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February 2002

Wednesday, February 27
Steve Cobble/John Moyers: Atop Mount Gallup: It's All Downhill From There
Mokhiber/Weissman: Wired for Business or Democracy?
Linda Peeno: Enron's Watkins Falls Far Short of Being a Hero
Rick Mercier: Anthrax Murders’ Mr. X - A Former U.S. Bioweapons Researcher?
Jordan Moss: Patriotic Dissent
Ji-Yeon Yuh: North Korean Enemy Should Be Made Friend
William Pfaff: Conundrum in Colombia: Backing Both Sides
John Balzar: We Are in Danger of Losing Our Way

Tuesday, February 26
Dennis Kucinich: A Prayer for America
Andrew Gumbel: The Disappeared: A Scandal That Shames the Land of the Free
Bernie Sanders: Recent Media Decision Imperils Democracy
Carrie Benzschawel: The Homegrown Nuclear Threat
André Gerolymatos: Was the American Intervention in Afghanistan Motivated in Large Part by Oil?
Robert Scheer: What's God Got to Do With It?
Sean Gonsalves: What Makes You So Strong?
John Nichols/Robert McChesney: Only One Source for News Hurts All
Max Castro: Go Into Colombia Fully Aware

Monday, February 25
Richard Du Boff/Edward Herman: Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall, Who is the Biggest Rogue of All?
Arianna Huffington: The Bush Oil-igarchy's Pipeline Protection Package
Raffi Cavoukian: We're Poisoning Our Children
Mark Shields: U.S. Corporate Parasites Flee Offshore
Salim Muwakkil: Islamic Unity and Farrakhan's Embrace
James R. Smith: CNN Trades In Hard News for Showbiz
Harvey Simmons: Europe Goes Off the U.S. Leash

Sunday, February 24
Steve Friess: Sad to See America's Ego Intact
Stephanie Salter: Evil is in the Eye of the Beholder
John Balzar: Paving Paradise to Put Up a Parking Lot
Mary McGrory: Diffident Oilmen?
William Neikirk: Return on an Investment: There Will Be No Probe of Enron Influence in Washington, DC
Ian Bell: Shoulder to Shoulder with China as He Parades His Hypocrisy Round the World... Just What is Bush Using for a Brain?

Saturday, February 23
Shawna Richer: Shop Till You ... Stop! Our Survival as a Species is Dependent on Minimizing the Threat From Advertising
Tom Turnipseed: Bush Mimics Reagan and the Corporate Stranglehold on U.S. Media Tightens
Joy-Ann Lomena Reid: Sharon's Doomsday Scenario
Washington Post: Mr. Robertson's Incitement
Christopher Brauchli: Helping Colombia Help an Oil Company
Seth Sandronsky: Crossing Borders: Japanese Lending and U.S Borrowing
Jonathan Power: Bush Plays Dangerous Games in Korea
Robert Fisk: Journalists Are Now Targets - But Who is to Blame for This?
Conn Hallinan: Defense Firms Feast on the War on Terror
Rick Salutin: How to be a -- Whoops, the Only -- Superpower

Friday, February 22
Hubert G. Locke: What Has War Brought Us So Far?
Mokhiber/Weissman: Rotten to the Core
Molly Ivins: Propaganda No Answer
Norman Solomon: New Heights for a Remarkable Pundit
Flora Lewis: Lies Can Come Back to Hurt You
Terry Tempest Williams: A Fragile Land is Ruined in the Name of Energy
Paul Knox: The Ministry of Truth
Robert Borosage: Secretary of the Army White Must Go

Thursday, February 21
Jon Carroll: The Death of Empires
Kaliya Young: Resisting the McOlympics
Jane Holtz Kay: A Reawakening for Rail; Cities Get Back on Board
Marty Jezer: Glimmer of Hope in the Middle East
William Pfaff: A Prospect of One War After the Other
Paul Waldman: Drug War Madness: The Supreme Court is Unmoved
Dennis Hans: Weapons of Teeny Boo-boos: Fat Defense Budget Guarantees Kinder, Gentler Arms
Tony Palmeri: Indian Logos? Time To Get Out Of Denial

