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July 2002

Wednesday, July 31
Scott Ritter: What, If Anything, Does Iraq Have to Hide?
Marc Lynch: Iraq: Why Not Do Nothing?
John Sweeney: Wall Street Rally Speech: No More Business As Usual
Molly Ivins: Politics Cleared Way for Financial Scandals
John Borowski: Say It Ain’t So Senator Daschle or Shame on Environmentalists?
Bernard Weiner: 20 Things We've Learned Nearly a Year After 9/11
Graham Allison: The View From Baghdad
Robert Kuttner: Mr. Corporate Reform?
Seth Sandronsky: Still Large But As Firmly In Charge?

Tuesday, July 30
James Carroll: The Culture of Self-Deception
Frida Berrigan: Heavy Words or Heavy Actions: Stop U.S. Military Aid to Israel.
Max Castro: Corporate Crime: Is There Hope for a New Ideology?
Sean Gonsalves: We're Becoming a One-Party Nation
Arianna Huffington: The Little Guy Takes It On The Chin -- And In The Wallet.
Pierre Tristam: Get Ready for September Eleven, the Brand.
EJ Dionne Jr: Will the Democrats Miss This Opportunity?
Robert Scheer: Another Bankrupt Idea From Congress

Monday, July 29
Robert Shetterly: Strong Leaders Need Heart
Rick Mercier: Pick Up Your Swords -- It's Time To Slay the Corporate-Media Beast
Laurin Suiter: The Tyranny of Vouchers
George Pyle: Grim Reaping: The Industrialization of Agriculture is Killing the Land
Menzies Campbell: There Should Be No War in Iraq Without More Jaw-Jaw
Salim Muwakkil: Equating Police Brutality with Domestic Terrorism
Lynn Landes: A World Awash In Hormones

Friday, July 26
Heather Wokusch: Constructive Dissent (Slouching Towards Apocalypse)
Hubert Locke: Iraq Attack Inane, Dangerous
Bill Conroy: Government Reaches for the Sky in War on Drugs
Mokhiber/Weissman: Push Back: Put Your Body on the Line and Things Begin to Move
Trudy Rubin: Joining with Extremists: Bush Balked on Funds to UN Family-Planning Agency
Arianna Huffington: How Can This Be Legal?
Paul Krugman: The Private Interest
Ralph Nader: Citigroup, Heal Thyself
Fran Shor: Bush’s Teflon Armor
Helen Thomas: US Must Sign Global Treaty on Women's Rights

Thursday, July 25
Guardian of London: Of Babies and Butchers: Sharon's Bomb Explodes in His Face
Jill Schuker: We Must Think Carefully About the Price of Ignorance and the Consequences of Silence
Norman Solomon: Will This Be an "Official Scandal" -- or Something More?
Rabbi Arthur Waskow: The Meaning of the Gaza Bombing
Anna Lappé: Organic Diet for a Small Planet
William Pfaff: Europe Can Overrule US on Iraq, Mideast
Warren Buffett: Who Really Cooks the Books?

Wednesday, July 24
Linda O'Brien: We Have The Power To Say 'No!' Now
Richard Gwyn: Beleaguered Bush Dragging US Into Quagmire
Stephanie Salter: 'W' Stands for Wrongheaded
John Nichols: It's Not Just Accounting
Larry Eichel: Amid Corporate Meltdown, Nader Revives an Old Sermon
Brandon Keim: A Silver Lining to the Economic Clouds
John Lloyd: Hegemonic Rex: The U.S. Sees No Better Route to Stability Than Through Its Own Power. And That Makes It Tough for the Rest of Us
Jonathan Freedland:Suddenly, Corporate Fraud and the Stock Market Collapse Have Made US Republicans Look Vulnerable

Tuesday, July 23
James Carroll: Questions on Bush's War on Iraq
Sean Gonsalves: So This is The Future
Isabel Hilton: Free Markets Have Failed a Continent: Latin America is Gagging on the Prescriptions of the Bush Family
Bill Black/James Galbraith: Bush's Role in Corporate Fraud
Sarasota Herald-Tribune: Civilian Deaths in Afghanistan: Will Truth Again Be a Casualty of War?
Robert Scheer: The Boom or Bush Cycle: Like Father, Like Son. Expect a War Soon
Jack Heyman: On the Waterfront -- Labor Solidarity vs. Federal Intervention
Arianna Huffington: Capitalism Without Conscience
William Greider: Is This America's Top Corporate Crime Fighter?

