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March 2002

Saturday, March 30
John R. MacArthur: Fans of the War on Terror, Which Sounds Ever More Like Nineteen Eighty-Four, Still Venerate George Orwell
Robert Fisk: The Lies Leaders Tell When They Want To Go To War
Tammy Baldwin: Rankin Was True Leader
Bill C. Davis: Earth Speaks
Seth Sandronsky: Free Markets and Free Workers
Joy-Ann Lomena-Reid: An Open Letter to the Opposition
David Hirst: Beware the Martyr: If Assassinated, Yasser Arafat Really Would Be An 'Enemy' To Be Reckoned With
Frank Rich: The Wimps of War

Friday, March 29
Hubert G. Locke: Cry for War Drowns Out Common Sense
Shirley Williams: Please, America, Listen to Your Foreign Friends
Meizhu Lui/Rose Brewer: Slave Profits and the Roots of the Wealth Gap
AL Kennedy: Flying the Flag for Hate
Harvey Wasserman: Nuclear Terror Near Toledo: Atomic Apocalypse Barely Averted at the Davis-Besse Reactor
Norman Solomon: Profiles in Media Courage
Fawaz A. Gerges: No Stopping the Intifada

Thursday, March 28
Laura Flanders: Everybody's Scandal: Taxpayers Likely to Sharpen Questions About Funding Church Charities
Leah C. Wells: For A Lasting Peace in Iraq
Molly Ivins: Health-Care Rx: Phase Out the Failing For-Profit System
Ellen Goodman: Hollywood Gets Away With Its Lies
Malaika Finkelstein: Acts of God: The Deserving Poor and Everyone Else
Mark Weisbrot: What Do Financial Advisors Really Know?
Dan Gillmor: Digital Age's Bleak Future Looms If You Don't Take a Stand

Wednesday, March 27
Robert Fisk: Arab Summit Lies in Ruins as Arafat is Fenced In
Emmylou Harris: Will President Bush Do the Right Thing and Ban Land Mines Now?
Michelle Gerise Godwin: Responsibility is Green
Robert Kuttner: Kids Left Out of Bush's 'Wedding Welfare'
Bill McKibben: Unlikely Allies Against Cloning
John Moyers: Campaign Finance Reform And The 'Fannie Lou Hamer Standard'
Richard Norton-Taylor: Bush's Nuke Bandwagon
Arianna Huffington: Hollywood Sends A Message: Sign the Mine Ban Treaty

Tuesday, March 26
Sean Gonsalves: The Right to Lie?
Dan Connell: War Clouds Over Somalia
Arianna Huffington: Poverty, The President And The Pest
Robert Scheer: Values Fall Prey to Hypocrisy
Rick Mercier: America's E-Bombs are Killing Innocent People in the Third World
Richard Reeves: You Have a Right to Know

Monday, March 25
Madeleine Bunting: Our Habits and Opinions Have Been So Cleverly Manipulated by PR People
Stacey Warde: Unlike Moses Confronting Pharaoh, Billy Graham Choked
Bernard Stein: Why We Fought
Salim Muwakkil: Faith-Based Violence and Religious Zealotry
Ellen Goodman: What's Missing in Bush Policy on Women
John Nichols: The Lollapalooza of the Left

Saturday, March 23
Bill C. Davis: Retired Generals - Take That Stage!
Mark Engler: Bush Brewing Poverty and Violence in El Salvador
Seth Sandronsky: Fueling Ecological and Financial Fragility
Alexandra Gill: Nixon's Bushy-Haired 'Bastard' Bites Back
Paul Waldman: Man the Barricades! The Privileges of Wealth are at Risk!
Andrew Greeley: We're No Safer Now Than We Were Sept. 10

Friday, March 22
Mokhiber/Weissman: A Corporate Lawyer Speaks Out
Marc Edelman: Price of Free Trade: Famine
William Greider: Enron Democrats: They Helped Set the Stage for the Current Scandals
Norman Solomon: "The Liberal Media" -- A Poltergeist That Will Not Die
Molly Ivins: Bush Making Us Sick
Derrick Jackson: Collapsing the Doubts on Warming
Barbara Robinson: Rusty Yates is Culpable, Too: Father's Bizarre, Domineering Actions Played a Role in Children's Deaths

Thursday, March 21
Jennifer Balkan: A Jew Seeking Justice
Laura Flanders: Chip Off the Old Brock: Former GOP Hatchet Man David Brock Goes From Propaganda to Penitence
Huck Gutman: Threats to Peace
Linda O'Brien: The Poem at the Heart of America
Marty Jezer: Cracking Ice, Political Noise
Molly Ivins: Is Andersen Too Rich for Justice?
John Nichols: From Illinois Comes a Rebel Holler
Robert Jensen: Corporate Power Is the Enemy of Our Democracy

