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November 2002

Saturday, November 30
Heather Wokusch: Material Breach: US Crimes in Iraq
Norman Solomon: If Commercial Radio Actually Trafficked in News
Boston Globe: Kissinger's Unfit Past
Christopher Brauchli: GOP Shows Compassion for Insurance Companies
John O'Farrell: Weapons of Mass Distraction

Friday, November 29
David Usborne: The Quiet American Way of Censorship
Marty Jezer: Kissinger Investigates? Investigate Kissinger
Paul Krugman: In Media Res
Seth Sandronsky: Don’t Take It On The GOP’s Faith
John Nichols: Give a Gift That Will Make a Difference
William Walker: Even Before the 'Moron' Flap, Canada was Petty in US Eyes
Robert Fisk: Elusive Bin Laden Still Has the Global Reach to Strike Terror at Will

Thursday, November 28
Molly Ivins: GOP Gifts: Payback Not Patriotism
David Corn: Kissinger's Back...As 9/11 Truth-Seeker for Bush
Ralph Nader: "Safety and Soundness of Financial Institutions"
Duncan Campbell: Sick of Poverty and Corruption, Latin America is Turning Left

Wednesday, November 27
Randy Schubring: A Final Assignment from Prof. Wellstone
Katie Barlow: Courage Under Fire: Peace Activist Caoimhe Butterly Was Shot by a Soldier - But She Still Won't Leave Jenin
Josh Ruebner/Rania Awwad: Arab-Jewish Cooperation in US Could Send a Powerful Signal
Margie Burns: Bush Family Dipping Into Security Pie
Caroline Arnold: Can We Have A New Song of Thanksgiving?
Robert Reich: A Winning $700-Billion Balancing Act
George Galloway: In the Hands of the Three Witches: There Will Be Only One Winner of an Iraqi War - Osama bin Laden

Tuesday, November 26
James Carroll: The Unkept Promise of Our Holiday
Pierre Tristam: Secrecy: The Nation's Favored Fraud
Courtland Milloy: Democrats Must Learn Lessons of Wrestler Wellstone
Akiva Eldar: Where is Israel's Daniel Ellsberg?
Antonia Zerbisias: Canada Caught in the CNN Crossfire
Sean Gonsalves: Economics Ultimately is About Values
Paul Krugman: Every Breath You Take
Ed Garvey: Progressive Lawyers' Group is Spot of Good News
Robert Scheer: How the Politicos Stole Christmas

Monday, November 25
Ira Chernus: The Invisible Death of Iain Hook
Ros Coward: It's Now Impossible to Argue That Miss World is Harmless Fun
Ruth Rosen: Prophetic Students & Big Brother
John Liechty: The World Watches, Waiting to See If the Genius of America is Essentially About Might or About Right
Arianna Huffington: Why Oil Sheiks Love A Good Hummer
Bob Herbert: Whose Hands Are Dirty?
Salim Muwakkil: Looking for Anti-Semitism Where It Isn't
Matt Zemek: What It Means To Be a Wellstone Democrat

Sunday, November 24
Molly Ivins: Scary Times in the USA
Eric Margolis: The New, United Europe Asserts Its Independence
Adam Cohen: Hell Hath No Fury Like a Conservative Who Is Victorious
Robert Jensen: President Bush Plans an Unprecedented Shift of Almost Half of Government Jobs to Outside Contractors
Jonathan Reingold: Note to Bush: Stop Ignoring the Saudi Connection
Seth Sandronsky: A Tale of Two Insurance Bills
Will Hutton: Capitalism Must Put Its House in Order
William Arkin: The Military's New War of Words
Peter Beilenson: Attack Could Trigger World Health Crisis

Saturday, November 23
Joel McNally: The Bullying of Free Speech
Christopher Brauchli: Iran-Contra Mastermind Now Fighting Terrorism
Krista Foss: All I Want for Christmas is a Bombed-Out Dollhouse
Frank Rich: Do We Have to Call You Al?
Farai Chideya: Killing Isn't Witnessed Just By War Heroes Anymore
Bruce Mulkey: Pork-Laden Security Bill Not Best Way to Bring True Security

Friday, November 22
Arianna Huffington: D.C. Mystery: Who Sucked The Life Out Of Nancy Pelosi?
Gregory Stephens: (Driving Up) the Cost of Freedom
Ralph Nader: Predatory Lending
Marc Cooper: Antiwar Labor Pains
Derrick Jackson: Who's Watching the Watchers?
Ramzi Kysia: Malnutrition in Iraq - What the New UNICEF Study Shows
Adrian Hamilton: NATO Suffers From a Terminal Illness, But No One Dares Kill It Off Just Yet

Thursday, November 21
Seumas Milne: The West Isn't Just Losing the Fight Against Terrorism - It Is Fueling It Across the Globe
William Pfaff: Wrong Fight Against Terrorism
Madison Capital Times: Homeland Hypocrisy
Norman Solomon: Unilateral Power -- By Any Other Name
Doug Thompson: Welcome to the American Gestapo
Simon Tisdall: Missiles R Us Takes On the World
Mark Weisbrot: Getting the Most out of Homeland Security

