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August 2002

Friday, August 30
Bill C Davis: Thomas Merton and a Chip in the Brain
Holly Sklar: CEO Greed, Worker Sacrifice Since last September
Naomi Klein: Earth Summit: Booby Traps at Rio + 10
Robert Jensen/Rahul Mahajan: Iraq Debate in Mainstream is Ultra-Hawks v. Moderate-Hawks
Ralph Nader: The Highway Lobby
Tom Teepen: US Blowing Off World Concerns on Environment, Development
Marty Jezer: Patriotism and Dissent
James Surowiecki: Bush's Buddy Economy
Dilip Hiro: Iraq and Poison Gas

Thursday, August 29
Whitney Azoy: Descartes, Pashtuns and President Bush
Molly Ivins: A Heaping Helping of Hypocrisy
Carol Norris: ‘Eat All of Your McAfrika, Honey,..
Mark Weisbrot: Globalization Fails to Deliver the Goods
Stephen Zunes: Cynthia McKinney's Defeat: A Response to (Some of) My Critics
Arsalan Iftikhar: Doctor Arrested in Florida is a 'Terrorist,' Too
William Pfaff: To Baghdad or Not? The Critics Might Make Bush Hurry
Hugo Young: At Last, A Great Debate is Beginning in America

Wednesday, August 28
Bruce Rippe: Reflections on the Wall and Iraq
Robert Kuttner: Thanks to Deregulation: Missed Phone Connections
Stephanie Salter: The Long and Winding Road
John Buell: Bankruptcy Reform and Corporate Profligacy
Helen Thomas: US Must Not Act Like a Rogue Superpower
Maureen Dowd: I'm With Dick! Let's Make War!
Arianna Huffington: Mutual Funds: Corporate Crime's Narcoleptic Giant
Derrick Jackson: On This Labor Day, Swindled Workers Count Their Losses

Tuesday, August 27
Ed Herman: A Reply to Stephen Zune's on the Jews and Cynthia McKinney's Defeat
Maude Barlow: World Summit Agenda Has Been Hijacked by Big Business
James Carroll: GW Bush: Inarticulate, And Proud of It
John Borowski: Is the Trend of Trashing Textbooks in Texas Going National?
George Monbiot: Economic Growth is Seen as Good, Yet It Makes Many in the Rich World Miserable
Stanley Kutler: The Vietnam Folly Calls Out to Us as War Fever Burns
Robert Hinkley/John Karvel: A Prayer for Johannesburg
Jonathan Freedland: Israel Set on Tragic Path, Says Chief Rabbi

Monday, August 26
Talbot Brewer: We the People, We the Warriors
Molly Ivins: Forget War, Try a New Marshall Plan
Joel Rogers: 'Privatize' Equals 'Redistribute'
Salim Muwakkil: Great White-Haired Hope of Liberals
Vukan Vuchic: Road or Track: Which Way to Travel?

Sunday, August 25
Stephen Zunes: Don't Blame the Jews for Cynthia McKinney's Defeat
Richard Falk/David Krieger: No War Against Iraq
Eric Margolis: A War Only the White House Wants
George Hunsinger: Iraq: Don't Go There
Thomas Friedman: Drowning Freedom in Oil
Seth Sandronsky: Budget This

Saturday, August 24
Talli Nauman: Casino vs. Costco: Umpteenth Round
Christopher Brauchli: Human Rights: Bush's Latest Double Standard
Jeffrey St. Clair: Chainsaw George
William Pfaff: America's War on Terror Neglects Lessons of the Past: The Death of Abu Nidal
Leon Wofsy: Will Congress Debate the Bush Doctrine?

Friday, August 23
Derrick Jackson: US Seems to Value Nigeria's Oil More Than Its Women
David Moberg: What About Corporate Terrorism?
Raj Patel: Earth Summit: Faulty Shades of Green
Arianna Huffington: Scandal Fatigue: Putting The Corporate Crime Wave Into Perspective
Caroline Arnold: Magic Bullets, Paper Icons and Bush's Bad Idea
Marty Jezer: It's Stupidity, Stupid
Ralph Nader: Congress Is At Its Annual Stealth Pay Raise Maneuver Once Again

