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October 2002

Thursday, October 31
Bill C. Davis: As If It Matters
David Corn: Why the Anti-War Movement Should Steer Clear of International ANSWER
Ruth Rosen: Secrets and Lies
Ralph Nader: Open Letter to the Democratic Party
Matthew Miller: If He Was 'Too Liberal,' We Should Be Embarrassed
Mark Weisbrot: Election-Year Politics and the Road to War
Lee Drutman: Still Needed: Corporate Reform
William Pfaff: The Never-Ending War on Terror

Wednesday, October 30
Paul Foot: The People Must Protest
Jon Carroll: Lies, Damned Lies and Ongoing Dread
Boulder Daily Camera: Voices of Protest: Anti-War Demonstrations Reflect a Wider Unease
Robert Kuttner: Democrats Aren't Seizing the Moment

Tuesday, October 29
James Carroll: Wanton Cruelty
John Nichols: Bob Dylan, Dick Cheney and Paul Wellstone
Pam Costain: A Guy Who Made Us Believe in Politics and Politicians
Norman Solomon: Branding New and Improved Wars
Robert Scheer: War Hero McGovern Still Stands for the Courage to Fight for Peace
Molly Ivins: This Country, This System, This Election: All Fixable, and It's Up to You
Sean Gonsalves: Military Training and Violence
Paul Krugman: For the People
William Greider: Change the Leadership

Monday, October 28
Harvey Wasserman: Replacing the Irreplaceable Paul Wellstone
Heather Wokusch: Terrorist Training, American Style
Susan Goering: Citizens Must Fight Attacks on Our Rights
Andrew Manis: Memo to the Peace Movement
John MacArthur: Sounds Fishy, Mr. President: To Drum Up Rage Against Iraq, Bush Senior and Junior Have Been Known to Tell Tall Tales
Robert Jensen: Bush's Lies and Simple Truths
Salim Muwakkil: Michael Moore's Comic Relief on America's Affair With Guns
Seth Sandronsky: Is The World Over A Barrel?
Diane Carman: Protest Provides Echoes of Vietnam
William Arkin: The Secret War: The Defense Department is Dramatically Expanding Its 'Black World' of Covert Operations

Saturday, October 26
John Nichols: Paul Wellstone, 1944-2002: An Appreciation
Jillian Jonas: Wellstone - Man of the People
Geov Parrish: The Lost Heart: Life is Short -- Be for Something
Matthew Rothschild: A Eulogy: Wellstone, Unabashed Liberal
Bill Holm: A Liberal With a Wrestler's Stance
William Pfaff: America's Global Hegemony: No One Elected Bush to Attack Iraq
Bruce Mulkey: Take Responsibility, Take Action and Help Change the World
Christopher Brauchli: Here's an Idea: Fight Terrorism by Saving Lives

Friday, October 25
Dennis Rahkonen: Paul Wellstone Lives!
Arianna Huffington: Paul Wellstone: America Loses A Bold Leader
Jeremy Rifkin: Is Big Oil Lubricating War Drive?
Noelle Damico: The Voices of Conscience Must Be Heard on Iraq
Hubert Locke: Bush White House Shows No Respect for 'Opinions of Mankind'
Molly Ivins: The Red Queen Program
Thom Hartmann: Madison’s Ghost on The Intoxicated Presidency – and its Corporate Support Group
Paul Krugman: Dead Parrot Society
Michelle Ciarrocca: The United States and North Korea: Few Kind Words, Lots of 'Guns'
Duncan Campbell: The Other Side of America

Thursday, October 24
Jeremy Scahill: Extra! Extra! Dozens Protest in Iraq
Norman Solomon: Sniping Frenzy Bumps Off Politics
Antonia Zerbisias: Shooting Messenger Diminishes Truth
Marty Jezer: Protest is Patriotic
Sam Smith: Whose Left is It Anyway?
Boulder Daily Camera: Muddy Road to War: Bush's Statements on Iraq Remain Confusing

Wednesday, October 23
Giles Fraser: Never Trust a Christian Cowboy
Peter Smith: 'We' and War
Lynn Landes: Pharmaceuticals, Pesticides, and Radiation Cause Breast Cancer... While Wealthy Non-Profits and Feds Protect Industry
Harvey Wasserman: The Imminent Death of American Democracy, Starting in Missouri
Lawrence Pintak: Bush, Bali & the Beirut Connection: Deja vu All Over Again
Robert Kuttner: War Protests, Then and Now
Daniel Ellsberg: The Shame of the Politicians

Tuesday, October 22
Pierre Tristam: The Art of Distorting a Sniper's Mayhem
Felicity Arbuthnot: Iraq Is On the Mend: Will It Be Allowed to Slowly Recover and Convalesce, or Will the Life Support Machine Be Switched Off?
Paul Krugman: It's Back to Business - Insider Business - As Usual
Harry Wolf: Don't Worry, Osama, You'll Get Your War
Arianna Huffington: This Is Oil -- This Is a No-Brainer on Oil
Alan Gilbert: Condoleezza Rice and the President Have Lost Their Way
Patricia Zimmermann: Blasting War
Robert Scheer: White House Spins Out on an Axis of Evil