Wednesday, February 20
Nancy Snow: Déjà vu All Over Again
Laura Flanders: Is It Better Now? A New Film Depicts Old Realities in Afghanistan
Robert Kuttner: What Voters Really Want
Stephanie Salter: War of the Words
John Balzar: Oil Drips With Money for Alaska

Tuesday, February 19
James Carroll: Bush's Radical Shift in Military Policy
Arianna Huffington: The Rubber Meets The Road: Powell Commits Sin Of Honesty
E.R. Shipp: Must We Wave the Flag in Whole World's Face?
New York Times: Rethinking Rail Travel
Marie Cocco: Washington to Unemployed: Too Bad, Life's Hard
Robert Scheer: Making Money, the Bush Way

Monday, February 18
Studs Terkel: Fighting Terrorism
Sheryl McCarthy: Saddam Hussein Is the All-American Bogeyman
Arsalan Tariq Iftikhar: The Pilgrimage of Peace
Salim Muwakkil: Journalism's Dangerous Patriotism
Joshua S. Reichert: Tuvalu Sinks Today--the Rest of Us Tomorrow?
Robert Fisk: America 'Chasing Phantoms' in Iraq Says Arms Expert
Dave Zweifel: W Uses Fear to Fatten Military Budget

Saturday, February 16
Frank Rich: The Two Enron System
Guardian of London: America's New War: We Should Not Back This Iraq Attack
Huck Gutman: Enron Scandal: The Long, Winding Trail
Rick Mercier: U.S. Fingerprints All Over "Other" Cambodia
Seth Sandronsky: Recession and Reaction
John Campbell: Awakening to a Peaceful World
New York Times: Backward on Global Warming
Dave Zweifel: Enron Proves Capitalism Needs Regulation
Carmella Merzacco: Buffalo Lays Off Teachers While Star Wars Thrives

Friday, February 15
Huck Gutman: Bush's Biggest Donors Had Links to Enron
Cathryn Christy: Feeding The Compassionate Wolf
Jim Hightower: Going Down the Road: Wal-Mart Warriors
Naomi Klein: Masochistic Capitalists: While Global Power Brokers Flagellate Themselves, Change Creeps in From the Margins
Ramzi Kysia: Peacefully Challenged in Palestine
Laura Santina: Take Down the Flags, We Clearly Won the War
Marty Jezer: Vermont Democrats' Campaign Finance Dilemma
Paul Krugman: Ersatz Climate Policy

Thursday, February 14
Mokhiber/Weissman: Resisting the Assassins' Power
Dean Baker: Focus Group Economics
Marie Cocco: Public Financing Is Key to True Campaign Reform
Michele McGeoy: Disney Executive Greed is Goofy
Molly Ivins: Here's Why Regulations Are Important
Mary McGrory: Enron's Gift to Reform
Norman Solomon: When Nothing But a Full-Page Ad Will Do
Lucy Winkett: I Watched a Soldier Shoot at Children

Wednesday, February 13
Robert Kuttner: Bush Blunder Shows It's Time for Dissent
Amy Pagnozzi: Israeli Reservists Show Uncommon Bravery
Tom Turnipseed: The Bush Administration's Folly: Arrogance of Arms Abroad and Access to Avarice at Home
Isabel Hilton: Plan Colombia: Forget Drugs, This is About the Guerrillas
Frederick Clarkson: Anti-Abortion Terrorism Threatens All Americans
Amer Ardati: Don't Overwork Physicians, Imperil Public
John E. Mack, MD: Enron and the Patriots
E.J. Dionne Jr: Bush's Brazen Tilt to Right Stokes Democrats' Fury

Tuesday, February 12
Jim Lobe/Lora Lumpe: An Enron War On Terrorism
George Monbiot: America's Imperial War
Marie Cocco: Bush May Protect Women Globally, But Not Locally
Richard Wachs: Cowards In Our Midst – Recent Missoula Hate Crimes Are Terrorism
Paul Simon: Increasing Defense Spending Isn't America's Cure-All
Chris Floyd: Dead Poet's Society
Philip Bowring: Less Admiration of America and More Fear
Robert Scheer: As Enron Demonstrates, Corporate Greed Knows No Limits
Stacey Warde: Keep an Eye on Guantanamo Bay For a Glimpse Into Our Future