Tuesday, March 19
James Carroll: Lost Children of the Mideast Conflict
George Monbiot: America's Bioterror: Bush Has Pledged to Eliminate Weapons of Mass Destruction. He Should Start at Home
Marie Cocco: We Must Stop Treating the Mentally Ill as Criminals
Robert Scheer: Kids Get Left in the Lurch When the 'Values' Cops Arrive
Thomas Oliphant: US Military's War on Gays
Mark Weisbrot: World Bank Opposes Changing Loans to Grants for Poor Countries

Monday, March 18
Ruth Rosen: A Less Democratic Nation
Salim Muwakkil: Pipeline Politics Taint US War
Baltimore Sun: US Sen. Barbara Mikulski Gives Aid to Enemies of the Environment
Lisa Martinovic: Remedy for Enron's Moral Anorexia
Dave Zweifel: Single-Payer Gets Big Steel's 'Support'
Fran Shor: Child-Murderers and Madness
Neal Peirce: Federal Government Should Stop Starving Amtrak
Peter Preston: This War is Farcical, But It Is Easier to Cry Than to Laugh

Sunday, March 17
Heather Wokusch: God, It's Great To Be American!
John Balzar: SUVs Should Be Driven Into a Truck Lane
Eric Margolis: Dr. Strangelove With a Texas Drawl
Ira Chernus: Charges of Anti-Semitism Hurt Jews the Most
Richard Butler: Why Nuclear is Not the Answer
Elizabeth Scanlon Thomas: Europeans Blanch at US Muscle
Paul Krugman: ANWR and Peas

Saturday, March 16
Naomi Klein: People of Argentina: 'IMF Go To Hell'
Seth Sandronsky: Globalizing Conflicts
Gay Alcorn: Clock's Ticking as Bush Redraws Rules on Nuclear Weapons

Friday, March 15
William Pfaff: Unleashed by Sept 11: Free at Last for a Global Power Play
Rev Dr G Penny Nixon/Kerry Lobel: Looking Ahead Since 9-11
Arianna Huffington: The Penalty Was Steep for a Missile Defense Whistle-Blower
Rick Mercier: Some Bush Administration Air Attacks are Aimed at Americans
Marty Jezer: The Bush Doctrine on Nuclear Weapons
George Kourous: Would Latin America Be Better Off If Washington Left It Alone?
Michelle Kinnucan: Rethinking the 'Authorization for Use of Military Force'
Paul Knox: What If We Really Helped the Poor?
Jim Hightower: Going Down the Road: Campaign for a Living Wage

Thursday, March 14
Margaret Krome: Why Don't We See Images of Terror Caused by US?
Molly Ivins: Nukes and Consequences
Ellen Goodman: War Is Now the Cover Story for Making More Terror
Robert Fisk: If Bush is Having 'Visions', America Must Need Arab Support for Another War
Mary McGrory: Nuts About Nukes

Wednesday, March 13
Mokhiber/Weissman: Personal Responsibility for the Corporate Elite
Judy Rebick: Our Friend or Foe? A Newly Militaristic U.S. Presents the Canadian Left with a Clear Challenge
Farai Chideya: What's Changed for Me: Six Months After 9/11
Robert Kuttner: Fear of Them, Fear of Us
René Francisco Poitevin: Bunker Nation
Laurie King-Irani: Prevent Another Massacre: End Ariel Sharon's Impunity for War Crimes Now
Scott Ritter: Blinkered Bush Has Got It All Wrong
Robert Fisk: Arabs Don't Want War on Iraq. They Want America to Change Its Policy

Tuesday, March 12
James Carroll: In Half a Year We have Reinvented Ourselves as the Most Belligerent People on Earth
Robert Hinkley: Corporate Values: A Response to President Bush's 10-Point Plan for Corporate Responsibility
Nancy Snow: March Madness
New York Times: America as Nuclear Rogue
George Monbiot: Patent Nonsense: Companies Now Demanding Intellectual Property Rights Were Built Up Without Them
Robert Scheer: When in Doubt, Nuke 'Em
Mark Weisbrot: The Myth of the Global Economy
Jonathan Steele: A Premature Declaration of Victory
Marie Cocco: Why Fix Airport Security When We Have The Bomb?

Monday, March 11
Madeleine Bunting: Six Months After September 11, It Is No Longer Islamist Terror We Are Afraid of But the US Nuclear Hitlist
John R. MacArthur: America Still Has an Office of Disinformation. It's Called the Pentagon
Bill C. Davis: Culturing War
Jules Witcover: A Lonely Lawmaker Cries Out for Peace
John Borowski: Free Speech Not an Exhibit, at National Science Teachers Convention Conference?
Jason Margolis: Why a Ship Can Be Better Than a Tomahawk Missile
Salim Muwakkil: Death Penalty: Illinois Gov. Ryan's Role as an Accidental Hero

Sunday, March 10
Karel Van Wolferen: To Keep a Population In Line, Wage Perpetual War Against a Vague Enemy
Naomi Klein: Brand USA: America's Attempt to Market Itself Abroad Using Advertising Principles is Destined to Fail
Eric Margolis: War on Terror Masks Bush's Grand Strategy
Observer of London: Yes, The World Has Changed; If Only It Made Us Feel Safer
John V. Whitbeck: Ideology Hiding Behind a Word
Michael Corbin: Six Months Later, A New America
John Balzar: MIA: A War on Greed

