptic
Scott Ritter: Is a Domestic Political Agenda Driving War With Iraq?
Haroon Siddiqui: Bush Resorts to Rogue Tactics
Dilip Hiro: Headlong into the Clash of Civilizations
Heather Wokusch: Praying for Armageddon




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