Monday, July 22
Salim Muwakkil: Taking on 'Rogue' States: Takes One to Know One
Ruth Rosen: The Power of Peaceful Protest
Bruce Cole: Why the Democrats Can't Get Their Act Together
Dave Zweifel: Cheney is an Unashamed Corporate Shill
Barbara Ehrenreich: The Collapse of Credibility

Sunday, July 21
Todd Gitlin: If the Democrats Forfeit the Opportunity Now Handed Them to Connect All the Flaming Dots, They Are Truly as Flabby, Corrupt and Venal as Ralph Nader Says
Molly Ivins: Fat Cats Claim We're the Problem
Eric Margolis: Saddam Fights Back! How the Iraqi Leader Might Reply to President George Bush's Saber-Rattling
Scott Ritter: Is Iraq a True Threat to the US?
Robert Hemsley: Losing My Stake in the Economy

Saturday, July 20
Frank Rich: The Road to Perdition
Carolyn Ziegler-Davenport: Sweet for Execs, Sweat for Others
Bruce Mulkey: How Can I Serve? A Path of Spiritual Activism
Rob Kall: It’s Easy To Tell When The Iraqi War Will Start...and Why
Christopher Brauchli: Explaining Bush is a Full-Time Job
Matt Miller: Bush's Past and Leadership Skills at Issue Partly Because of How He 'Won'
Minneapolis Star Tribune: Nigerian Women's Protest Wins Oil Company Attention
Seth Sandronsky: Trouble Ahead for the US Housing Market?
Fred Krupp: Cars Can Get Much Cleaner

Friday, July 19
H.D.S. Greenway: Sharon's War on Moderate Palestinians
Jacob Levich: I Was Schooled in Hate: Confessions of a Summer-Camp Terror Tot
Gwynne Dyer: Drug Laws Thin Edge of the Wedge Worldwide
Michael Pollan: When a Crop Becomes King
Harvey Wasserman: It's a Conspiracy! The Rumor Mill Continues to Grind Out 9-11 Tales, Some Nutty and Some With a Grain of Truth
Karen Orenstein/Carrie Benzschawel: US May Support a Terrorist-Connected Military in Name of War on Terror
Marty Jezer: Our Country is on a Collision Course: Reform or War?
Arianna Huffington: Does Bush Have The Willpower To Cure Our National Hangover?

Thursday, July 18
Ralph Nader: 'Corporate Socialism'
William Pfaff: A Plea for a Greater European Role in World Affairs
Natasha Walter: Rape by Soldiers is Much More Than 'Simple Lust'
Tom Turnipseed: Will the White House Distract Attention from Their Corporate Corruption With War Against the "Evil One" in Iraq?
Norman Solomon: The Old Spin on the "New Economy"
Leah Wells: Islamic Peace Education in Aceh
Mokhiber/Weissman: Reality Check: It's Business as Usual

Wednesday, July 17
Kevin Phillips: The Cycles of Financial Scandal
Heather Wokusch: The Bush Ethic of Responsibility
Boston Globe: Ashcroft vs. Americans
Lloyd Axworthy: Stop the US Foul Play
Derrick Jackson: President Shrugs at the Digital Divide

Tuesday, July 16
Robert Hinkley: Capitalism With Conscience
Sean Gonsalves: WTO Protesters Appear Prophetic
Marie Cocco: Bush's Economic Plan: Make Matters Worse
Pierre Tristam: Faith-Based Capitalism's Plunge Into the Market Abyss
John Borowski: Advice to Green Team: Take Off the Gloves
George Skelton: Smoking Gun Shoots Down Bush View of California's Power Crisis
Paul Krugman: Steps to Wealth: Why Are George W. Bush's Business Dealings Relevant?
Larry Elliott: The US Stock Market Collapse Could Trigger the Biggest Global Recession Since the 1930s
Robert Scheer: Cheney's Grimy Trail in Business
Robert Reno: Rails Are Better Than Concrete
Max Castro: US Policy Toward Latin America Ignores Poverty, Disparity