Monday, October 21
Bob Keeler: US Loses Moral Ground on Land Mine Ban
Miriam Pemberton: War Fever Weakens Ailing Economy
Brian Halweil/Bob Scowcroft: Organic Foods' New Day
John Liechty: Trust Your Nose
Salim Muwakkil: Fooled by Stereotypes of Superpredators
Geov Parrish: The Empire's Soft Underbelly: Before Bush Plays Wargames, He Should Look at the Most Recent Wargames Results
John Borowski: Commercialism in a Can
Robert Rotberg: Why Stop with Iraq? It Seems Only Resource-Rich States are Subject to US Policing

Sunday, October 20
Ed Vulliamy: Dissent is Coming From All Quarters - Even in Bush's Own Church
Maureen Dowd: The Soufflé Doctrine
Robert Jensen: Citizens as Soldiers, Citizens as Prey
Leah Wells: U.S., Iraqi Students Exchange Letters of Peace
Eric Margolis: West Overestimates al-Qaida's Reach
Stephen Privett: On Going to War: Moral Reflections on an Impending War
Dick Meyer: Homeland Security Dept. R.I.P.!

Saturday, October 19
Mokhiber/Weissman: Bowling for Baghdad
Alan Morse: Add Me to Your Lists, Mr Bush
Diana Abu-Jaber: Notes on War and Peace
Tamim Ansary: A War Won't End Terrorism
Rev. Jan Linn et al: Falwell and His 'Christian Right' Have It Wrong
Tom Turnipseed: October Surprises
Mark Shields: The Paul Douglas Brigade

Friday, October 18
William Hartung: Proliferation, Not Iraq, Is the Issue
Norman Solomon: Polls -- When Measuring Is Manipulating
Anthony Aman: Pax Americana?
Paul Krugman: Springtime for Hitler
Mike Thomas: A Parent Asks: Why Was Jeb Not at Noelle's Hearing?
Stephen Zunes: Carter's Less-Known Legacy
Tom Teepen: Christian Right Too Eager for Armageddon

Thursday, October 17
James Carroll: Threshold of a New Era
Woody Harrelson: I'm an American Tired of American Lies
Leah Wells: The Silent War: Iraq’s Women and Children are Casualties Amid Economic Sanctions
Molly Ivins: Carter's Nobel and a Low for Trash-Talkin'
Floyd McKay: Asian Nations Don't Want to Live in Fear...of US
Margaret Krome: Viet Vet Still Struggles with Aftermath of War
Mary McGrory: Mistaken Patriots
Seth Sandronsky: National Security and Economic Insecurity
Mark Weisbrot: Venezuelan Democracy Under Siege

Wednesday, October 16
Paul Rogat Loeb: Making Our Voice Heard: Hope for the Peace Movement Even After the Congressional Vote
Heather Wokusch: Killing the Political Animal: CIA Psychological Operations and Us
Huck Gutman: Abracadabra, Why Iraq! Because of Economic Decline in Bush Country
Ramzi Kysia: The Iraq Peace Team - 'Good' Americans in Iraq
Pierre Tristam: To War With Speed of Demons and Lie of 'Liberation' on the Lips
Helen Thomas: Don't Give Bush Imperial Presidency
Robert Kuttner: A More Effective Ultimatum to Iraq
Maggie Downs: A Little Girl Taught Us a Lesson About Peace: Have We Forgotten It?

Tuesday, October 15
Jeremy Scahill: Bush Corleone: "Saddam Hussein Sleeps With the Fishes"
Susan Thistlethwaite: 'Just War' or Is It Just a War?
Jonathan Freedland: Bali Proves That America's War on Terror Isn't Working
Paul Krugman: Still Living Dangerously
Robert Steinback: Dissenting Still a Right

Monday, October 14
Salim Muwakkil: Get Ready for Bleak Life During Wartime
Jules Witcover: Democrats Display Weakness by Bowing to Bush
Antonia Zerbisias: Tail Wags the Dog, Rolls It Over: U.S. Media March to Beat of White House War Drum
Holly Burkhalter : POW Atrocities: An Ugly Lesson
Robert Fisk: This Crime Proves None of Us Are Safe - And Britons May Well Be the Next Targets

Friday, October 11
Thom Hartmann: The Dinosaur War – To Protect Corporate Profits
Danaher, Lewis & Mark: The Folly of Pre-emptive War
Liza Featherstone: Peace Gets a Chance
Eli Beckerman: An Open Letter To Robert Byrd
Devin Nordberg: Critics of Bush and Cheney May Be Too Generous
Nicholas Kristof: Revolving-Door Monsters
Mike Klein: Does US Want to be Branded as a Rogue State?

