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October 2001

Wednesday, October 31
Arianna Huffington: Operation Enduring Avarice
Jonathan Freedland: Bombing Afghanistan is Not the Way to Defeat al-Qaida - Instead, We Must Use All the Creativity We Can Muster
Reverend Kathleen McTigue: Wave Goodbye to the Lone Ranger
Tom Turnipseed: Terrorizing the Poor and Subsidizing the Rich
Paul Krugman: The One-Eyed Man: Turning A Bill With A Public Interest Into Special Interest Giveaway
Richard Gwyn: Bush Team Has Lots to Learn About World
David Winkler: 'Cuba Project' Secrets Worthy of Frankenstein
Vincent Browne: Afghanistan Bombing Still Not Justified
Todd Gitlin: Generals, It is Said, Are Always Fighting the Last War. The Same is True of America's Anti-War Movement

Tuesday, October 30
Bill Moyers: This Isn't the Speech I Expected to Give Today
Laura Flanders: Food or Cluster Bomb?
Robert Scheer: With Powers Like These, Can Repression Be Far Behind?
Huck Gutman: Thinking the Unthinkable: The Specter of Massive Nuclear Destruction Lurks
George Monbiot: Backyard Terrorism: The US Has Been Training Terrorists At a Camp in Georgia for Years - And It's Still At It
Sean Gonsalves: Winter in Afghanistan
Joan Ryan: Barbara Ehrenreich's Recent Bout with Breast Cancer: Teddy-Beared and Angry
Boulder Daily Camera: Grand Old Profiteering
Maude Heard: If We Really Want to Stimulate the Economy
Ira Chernus: Martin Luther King: A Domestic Terrorist?
Dean Baker: Dying for Patents

Monday, October 29
Steve Lopez: We Need People, Not Propaganda, to Sell America to the World
Gary Younge: Peace by Precision: The Time Has Now Come for the Anti-War Movement to Build Its Own Broad-based Coalition
John Pilger: The War Against Terrorism is a Fraud
Cynthia McKinney: It's Wrong to Deny the Needy
Robert Kuttner: After the War: The Big Questions
Bob Herbert: Shame in the House
Rob Nixon: A Dangerous Appetite for Oil
William Raspberry: 'Freak Out' in Force

Sunday, October 28
Paul Krugman: Taking Care of Business
Mary Riddell: So Far, This Does Not Look Like Civilization on the March. It Looks Like Barbarism in a Borrowed Halo
Clay Evans: Our Gluttony Fuels Anger
Mikhail S. Gorbachev: Eliminate the Tools of Future Terrorism
London Observer: The Killing of Innocent People is Wrong, Whether Engineered by Terrorist Hijackers or Inaccurate Cluster Bombs

Saturday, October 27
Frank Rich: How to Lose a War
Mokhiber/Weissman: How Wall Street Created a Nation
Christopher Brauchli: Arms Sales Return to Haunt Us
Doug Ireland: The Road Ahead: It's Only Going to Get Worse
Kirsty Scott: We Have Learned Nothing, Warn Veterans
Laura Flanders: Dear Mr. Secretary: A Letter to Health and Human Services Sec. Tommy Thompson
Allan Fotheringham: Pregnant Chads First Casualty of War

Friday, October 26
Simon Jenkins: Cluster Bombs: These are Landmines by Any Other Name
Mark Weisbrot: Protecting Pharmaceutical Companies from the Threat of Bio-Terrorism
Mehmoona Moosa-Mitha: Nobody Should Have to Die Like This
William Greider: It's Time to Ask "Borderless" Corporations: Which Side Are You On?
Norman Solomon: War Needs Good Public Relations
Molly Ivins: All the News That Turns a Profit
Rahul Mahajan: Humanitarian Relief: Poisoning the Well
Marty Jezer: Stealth Legislation: Using the Flag as Cover and War as an Excuse
Matthew Engel: Anthrax Fears Damage Bush
David Hirst: Palestine Sees Hypocrisy in US Definition of Terrorism
Martin Woollacott: The United Nations Faces an Afghan Nightmare