Thursday, August 22
Norman Solomon: "Wag the Puppy" -- New Twist in Media War
Molly Ivins: It's Tough to Explain Stupid, But Here Goes
Paul Hawken: Listening Could Relieve Strife That Leads to War
Henry Precht: Think Before Leaping Into War
Leonard Rubenstein: Afghanistan: Evidence Awaits in Mass Graves
Myriam Marquez: Tactics in War on Terror Violate Basic US Ideals
Gordon Clark: Bush's War Plans are a Disaster in the Making
Jean-Michel Cousteau/Joel Reynolds: White House Must Reject Navy's Assault on the Oceans
Seumas Milne: The Cost of Bush's War: Tony Blair Must Choose Whether to Represent His Own People - or a US Republican Clique

Wednesday, August 21
Julian Borger: Why Bush Will Not Attend the Earth Summit
Maureen Dowd: Coup De Crawford
Ramzi Kysia: Biological Warfare in Iraq
Minneapolis Star Tribune: Global Court: A Fresh Reason To Be For It
Paul Knox: Why We Must Curb Arms Deals
Richard Steiner: Sustain the Planet That Sustains Us
Brandon Keim: Fiddling While Africa Starves
Richard Norton-Taylor: Don't trust Bush or Blair on Iraq

Tuesday, August 20
Robert Steinback: Time's Now to Speak Up About War
George Monbiot: Corporate Capture: Next Week's Earth Summit Will Not Only Fail to Tackle the Ecological Crisis. It Will Make It Worse
Sean Gonsalves: Corporate Interest in Iraqi Oil
Stephen Zunes: Seven Fallacies of US Plans to Invade Iraq
Robert Scheer: Simplistic Hunt for Evil in a Complex World
Arianna Huffington: Will The Corporate Powder Keg Ignite A Populist Explosion?
Matthew Engel: GW Bush & His Chicken Hawks
Harold Meyerson: The Democrats and Iraq
Leah Wells: Peace Educator Finds Ways to Better World

Monday, August 19
Howard Zinn: The Case Against War on Iraq
Neal Peirce: Corporate Handouts: A Call for Accountability
Marc Cooper: Move Over, Mike Dukakis: Democrats Clamber Onto the Tank on Iraq
Lynn Landes: Alzheimer's in America: The Aluminum - Phosphate Fertilizer Connection
Jonathan Steele: Dare to Dream of Jerusalem Marching Alongside Jenin
Salim Muwakkil: The Islamists and Their Unlikely Allies

Saturday, August 17
Ira Chernus: If You Love Israel, Stop the War Against Iraq
Karen Pomer: Victims of Rape Defy the Stigma
Robert Fisk: Be Very Afraid - Bush Productions is Preparing to Go Into Action
Frank Rich: The Waco Road to Baghdad
George Pyle: The Dangers of Mystery Meat
Rick Mercier: War Fever Rages Inversely with Plain Logic

Friday, August 16
Heather Wokusch: The Powell Doctrine: Baghdad/Jenin/My Lai
Jonathan Freedland: World's Greens Don't Need the US
Norman Solomon: True Confessions of a Media CEO
Rob Morse: Barbara Lee and Limbaugh … Eye to Eye At Last
Seth Sandronsky: Rethinking Productivity
Arianna Huffington: Wacko In Waco: The Brunch Bushians Drink The Kool-Aid
Mark Erlich: America's Dirty Secret
Mike O'Donnell: Moral Relativism Won't Defeat Terrorists

Thursday, August 15
David Krieger: Peace and Sustainable Development Will Rise or Fall Together
Molly Ivins: Memo to the Right Wing: It's Class Warfare Out There
US Rep Peter DeFazio: Any Action Against Iraq Full of Risks
Helena Cobban: The Elusive Case for a US-Iraq War
Marjorie Kelly: Why We Need Economic Democracy
Amy Chozick: Born Again in Guatemala: The Politics of Protestantization
Fran Shor: The War on Iraq - It’s Happening Now!
Dan Plesch: Bush May Get UN Support for His War
Jonathan Power: U.S. Hard Line Leaves Sour Taste in Europe