Thursday, October 10
Jill Raymond: Let New American Dream End Our Listless Slumber
Jeremy Rifkin: The US Must Follow Europe's Lead and Turn Its Back on Oil
Sheryl McCarthy: Congress Wraps in Flag, Turns Back on Country
Norman Solomon: Democrats Playing Catch-Up in Media War
John Buell: Onward Christian Soldiers: The March to War
Wayne Grytting: Iraq and the Boys Who Cried "Wolf"
David Corn: CIA Intelligence Refutes Bush's War Rhetoric
Helen Caldicott: Medical Consequences of Attacking Iraq
Ralph Nader: Whirlwind Wheelchair International

Wednesday, October 9
Harvey Wasserman: In the 2002 Election, The Issue is Unchecked Power
Institute for Public Accuracy: Detailed Analysis of October 7 Speech by Bush on Iraq
Huck Gutman: America’s New Policy of Preemption, and the World Economy
Robert Fisk: What the US President Wants Us To Forget
Peggy Orenstein: Marketing Hypocrisy and Breast Cancer
Richard Norton-Taylor: This Marks the Death of Deterrence
Molly Ivins: Surprise! Real Corporate Reform Isn't Happening
US Senator Robert Byrd: War Debate: We are Giving to the President of the United States a Blank Check
Robert Kuttner: What Will War Do To The Economy?
John Nichols: Robert Byrd Chastises White House, Democrats...

Tuesday, October 8
Robert Jensen: Bush's Leaps of Illogic Don't Answer People's Questions About War
Robert Scheer: Truth on Iraq Seeps Through
Michael Klare: Beware Perilous Chain Reaction
Loraine Kohorn: The President Resorts to Telemarketing
James Carroll: Sen. Ted Kennedy: Antiwar Then, Antiwar Now
Alexander Hooke: If We Back War, Where's the Enlistment?
George Monbiot: Inspection as Invasion: The US Has Been Seeking to Prevent a Resolution of the Iraq Crisis for the Past Eight Years
Arianna Huffington: Why Is No One Talking About Casualties?

Monday, October 7
Salim Muwakkil: Foes of Policy on Iraq Finally Coming to Life
John MacArthur: Why Wish This On Anyone? US Leaders Might Not Be So Hot for War If They'd Lived Through It
Scott Ritter: Help Us to Stop the War: As a US Republican, I Reject George Bush's Illegal and Unconstitutional Plan to Attack Iraq
William Pfaff: Anti-Americanism in Europe: The Bush Response Only Aggravates the Problem
Rahul Mahajan: The Other "Good War:" Afghanistan One Year Later

Friday, October 4
Matthew Levinger: US Invasion of Iraq Would Play Into Bin Laden's Hands
Hartung, Berrigan & Ciarrocca: Operation Endless Deployment
Martin Woollacott: The Debate About Iraq is Phony - The Decision Has Been Made
Nicholas Kristof: The Stones of Baghdad
Marty Jezer: The Wrong and Right Side of History
Robert Fisk: NATO Used the Same Old Trick When It Made Milosevic an Offer He Could Only Refuse
Bruce Cole: The Hinges of History

Thursday, October 3
David Corn: Now, It's Gephardt's War, Too
St Louis Post-Dispatch: Gephardt Caves
Molly Ivins: Perils of Capitalism? Think Water Distribution
Norman Solomon: Drown Out Drums of War with the Sound of Dialogue
Paul Findley: Don't Give Bush War Powers
Joe Klein: Democrats Can't Duck This Fundamental Shift in Policy
Ralph Nader: Holding Political Candidates' Feet to the Fire on Corporate Crime
Haroon Siddiqui: Roadblocks Slow Bush Juggernaut

Wednesday, October 2
Derrick Jackson: No Faith in Bush's War on Iraq
Michelle Kinnucan: An Open Letter to the United Nations Security Council
Mark Engler: From the Quarantine Against Greed: Outside the 2002 Annual Meetings of the IMF/World Bank in Washington, DC
Rick Stahlhut: Considering Motives for Gulf War II
Robert Kuttner: Janitors Flex Their Muscle
Madison Capital Times: Wisconsin Votes 'No!' to War
Joseph Stiglitz: White House Economic Policies Are Bankrupt

Tuesday, October 1
Robert Scheer: The Sun Can't Set on This Empire Too Soon
Antonia Zerbisias: American Media Keep the Liberals Invisible
Victoria Mares-Hershey: Hawaii's Patsy Mink Was Brave and Bold
Sean Gonsalves: We Are Not All Guilty. But We Are All Responsible
James Carroll: The President's Nuclear Threat
Matthew Engel: Supremes Set to Convene: A Law Unto Themselves
Robert Fisk: Roll Call of 322 Children Killed in the Intifada
Arianna Huffington: The White House On Iraq: We Don't Need No Stinkin' Proof!...




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