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December 2002

Tuesday, December 31
George Monbiot: Our Quality of Life Peaked in 1974. It's All Downhill Now
John Borowski: Caffeine and the First Amendment
Bernie Sanders: The Big Lie About Free Trade
Susan Goering: No State Funds in Church Coffers
Seth Sandronsky: In 2003, GOP Tax Cuts To Spur U.S. Economy?
Mark Weisbrot: Court Steps In Where Political Corruption Blocks Reform
Robert Scheer: Foreign Policy Loses Its Logic
Sean Gonsalves: Resolve That 2003 Will Be a Year of Peace

Monday, December 30
John Manley: Take Time to Question Rush to War
Ruth Rosen: Politics of Fear
George Capaccio: From Baghdad: Of Teddy Bears and Toys and Coffee in a Cage
Norman Solomon: The Penn Paradox: When Actors Take an Unpopular Stand
Joyce Katzberg: Phillip Berrigan - Presenté!
Salim Muwakkil: Breaking It Down in Black and White

Friday, December 27
Nancy Snow: Reweaving Charlotte’s Web
Michael Parenti: The Super Rich Are Out of Sight
Eric Foner/Glenda Gilmore: Dissent Doesn't Mean A Lack of Patriotism
Norman Solomon: Media Year 2002, RIP
Jonathan Power: For Bush and Blair, A Sermon Against War
Derrick Jackson: Now a Black Separatist in GOP's Tent?

Thursday, December 26
Molly Ivins: Bush Discovers Hunger and Looks the Other Way
Ruth Rosen: World Without War?
Heather Wokusch: Forget Iraq: The Real Battle Is In Turkey
Richard Behan: Sing, Dance, Rejoice—Corporate Personhood Is Doomed

Wednesday, December 25
John Paul Lederach: Give Historians Reason to Call Us Peacemakers
Ira Chernus: Thank You, Christians, For Your Gifts
Derrick Jackson: Daschle's Role as Lott's Enabler
Robert Kuttner: A Candid Conversation About Race in America

Tuesday, December 24
James Carroll: The Christmas Bombings
Sean Gonsalves: Christmas in 'Fortress America'
Pierre Tristam: War Toys' Camouflage of National Character
Laurie King-Irani: It's Up To Us Not To Heed The Call-Up
George Monbiot: Why Vegans Were Right All Along
Robert Scheer: Is She Dr. Laura or Dr. Strange Love?

Monday, December 23
Salim Muwakkil: The Dangers Behind America's Misguided Foreign Policy Plans
David Weintraub: Don't Let Democracy Fade into the Sunset of American Life
Molly Ivins: Gosh, I'm Feeling Ever So Much Better About the Economy with the New Bush Team on the Job
Caroline Arnold: Perhaps This Christmas
Bob Herbert: The Other Trent Lotts
Seth Sandronsky: Lott Steps Down But White Supremacy Still Around in US

Saturday, December 21
Bill C Davis: Arrogant Dementia
Adrian Hamilton: Lies, Damn Lies and the War on Saddam Hussein
Ralph Nader: George W. Bush Has This Thing About Laws That Disagree With Him
Christopher Brauchli: United Airlines Workers Must Envy John Snow

Friday, December 20
Esther Kaplan: A Hundred Peace Movements Bloom
Norman Solomon: Sean Penn in Baghdad -- Image Gives Way to Substance
Paul Rogat Loeb: Reclaiming Our Courage
Elizabeth Roberts: Letter From the Road: Iraq
Daily Mirror/UK: Bush's Race to War Puts World At Risk
Derrick Jackson: The Men Who Would Replace Lott
Boulder Daily Camera: Civil Extremists: If Dissent is a Crime, Just Lock Us Up
Joyce Marcel: A Different Kind of Terror

Thursday, December 19
Thom Hartmann: Americans Revolt in Pennsylvania - New Battle Lines Are Drawn
Molly Ivins: The Offensive Art of Secrets and Lies
Natasha Walter: How We Forgot About the Women of Afghanistan
Tony Geraghty/David Leigh: The Name of the Game is Assassination
Holly Sklar: Rolling the Dice on Our Nation's Health
Marty Jezer: The Argument for War (Duck Soup)
Raymond Close: If Arabs Mistrust America, There's Good Reason
Jay Inslee: New Apollo Project Can Help Us Unplug Our Need for Oil