Wednesday, August 14
Jonathan Turley: Camps for Citizens: Ashcroft's Hellish Vision
Jennifer Loewenstein: Blood for Blood: A Meditation on Power
Kenneth Roth: US Hypocrisy in Indonesia
Jeff Guntzel: Code Word: Containment
Fred Sai: Playing Deadly Politics With Family Planning
Mokhiber/Weissman: Corporate Crime Time
Robert Fisk: Afghanistan is on the Brink of Another Disaster
Ralph Nader: Punishing the Poor to Bail Out the Credit Pushers
Dave Zweifel: Let's Help Trains as Much as Planes
Robert Kuttner: At Economic Summit, It's All for Show

Tuesday, August 13
Robert Buzzanco: America Can Still Avoid Another Vietnam in Iraq
Leah Wells: Summer in Iraq Yields Lessons About War
John Nichols: Bold Kucinich Leaves Tepid Dems Behind
Sean Gonsalves: War Talk a Neo-Con Ploy
Max Castro: Propaganda Office Won't Win Over the World
Tom Turnipseed: Joshua or Jesus?
Robert Scheer: Dirty Dealings? Bush Is Shocked ... Shocked! His Friends Helped Create Corporate America's Mess
George Monbiot: War on the Peasantry: Mugabe's Crimes Pale Next to What Black Small Farmers Endure in the Name of Development
Amir Taheri: By Wading Deeper Into Afghanistan, the U.S. Could Step Into a Big Hole

Monday, August 12
Salim Muwakkil: Why We're Mesmerized by Cult of Market Fundamentalism
Lynn Landes: Blowing the Whistle on West Nile - Shades of 1950's and DDT
Shirin Vossoughi: The War on Iraq and US: T-minus 85 Days
Fran Shor: Psychic and Political Numbing in Preparations for War
Leslie Brenner: Bush's Invisible Vacuum Weapon
Jeffrey Kaplan/Jeff Milchen: Trading in Our Democracy?

Sunday, August 11
Barbara Ehrenreich: Got Grease? For Wall Street Weasels, A Low-Fat Diet Has Been the Hair Shirt Under the Fur Coat
Todd Gitlin: Bush Falters But Who Dare Oppose Him?
Andrew Greeley: War Hawks Lose Sight of Real Enemy
Linda McQuaig: Why Canada Must Reject War on Iraq
Molly Ivins: Being Less Free Won't Protect Us
Anthony Sampson: West's Greed for Oil Fuels Saddam Fever
Charles Levendosky: Detainee Order is a Triumph for Democracy
Philip Terzian: Public Willing to Pay for Rail Service
Minneapolis Star Tribune: 'Clear Skies': Bush's Gift to the Coal Burners
David Hochschild/Arlie Hochschild: Big Energy vs. Solar

Saturday, August 10
Robert Fisk: Return to Afghanistan: Explosives That US Knew Would Kill Innocents Continue to Take Their Toll
Rick Mercier: Bush and His Handlers Have Failed to Make a Case for Iraq War
Tamar Gabelnick: The United States is Still #1 in Arms Sales
Karen Charman: Recasting the Web: Information Commons to Cash Cow
Christopher Brauchli: Rejecting Treaties is a Bush Convention
J.P. Leary: The Colombian Political Process Must Open Up

Friday, August 9
Rev Colin Bennetts: Immoral and Illogical: No Convincing Case Has Been Made for the Slaughter That Would Follow an Attack on Iraq
Rev Anthony Robinson: Launching War on Iraq Seems a Sure Way to Recruit More to the Terrorist Cause
Arianna Huffington: Corporate Reform: A Ship Sailing Nowhere
William Pfaff: It's Amateur Hour for Administration Hawks
Ira Chernus: A Time for Nuclear Rituals
Mokhiber/Weissman: Questioning the Call for Shareholder Power
Ralph Nader: The Quest for the Fuel Efficient Car
Molly Ivins: Close the Curtain on Economic Horror Show
Paul Krugman: The Lost Continent
Madison Capital Times: Hiroshima's Lessons

Thursday, August 8
Marc Herold: Attempts to Hide the Number of Afghan Civilians Killed by US Bombs Are An Affront To Justice
Mary McGrory: Shortcuts To Missile Defense
Robert Fisk: Return to Afghanistan: Families of the Disappeared Demand Answers
Haroon Siddiqui: Trying to End Plans for a Ruinous War
Norman Solomon: Fending Off the Threat of Peace
Sheryl McCarthy: The Law Is Clear: It's a Woman's Choice Alone.
Seth Sandronsky: America’s Foreign Interest
George Monbiot: The Logic of Empire: The US is Now a Threat to the Rest of the World.