Sunday, February 10
Scott Ritter: Iraq Calls Bush's Bluff on Weapons Scrutiny
Mary McGrory: Bungling on the 9-11 Prisoners
James Zogby: Palestinians Need MLK's Tactics
Kevin Phillips: The Company Presidency: Bush Family & Enron
John Dear: An Open Letter to George W. Bush
David Rossie: Speaking Out Draws Wrath of Snipers
John MacArthur: The Speeches May Have Been Fatuous and Banal But, Oh Boy, Did Davos-New York Ever Pack a PR Punch

Saturday, February 9
Barry Commoner: The Spurious Foundation of Genetic Engineering
Dennis Hans: Drugs and Terror and Teens and Death and Booze: Contradictions Dominate Super Bowl’s Commercial Breaks
Arianna Huffington: The War on Terror's Newest Target: America's Kids
Norman Solomon: American Journalism: A Class Act

Friday, February 8
John Nichols: Enron? Nader Is Glad You Asked
Flora Lewis: Extravagant Language in Lieu of Sober War Aims
Derrick Z. Jackson: The Elite's Pure Greed
Duncan Campbell: Bush's Decision to Bring Back Otto Reich Exposes the Hypocrisy of the War Against Terror
Marty Jezer: The New Gilded Age
Eric Alterman: Axis Me No Questions
Seth Sandronsky: Trusting Corporate America
Edmund Hanauer: Mideast Policy Counterproductive
Daniel Schorr: Fifth Amendment Capitalists
Ross Anderson/Bill McKibben: Winterless Olympics?

Thursday, February 7
Michael Graf/Matthew Orr: 'Trust Us, We Know What We're Doing'
Huck Gutman: The Lessons of the Enron Debacle
Molly Ivins: Bush Administration's Contradictions of Convenience
Bob Geldof: Debt Must Be Canceled
Ed McManus: Killing Innocents: Does Anyone Out There Care?
John M. LaForge: A Radiation Sieve: The Yucca Mt. Radioactive Waste Plan
Robert L. Borosage: Rumsfeld's Surrender Squanders the Best Chance to Reform the Military in 50 Years
Alexander Cockburn: Running From Reebok's Hypocrisy
Ellen Goodman: Inconceivable Cynicism

Wednesday, February 6
Robert Kuttner: Nader Had It Right All Along
William Hartung: Bush's $396 Billion Military Budget: "Leave No Defense Contractor Behind"
Laura Flanders: Question Authority: Media Finds Protesters an Easy Target, Ignores Erosion of Civil Rights
Leah C. Wells: A Peacemaker These Days
Tom Turnipseed: Sheriff Bush Wages War Against Evil To Cover Corporate Corruption of Government
Fran Shor: Bush's Pentagon Budget and the Lessons of Enron and Afghanistan

Tuesday, February 5
Robert Scheer: An Orgy of Defense Spending: Bush's 'Axis of Evil' Rhetoric Fabricates a Need
Liza Featherstone: A Recovered Movement
Norman Solomon: GWB and the Incredible Shrinking FDR
James Carroll: A Buildup in Search of an Enemy
Clarence Page: Putting the Unborn Ahead of the Born
Mark Weisbrot: Two World Forums: Ideology vs. Pragmatism?

Sunday, February 3
Stephanie Salter: Bush: All War All the Time
Arundhati Roy: Shall We Leave It to the Experts? Enron's Power Project in India Demonstrates Who Benefits from Globalization
Martin A. Lee: Olympics: Greenest Games Ever? Not!
Bill C. Davis: Does Approval Rate?
Eric Margolis: Bush and Sharon Agree on Policy
Ali Abunimah: Middle East Peace Process: U.S. Approach Hurts All Parties
Molly Ivins: Of Course Bush Identifies with the Wealthy

Friday, February 1
Susan George: Another World Is Possible
Rahul Mahajan: The State of the Union and the New Cold War
Richard Manning: Mountains, Elk, and Sprawl: In Montana, Hunting for a New Pact with Nature
David Cortright: The Power of Nonviolence
Matthew Rothschild: George Bush's Permanent War
Bob Miller: Ethics Trap: It's Not Me, It's the Firm




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