Monday, July 15
Barbara Crossette: Is the First World Turning Soft? Third World Here We Come
Roy Hattersley: This Strange Silence From the Left: Free Enterprise Flaunts Its Failings and Social Democrats Say Nothing
Rahul Mahajan: Justice for Bhopal -- Corporate Crimes and Their Bodycount
Robert Fisk: 'Distraction' That Takes the Heat Off al-Qa'ida
Chad Hanson: A Burning Issue: Helping Loggers, Hurting Forests
Norbert Payne/Coilín ÓhAiseadha: Nagy Visit on Iraq Sanctions Takes Denmark by Storm
Salim Muwakkil: Reparations Gaining Momentum

Sunday, July 14
Mike Bygrave: Where Did All the Anti-Globalization Protesters Go?
Molly Ivins: W. Makes Unconvincing Crusader
Lauren Comiteau: The International Criminal Court: In Dutch With America
Ralph Nader: The Secret World of Banking
Howard French: Whistling Past the Global Graveyard
Linda McQuaig: Cronies Will Be Capitalistic Cronies
John Pilger: The 'War On Terror' is a Smokescreen Created by the Ultimate Terrorist...America Itself

Saturday, July 13
Carol Goar: Too Much in the Hands of Too Few
Wallace Schultz: The Narrow View of "Wide Angle": An Open Letter to PBS
Marc Fisher: Baseball is Just Another Institution We Can't Trust
Conn Hallinan: The Middle East's Deadly Illusions
Carah Lynn Ong: Force Above Law: The New International Disorder?
Rupert Cornwell: America Rattles Saddam's Cage Hoping He Will Lash Out in Anger
Seth Sandronsky: Regulators, Speculators and Workers

Friday, July 12
Huck Gutman: Dishonesty, Greed and Hypocrisy in Corporate America
Paul Krugman: The Insider Game
Robin Miller: Ariel Sharon's Vision: "Maximal Killing"
Ryan Guptill: Fourth Amendment Under Fire? Supreme Court Attacks Student's Rights

Thursday, July 11
Janet McIntosh: What Have the 9/11 Investigators Overlooked?
Mark Morford: Dubya and Dick Snicker at Corruption Charges, and the War Excuse Weakens
John Liechty: Today’s Special on the Menu of Hate
Norman Solomon: Renouncing Sins Against the Corporate Faith
Tom Turnipseed: Family Fun at the Beach and Rogue Models in the White House
David Winkler: Journalists Thrown 'Into the Buzzsaw'
Hugo Young: We Need to Talk About the War on Iraq Before It Begins
Arianna Huffington: Only Public Outrage Will Keep the Corporate Swine At Bay

Wednesday, July 10
Robert Kuttner: Bush's Record on Corporate Ethics
Wood Turner: A Legacy of True Patriotism: Whose Land Is This Land?
Selig Harrison: Afghanistan: The Welcome is Going Sour
Molly Ivins: W's Biz Dealings Reek of Sketchy Ethics, Too
Matt Miller: It's Time for a More Serious Look at How the President Succeeded in Business
Robert Fisk: A Strange Kind of Freedom
Robert Borosage: Conservatives Created the Corporate Scandals
Derrick Jackson: The Realities of School Vouchers
Charlie Cray/Lee Drutman: Bush: Corporate Confidence Man

Tuesday, July 9
Marjorie Cohn: Invading Iraq Would Be Misguided and Illegal
Don Hazen: Vote with Your Remote: Phil Donahue for National TV Host
John LaForge: US Dirty Bombs: Radioactive Shells Spiked with Plutonium
Robert Scheer: A Fox Is About to Reassure Us Hens
Rick Mercier: If You Hear the Whistle Blowin’, Pray Them Boxcars Ain’t a-Glowin’
Bjorn Skorpen Claeson: Singing for the Global Community in Bangor, Maine
John Nichols: Pols Must Not Be Silent on Drug War

Monday, July 8
Heather Wokusch: Leaving Our Children Behind
Sean Wilentz: From Justice Scalia, a Chilling Vision of Religion’s Authority in America
Salim Muwakkil: The Irony Behind Lessons of Secularism
Felicity Arbuthnot: The Dangers of an Attack on Iraq: Jordan - Nuclear Flashpoint?
Fran Shor: Lies, Damn Lies, and Pentagon Statistics
Jane Ehrenfeld: The Ugly Lie About Vouchers
Marissa Zubia: Moving Radiation Through Your Backyard
Steven Hill/Rob Richie: Redistricting Makes Losers of Us All
Mark Shields: What Will Democrats Do With Hand of Four Aces?