Wednesday, December 18
Michael Hardt: Folly of Our Masters of the Universe
Froma Harrop: Nation's SUV Critics Are Gaining Traction
Boston Globe: The Fall of Otto Reich
Mokhiber/Weissman: Of Caviar and Capitalism
John Buell: Senator Lott and the Legacy of Race
Tom Turnipseed: Dubya v. Saddam: Mano E Mano
Mark Weisbrot: US Still Intervening Against Democracy in Venezuela

Tuesday, December 17
Matthew Engel: Ready for Battle
Molly Ivins: Lies, Damn Lies, and the Pentagon
Sean Gonsalves: Another Dubious Retread Back in the Loop
San Francisco Chronicle: A Fight for Freedoms
Robert Scheer: Lott's Love Affair With Racism
John Nichols: Biopharm Firm Buys Way Out of Trouble
Leonard Pitts: Simple Question: If Trent Lott Is Not A Racist, Then What Is He?

Monday, December 16
Simon Tisdall: Countdown to War: All Reason is About to be Gassed, Poxed and Nuked
John Robbins: If You're Happy And You Know It Bomb Iraq
Bob Keeler: Philip Berrigan: A Man of War and Peace
John Young: Words of Trent Lott, Clarence Thomas Reveal Inner Selves
Salim Muwakkil: What To Do About Sen. Lott?
Stewart Dakers: Banishing Armageddon
David Corn: The Kissinger Kiss-Off

Sunday, December 15
Robert Reich: The Death of Opposition in America
Linda McQuaig: Don't Let Bush Light Iraq Fire
Tony Palmeri: The Thurmondification of American Politics
Molly Ivins: An Economic Snow Job
Harold Meyerson: GOP Revisits a Sordid Past
Rupert Cornwall: Philip Berrigan Died 'With Boots On'

Saturday, December 14
Rev. Bruce Burnside: Israel's Policies on Palestinians Imperil Its Soul
Adrienne Rich: Making the Connections
Bill Conroy: Are the Sheets Finally Coming Out of the Closet?
Christopher Brauchli: Should Brotherly Love Shield a Murderer?
Seth Sandronsky: More (Or Less) On A White House Purge
Robert Fisk: Did Saddam's Army Test Poison Gas on Missing 5,000?

Friday, December 13
Jonathan Glancey: Fast Food in the Cradle of Civilization
Rick Salutin: Revelation: Voices of America
Madison Capital Times: Swords into Ploughshares
Michael Flota: Would War be Justified if Progressives are Wrong about the Saddam and Osama Connection?
Derrick Jackson: A Whole Lott of Silence from President Bush
Matthew Miller: Gore Owes Me An Apology

Thursday, December 12
William Pfaff: Islam and the West: Incompatibility of Values
Arianna Huffington: He's Humble in a Way That Only Godzilla Could Be
Huck Gutman: Some Political Lessons from Vermont
Chris Kromm: Sen. Trent Lott: Repeat Offender: Too Many Strikes; He Needs to be Out
Antonia Zerbisias: Stars Shot Down Over Iraq
Ruth Rosen: Give the Bush Administration Credit for Capturing an Impressive Crowd of Prominent Former Criminals
Molly Ivins: Kissinger Back at His Game: Covering Up
Norman Solomon: Decoding Some Top Buzz Words of 2002
John Nichols: Trent Lott's Problem
John Borowski: No Tears Flow at the Mall

Wednesday, December 11
Thom Hartmann: The Railroad Barons Are Back - And This Time They'll Finish the Job
Bert Knorr: Peaceful Future or 'War Without End'?
Derrick Jackson: Lott's Mind-Set is the Issue
Richard Behan: The Storm That Threatens Is Not What Kenneth Pollack Thinks
Mark Weisbrot: Bush Administration Pushes "Regime Change" in Venezuela
Murray Polner/Jim O'Grady: The Radical Faith of Philip Berrigan

Tuesday, December 10
James Carroll: Thank You, Philip Berrigan
Ian Smillie: Global Diamonds are Flawed: Think That Gift is Blood-Free? Think Again
Stephen Oldham: Berrigan's Living Sacrifice for Peace
Robert Scheer: What if the Hunt for 'Evildoers' Aimed at Us?
Baltimore Sun: A Life of Conscience
Saeed Razavi-Faqih/Ian Urbina: The Fight for Iran's Democratic Ideals
Sean Gonsalves: It's the Season for Good Cheer, Malls, the Military...