Wednesday, November 20
David Corn: Pelosi's First Dive: It Didn't Take Long
Bonnie Block: War OK? Listen to Vets
William Hartung: The Elections and the War
Brandon Keim: Biopharm Roulette
Robert Kuttner: The Rich-Poor Gap in Decent Preschools
Rob Morse: Fighting Terror by Terrifying US Citizen

Tuesday, November 19
James Carroll: Toeing the Fault Line of Fear
George Monbiot: The Battle to Put a Corporate GM Padlock on Our Foodchain is Being Fought on the Net
Sean Gonsalves: The Future of Peace: Let Students Know Non-Violence Works
Pierre Tristam: America's Mythical Heartland
Arianna Huffington: The A-B-Cs Of Crony Capitalism
Jeremy Brecher: Let's Join, Not Fight, the Global Coalition Against War in Iraq
Molly Ivins: Osama is Back, and No One Gives a Damn?
Philip Bereano: Engineered-Food Claims Are Hard to Swallow

Monday, November 18
Chris Siebert: Domestic Defense Must Be Radical and Utopian
Salim Muwakkil: McKinney Loss Has Lessons for Democrats
Bill C. Davis: Selling Hot Items
Elizabeth Broomfield: Sick of Hearing 'Life Is Not Fair'
Robert Jensen: World's Policeman or Bully?
Charles Sullivan: The Boogie Man Is Coming
Harley Sorensen: Fascism Comes On Little Cat Feet

Saturday, November 16
Deborah Morse-Kahn: Finally, a Kaddish for Paul
Thom Hartmann: Goldwater's Ghost in the Voting Machines?
Christopher Brauchli: International Court a Foreign Idea to Bush
Jake Bergman/Julia Reynolds: The Guns of Opa-Locka: How US Dealers Arm the World
Seth Sandronsky: In US, Government Privatization Is Going Forward

Friday, November 15
Adrian Hamilton: We Have Played Straight Into Bin Laden's Hands
Mark Weisbrot: Phase Two of Bush’s War Plan Rumbles Ahead as World Leaders Ignore Anti-War Outcry
Ralph Nader: 'Never Separate the Lives You Live from the Words You Speak'
Stephanie Gibson: The Snipers: Revenge Run Amok
Rick Salutin: The New Post-Imperial Imperialism
George Hunsinger: Before the Shooting Starts: A Fabricated Case?
John Borowski: No Cheers for PepsiCo and Their Corporate Scrooges
Arianna Huffington: The Pollsters Can't Hear The Silent Majority

Thursday, November 14
Molly Ivins: When the Weasels Sneak into the Henhouse
Margaret Krome: War Ignores Life's Sacredness
Norman Solomon: Time Capsule: Looking Backward at 2002
William Safire: You Are a Suspect
Stephen Zunes: UN Resolution Does Not Authorize US To Use Force Against Iraq
Mokhiber/Weissman: Why Newsweek is Bad for Kids
Ruth Rosen: Attack on Abortion

Wednesday, November 13
Courtland Milloy: A Call to Arms By an Enemy of War Against Iraq
Fran Sepler: US Adopting Bloodthirsty Ways of Our Enemies
Robert Fisk: Saddam's Merry Dance Cannot Hide the Sad Inevitability of Events
Ed Garvey: Elections Confirm Shift Toward Devout Plutocracy
Simon Tisdall: Tricked and Bamboozled Into War: The West's Warlords Will Get Their Invasion, In Spite of Global Opinion
Maria Elena Martinez/Joshua Karliner: Axis of Oil and Iraq
Robert Kuttner: Bush's War Drums Pay Off at Polls
Brett Dakin: 'The Quiet American' Should Have a Voice

Tuesday, November 12
James Ridgeway: Attention, Small-D Democrats: The Party's Over
George Monbiot: Far From Handing Elections to the Right, Protest Votes Galvanize Major Parties Into Action
Pierre Tristam: Deferral by Default
Sean Gonsalves: Bombing Dual-Use Targets?
Robert Scheer: Be Careful What You Wish For
Antonia Zerbisias: Journalists Face Injury and Death for the Truth
Harley Sorensen: Dems Have Only Themselves To Blame

Monday, November 11
John Vidal: Florence Builds a Bridge to a Brave New Social Paradise
Erwin Chemerinsky/Catherine Fisk: No to a Far-Right Court: Use Filibusters
Jeremy Scahill: Trading With The Enemy: Corporations Say They Will Continue To Do Business With Iraq
Arianna Huffington: President Bush Asks NOT What You Can Do For Your Country
Bob Herbert: Behind the Smile