Saturday, March 9
Ira Chernus: Israeli Policies Could Tear Jews Apart
Paki Wright: Ground-breaking New Book on Nonviolence is Selling Like Hotcakes
William Arkin: Secret Plan Outlines the Unthinkable
Mokhiber/Weissman: Businessmen Make Boo-Boos
Ishai Menuchin: Saying No to Israel's Occupation
Christopher Brauchli: Another Bad Week for the Frail and Poor
Robert Fisk: Bush is Doing Nothing to Stop Israel's Immoral Civil War

Friday, March 8
John Nichols: Kucinich Rocks the Boat
Fred Coleman: A 'Disconnect' with the US Troubles Americans Abroad
Arianna Huffington: Warning: Soft Money Has Legs
Marty Jezer: Why Vermont Voters Defeated Non-Binding Resolution Against Nuclear Power
David Corn: W.'s First Enron Connection: Update on the Bush-Enron Oil Deal
Seth Sandronsky: Free Trade for Other Nations, Not US?
Derrick Jackson: Missile Defense Shenanigans

Thursday, March 7
Madeleine Bunting: Arundhati Roy is a Thrilling Political Icon Who Represents the Coming of Age of Feminism
Laura Flanders: Unfair Trade: US-Led Global Economic Policies are Behind US Steel's Crisis
Robert Fisk: America's Morality Has Been Distorted by September 11
Norman Solomon: Six Months Later, the Basic Tool Is Language
Holger Jensen: The Language of Violence
Howard Fienberg: Looking for Liberals in the Ivy League
Marie Cocco: Bush Shows True Colors by Targeting Population Fund
Sean Gonsalves: Celebrating Womanity

Wednesday, March 6
Tom Turnipseed: War is Wrong
Jonathan Freedland: Israel's Army of Peace: Battle-Scarred Reservists are Refusing to Serve in the Occupied Territories
Ted Rall: Nothing Changed After 9-11: Our Smoke and Mirrors War on Terror
Leah Wells: Mushroom Pickers Organize; Boycott Pictsweet Mushrooms
Robert Kuttner: The Rising Tide of Conflicts of Interest

Tuesday, March 5
Douglas Turner: Big Money Fuels Scheme to Derail Amtrak for Good
John Buell: Unmasking the Drug/Terror Link
Marie Cocco: Regardless of Official Word, Things Aren't So Great
James Carroll: Bush's Bunker Presidency
George Monbiot: War on the Third World: An Insidious Result of September 11 is That the US Treats Many Non-Whites as Terrorists
John Nichols: GOP Gets Down and Dirty on Daschle
Arianna Huffington: The GOP-Teamsters Love Affair: A Match Made In ANWR
Kenneth Roth: Prisoners of War at Guantanamo: Bush Policy Endangers American and Allied Troops
Ellen Hume: The Last Laugh: War on the News
James Cobey/Richard Schultz: Affirm U.S. Commitment to Banning Land Mines

Monday, March 4
Ruth Rosen: Preparing for Perpetual War
Salim Muwakkil: A Modest Proposal for Media Balance
William Pfaff: Let's Return to Responsible Capitalism
Andrew Murray: Spinning to War on Iraq
Dale Koscielny: Thou Shalt be Christian Mothers
Mark Shields: In Politics, Money More Valuable Than Speech

Sunday, March 3
Paul Kennedy: Has the US Lost Its Way? Does Everybody Hate America? n
Bill C Davis: Billy Graham – Echoes in the Shadows
R.C. Longworth: Whack Iraq? Striking Hussein is Ill-Conceived
Stephanie Salter: AIDS and the Evangelicals
Mary McGrory: The Senator Explodes
Henry Porter: 'Bombing Saddam is Ignorance'
Mike Miles: An American POW in the US War on Iraq

Saturday, March 2
Ira Chernus: Bush Sticks His Head Out For Nobody
Daytona Beach News-Journal: Patriotic Stupor: White House Junta is Undermining Democracy
Mark Corner: Religion and the Rise of Advertising
Nancy Snow: Save the Really Important People
Christopher Brauchli: Ashcroft Sets the Tone at Heavy-Handed Justice
Seth Sandronsky: No Compassion in Welfare Reform
Jim Lobe: One, Two, Many Afghanistans

Friday, March 1
Molly Ivins: Nuke Waste is a Problem for All
Jeremy Rifkin: Goodbye Cruel World: Top US Scientists on Climate Change Suggest That Catastrophe Could Be Imminent
Norman Solomon: Pentagon's Silver Lining May Be Bigger Than Cloud
Walden Bello: A 'Second Front' in the Philippines
Marty Jezer: Citizen Yankee
Paul Krugman: Two Thousand Acres




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