Wednesday, August 7
Sandy Schram: 'Barn Door' Opens to Expose the Failure of Welfare Reform
Simon Tisdall: Facts Are the Best Cure for This Outbreak of War Fever
Mark Weisbrot: Bush Administration Tries to Hide Role in Venezuela Coup
Trudy Rubin: Vague Bush Case for Iraq War Spurs Worry in GOP, Pentagon
John Nichols: Fast Track Vote a Good Way to Rate Dems
Robert Fisk: The Return to Afghanistan: For the Forgotten Afghans, The UN Offers a Fresh Hell
Robert Kuttner: Double Standard on Bankruptcy

Tuesday, August 6
James Carroll: Hiroshima: A Mistake and A Crime
Robert Scheer: Weighing a Just War, or Settling an Old Score?
Helen Schary Motro: August 6, 1945: The Day the Sun Rose Twice
Sean Gonsalves: Senate Didn't Hear From Iraq Experts
Gwen Dubois/Cindy Parker: Let's Rid the World of Nuclear Weapons
Robert Fisk: The Return to Afghanistan: Collateral Damage
Kevin Black: Using Nuclear Bombs on Japan Was a Political, Not Military, Decision
Robert Bateman: Enough Old Thinking on Climate

Monday, August 5
Robert Hinkley: Let the Word Go Forth from Hershey, Pennsylvania That Americans Believe That Corporate Rights Come with Corporate Obligations
Jeremy Seabrook: Sustainable Development is a Hoax: We Cannot Have It All
Lynn Landes: The Nightmare Scenario Is Here - Computer Voting With No Paper Trail
Rahul Mahajan: Iraq and the New Great Game
Suzy T. Kane: The Porky Pig Approach On Not Invading Iraq
Salim Muwakkil: The Middle East's Political Spillover
Richard C. Hottelet: Stop Being a Lone Ranger on Iraq
Mark Weisbrot: Economists in Denial
Jim Trautman: Is New Sonar Driving Whales Ashore?

Sunday, August 4
J. William Gibson: We Need a Modern Thomas Paine
Heather Wokusch: Going AWOL from Military Encroachment.
Madison Capital Times: Launch Iraq Attack? No Way!
Caroline Arnold: Bush's Bad Idea Must Not Go Unchallenged
Paul Rogat Loeb: Patriotic Ballads
Mark Hertsgaard: Feel the Heat: A Realistic Scenario of Global Warming for the Not-Too-Distant Future.
John Buell: A New Corporate Order: We Need Greater Democratization of the US Corporation and More Just Structures of Compensation.
Richard Harries, Bishop of Oxford: This War Would Not Be a Just War

Saturday, August 3
Christopher Brauchli: Innocent People Died; No Apology From US
Bruce Mulkey: How Did Corporate Icons Become Corporate Criminals? Follow the Money
M. Renan Talieva: The Myth Behind Hiroshima
Donald Winters: Bush's Words Cast an Orwellian Shadow Across America
Harvey Wasserman: Hole in the Head: Metal-Eating Acid has Closed Davis-Besse for Now. It's a Chance to Keep Ohio Nuke-Free Forever

Friday, August 2
Jeremy Scahill: The Saddam in Rumsfeld’s Closet
Phyllis Bennis: Testimony Prepared for Hearings on Iraq Policy; Senate Foreign Relations Committee
Norman Solomon: Where Is the Voice of Dissent?
Richard Falk: The Rush to War
Mike Marqusee: Come You Masters of War: When Dylan Played Newport in 1965 He Shocked the Crowd.
Eduardo Moncada: Free Markets Promote Unrest, Not Democracy
John Nichols: Where's the Debate Over Continued Bombing of Afghanistan?
Adam Kushner: Civil Disobedience in Nablus

Thursday, August 1
Norman Solomon: War and Forgetfulness -- A Bloody Media Game
Gwynne Dyer: America Sleepwalks to War With Iraq
Phil Haslanger: 'Loner' Stance of US Troubling to Mission of UN
Frida Berrigan/William Hartung: The Empty Promise of Global Missile Defense
Mary McGrory: Hungry for Justice
Ralph Nader: The Labor Party...




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