Sunday, July 7
David Cortright: Stop the War Before it Starts
Melissa Fletcher Stoeltje: 'Under God' Should Be the Least of Our Worries
Paul Krugman: Succeeding in Business: Bush's Personal Fortune Was Built On Privilege, Insider Dealings and Large-Scale Corporate Welfare
Tom Shields: 'Let Me Through, I'm a Proctologist': President's Bum Deal Was a Trick Missed
Margaret Krome: Bush Invokes Sovereignty Wrongly, Sacrifices It Recklessly
Robert Borosage: Capitalism's Best Pals: Liberals
Bruce Cole: Three Cheers for McAuliffe! Now Do the Right Thing and Step Down, Terry

Saturday, July 6
Wade Davis: We Need a Global Declaration of Interdependence
Mike Ferner: War Inc
Frank Rich: All the President's Enrons
Bruce Mulkey: Real Patriots Must Act or Symbolic Gestures Will Be Irrelevant
Paul Lachelier/Eric Weltman: Toward a Living Democracy
Seth Sandronsky: The Credibility of Market Ideology

Friday, July 5
Steve Lopez: What Next? How About Rethinking Our Lives?
Arundhati Roy: Listen to the Nonviolent Poor: Allow for Peaceful Change, Before Violent Change Becomes Inevitable
Jonathan Steele: Sisters in Arms: Kristina and Myrna Both Lost Siblings in the September 11 Attacks,
Brandon Keim: You Can't Smell the Flowers at 30,000 Feet
Shlomi Segall: Why I Won't Serve Sharon
John Nichols: United States Should Cling to Its Youth
Derrick Jackson: A French Lesson on Rail Transit

Thursday, July 4
William Pfaff: When Patriotism Turns Into Paranoia
Mokhiber/Weissman: Cracking Down on Corporate Crime, Really
Rick Mercier: On This Fourth of July, Save a Salute for Gabe Prosser, Too
Simon Tisdall: Bush's War is the New Great Game: But It Looks a Lot Less Fun When Bombs Fall From a Clear Night Sky
Mary McGrory: Life, Liberty, Ashcroft
Rahul Mahajan: Why I Will Not Celebrate This Fourth of July
Joseph Stiglitz: Corporate Corruption: The Conflicts of Interest Driving US Financial Scandals are Being Replicated on a Global Scale
Bob Herbert: Fouling Our Own Nest: Pig-Pen's Attitude Embodies President Bush's Approach to the Environment

Wednesday, July 3
Molly Ivins: Dubya Does Nader or, How to Pretend You're a Populist in 10 Easy Steps
Robert Kuttner: Forecast for an Economic Perfect Storm
Helen Thomas: Bush Acting as Imperial President
Robert Jensen: Lynne Cheney's Primer: G is for Gloss Over
Jonathan Freedland: America's Financial Scandals Won't Bury the US Model. But They Do Give Us a Chance to Rethink Globalization
Derrick Jackson: Still Singing 'America' Too
John Borowski: Bastion of Ecological Literacy Under Siege: Our Public Schools
Nicholas Kristof: FBI Lethargy Lets the Anthrax Killer Go Free

Tuesday, July 2
James Carroll: Intimations of America's Mortality
Hans von Sponeck: Too Much Collateral Damage: 'Smart Sanctions' Hurt Innocent Iraqis
Leah Wells: Real Fireworks, or Just Bombs Again?
Paul Krugman: Everyone Is Outraged
Hugo Young: We Can't Allow US Tantrums to Scupper Global Justice
Judy Rebick: Globalization: All We Are Saying is Give Protests a Chance

Monday, July 1
Rupert Cornwell: Shocked and Angry: The Prophet Whose Warnings Over Wall Street Were Ignored
Salim Muwakkil: The Warp Factor of the Israeli Lobby
Krystal Kyer: The Alchemy of Water
Huck Gutman: Economic Inequality in US
David Corn: Bush Backtracking on AIDS a Slap in the Face for Bono
Eric Schwartz: The US Assault On World Criminal Court...
Christopher Brauchli: Merrill Lynch Boldly Goes Beyond Arthur Andersen
Ted Rall: Meet the Press: The Corruption of Journalism in Wartime




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