Monday, December 9
Jim Wallis: Is Bush Deaf to Church Doubts on Iraq War?
Arden Buck: What Do We Do Now?
John Liechty: Was It For This?
Peter Preston: Not Such a Super Power After All
Dave Zweifel: Strom Thurmond -- Good Riddance
Robert Jensen: Bob Woodward and the "Bush at War" Hagiography

Saturday, December 7
Bruce Mulkey: To Stop Our Downward Spiral of Fear, We Must Cleanse Ourselves of Ill Will
Joel McNally: Can You Spell 'Casualties'?
Christopher Brauchli: Attitude Adjustment on Human Rights
Seth Sandronsky: Coloring the Youth Peace Movement
Frank Rich: Pearl Harbor Day, 2002

Friday, December 6
Bill C Davis: The Evolution Is Ours
Ralph Nader: The Robo-Candidate
Nancy Snow: What the World Thinks Now
Norman Solomon: Media Spin Can Separate War From Death
Leah Wells: No Child Left Alone By Military Recruiters
Bianca Jagger: Fair Trade for Coffee Farmers, Too
Jon Carroll: New Hope for the Excluded Middle
Marjie Lundstrom: Anti-War Protesters are Flowing in From the Mainstream

Thursday, December 5
Maggie O'Kane: This Time I'm Scared
David Morris: Kissinger and Bin Laden Offer a Dangerous Symmetry
William Pfaff: Totalitarian Thinking: Stop Calling Islam the Enemy
Daytona Beach News-Journal: GOP's Tammany Hall: Bush Administration Brings Back Patronage
Ruth Rosen: It's the Environment, Stupid
Melvin Goodman: Choice of Kissinger Discredits 9/11 Probe

Tuesday, December 3
Thom Hartmann: Talking Back To Talk Radio - Fairness, Democracy, and Profits
Pierre Tristam: Book's Peek Into Situation Room Fuels Complicity for Bush's War
Antonia Zerbisias: CNN is Such Good Fun
Robert Scheer: Want a Cover-Up Expert? Kissinger's Your Man
Arianna Huffington: One For The Ages: Congress Rewards Corporate Tax Evaders With Our Money
James Carroll: A Missile Coverup at MIT?
Sean Gonsalves: Kissinger? You've Got To Be Kidding
Clarence Page: Kissinger Should Be Subject of an Investigation, Not Leader of One

Monday, December 2
Harley Sorensen: Osama's 'Letter To America'
Jeremy Brecher: A Nightmare to Love: How the Peace Movement Can Use Bush's "Almost Desperate Attempts" to "Destroy the Arms Inspection"
Ramzy Baroud: Condemned to Violence: As Long As We Ignore Downtrodden People, Terrorism Will Not Go Away
Salim Muwakkil: Zealotry is Never a Pretty Picture
Kate Riley: Doublespeak and Internment: 'Let It Not Happen Again'
Robert Redford: The Highest Patriotism Lies in Weaning U.S. From Fossil Fuels
Martha Nussbaum: Making Philosophy Matter to Politics
Charles Sheehan-Miles: Bush: Shoot Citizens, Ask Questions, Then Get A Lawyer (Maybe)

Sunday, December 1
Peter Beaumont: Why We Are Losing the War
Russell Jacoby: The Dissident We Deserve
Maureen Dowd: He's Ba-a-ack!
Robert Fisk: Ariel Sharon Has Walked Into a Trap. And We Are Following Him
Les Payne: 9/11 Victims Deserve Better Than Kissinger
Barbara Rosenberg/Mark Wheelis: 'Nonlethal' Weapons Put Humanity at Risk




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