Sunday, November 10
Will Hutton: A Dark Week for Democracy
Eric Margolis: After Iraq, Bush Will Attack His Real Target
Mark Twain: The War Prayer
Stephen Zunes: Pelosi Win Not A Progressive Victory
Caroline Arnold: Remote Control War A Deadly Game
William Arkin: Building a War: As Some Argue, Supply Lines Fill Up
Sasha Lilley: A New Age of Empire in the Middle East, Courtesy of the US and UK
Paul Kennedy: A Republican Electoral Victory Has Opened Up the Road to Iraq. But at What Price?
Charles Kupchan: It's Up to EU to Check US Hubris

Saturday, November 9
Robert Fisk: George Bush Crosses Rubicon - But What Lies Beyond?
Bill Moyers: Election 2002
Leah Wells: Unsolicited Advice About the Future of Peacemaking
Frida Berrigan: War by Remote Control?
Peter Phillips: Conspiracies, Plots and Other Anti-Democratic Notions
Christopher Brauchli: Death Penalty Has a True Friend in Ashcroft
Los Angeles Times: Bush Administration's Chokehold on Knowledge

Friday, November 8
Paul Krugman: Into the Wilderness
Zeynep Toufe: Urgent Request to Blue Fairy: Please Turn These Children Into Stone
Kevin Martin/Simon van Steÿn: New Group to Peddle War
Ralph Nader: The Mid-Term Elections
Robert Fisk: Bush Fights for Another Clean Shot in His War
Derrick Jackson: Democrats Pay Price of Cowardice
John MacArthur: Democrats Have Nobody to Blame But Themselves
Heather Wokusch: War on Peace: Now is No Time for Complacency
Mark Weisbrot: Democrats Could Try Telling the Truth

Thursday, November 7
Molly Ivins: Sharpen Wits and Man the Battle Stations. No Time to Waste Feeling Sorry for Ourselves
Arianna Huffington: Bring Me The Head Of Terry McAuliffe!
John Nichols: Nancy Pelosi Fights to Lead the Democrats
Joy-Ann Lomena Reid: Screw The Base:
Stephen Zunes: How the Democrats Blew It
Norman Solomon: Long Day's Journey After Election Night
Hugo Young: Where America Has Elected to Go, No One Will Follow...

Wednesday, November 6
John Buell: Looking to Paul Wellstone’s Legacy
Thom Hartmann: Time to Remove the Bananas...and Return Our Republic to Democracy
Matthew Rothschild: The Day After
Adrian Hamilton: It Is Wrong To Be Judge, Jury and Executioner
Alexander Cockburn: Enough with 'The Economy'. It's Your Lack of Conviction, Stupid!
Jules Witcover: Election No Longer Mutes War Questions
Robert Kuttner: A Political Winner's Curse Questions
The Independent: A Triumph for Mr Bush, But We May All Bear the Cost of the Democrats' Failure
Pierre Tristam: Camp Delta Does Godot

Tuesday, November 5
Arianna Huffington: Election 2002: Hold Your Nose, Vote, Then Fight For Reform
John Nichols: Election 2002: Mark Twain for Congress
James Carroll: The Purpose of the War
Sean Gonsalves: Questions About Weapons Inspections
Swanee Hunt: Women at the Peace Table
Steve Chapman: Why Our Friends Are Turning Against Us On Iraq
Matthew Engel: The US Political System: Corrupt, Crass and Moribund
Robert Scheer: Playing Population-Explosion Politics

Monday, November 4
Fedwa Wazwaz: Oprah Used Her Program to Propagandize for War
Salim Muwakkil: The Incarceration Epidemic: Homegrown Insecurity a Pressing Fact
Tom Schraw: On Wellstone: When Your Conscience Dies
Jonathan Lange: Senator Wellstone's Disciples Carry on His Work
César Chelala: World Violence Against Women a Great Unspoken Pandemic
Steven Mikulan: Oct 26 Protests: Following the Flags in San Francisco

Sunday, November 3
Andrew Cockburn: Should We Go to War Just Because We Can?
Elaine Scarry: A Nuclear Double Standard
Jeremy Scahill: Live from Basra: Iraq's Oil Belt Prepares for War
Christopher Brauchli: Can You Believe George W. Bush? Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire
Haroon Siddiqui: West's Policies Miss the Mark
Robert Stein: The Missiles of October, Then and Now
Bill Moyers: The Costs of War
Ira Chernus: The National Insecurity State

Friday, November 1
Mokhiber/Weissman: A Day at the American Enterprise Institute
Thom Hartmann: Revealed: Why Germans Oppose War in Iraq - French Fries
Paul Krugman: The Pitt Principle
Charlotte Aldebron, Age 12: Speech at October 26 Peace Rally
Rodolfo Acuña: Today's Hawks Conveniently Avoided Combat
Derrick Jackson: The Wild, Wild Bush Boyz
Daniel Schorr: Bush and American Humble Pie
Mark Weisbrot: It's a New Day, and Brazil Wants a New Deal




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