Thursday, October 25
Huck Gutman: The Aftermath of Terror: Amazing Political Discourse in America These Days
Marie Cocco: We're All in This Together, but Actually We Aren't
Chi-Dooh Li: Change the Way We're Seen by Making Changes at Home
Roberta Brandes Gratz: After Calamity, New Yorkers Sought Traditional, Intimate Public Places
Seumas Milne: Terror and Tyranny: What Powerful States Call Terrorism May be an Inevitable Response to Injustice
Seth Sandronsky: If U.S. Politicians Can Protect Big Business, They Can Craft Policies That Meet the Needs ...
Christopher Ott: America Turns to Rail -- When Will Congress?
Arianna Huffington: The Gary Conditization Of The Terror Story

Wednesday, October 24
Naomi Klein: The Real Battle Lines
Stephanie Salter: Good News -- Many Deplore Bombing Afghanistan
Vincent Browne: Afghans the Victims of US Terrorism: A Reply to Vituperative US Critics of Stance
Jeffrey Simpson: With U.S. Self-Interest, Don't Expect Change
Jim Mann: Unilateralism Dead? That's a Myth Perception
John Buell: Weighing World Trade, Terrorism and Democracy
Polly Toynbee: Say it Loud: No More Support Until Israel Agrees to Pull Out
David A. Love: We Must Not Single Out Arab Americans
Molly Ivins: "Wealth Has Never Yet Sacrificed Itself on the Altar of Patriotism"

Tuesday, October 23
Arundhati Roy: 'Brutality Smeared in Peanut Butter': Why America Must Stop the War Now
Sean Gonsalves: Rituals of Adulation: There's a Big Difference Between Trust and Blind Obedience; and Patriotism and Jingoism
Robert Scheer: A True Patriot Can Pose Hard Questions
George Monbiot: America's Pipe Dream: A Pro-Western Regime in Kabul Should Give the US an Afghan Route for Caspian Oil
Keith Schneider: Out of Desolation Comes A Drumbeat of Hope; Post 9/11, Opinion Leaders See Environmental Promise
Laura Flanders: Unsung Heroes: Workers of America's Reproductive Health Care Clinics
Ann Gras: Better World If We Start Planning Now
Tom Turnipseed: War On The Poor And Working Class
Ira Chernus: 'Enduring War' May Last Forever
Robert Reich: Take a Guess: Who's Going to Pay for the Terror Economy?
Ros Coward: This is the Time for Environmentalists to Challenge the Actions of our Leaders and Press Their Demands

Monday, October 22
Matthew Rothschild: Iraq, Anthrax, and the Hawks
Michael Hasty: Dissent
Madeline Bunting: This is Our Vietnam
Salim Muwakkil: Media Are Out of Step With Democracy
Doug Ireland: Why the Democrats will Get Trounced in 2002
Robert Jensen: The "Patriotic" Attack on Democracy and Higher Education
William Pfaff: Frustrations, Coalition Fragility and No Clear Political Objective

Sunday, October 21
Diana Abu-Jaber: Seeing Ourselves
Eric Margolis: The Use of Media as a Weapon
Mary Riddell: Lambs to the Slaughter: It Can Never Be Acceptable to Sacrifice Civilians on the Altar of Military Expediency
Bill McKibben: One Guy, One Rifle and an Oil Pipeline
Robert James Parsons: Bitter Taste of Charity: Aid Workers Say Airdrops Cause More Problems Than They Solve
Michael Schwalbe: Professing Hard Truths
Jason Burke: Why This War Will Not Work
Chi-Dooh Li: Why Do They a.) Hate, b.) Fear, c.) Envy, d.) Resent US?
Carolyn See: The Limits of Waving a Flag in a Time of War
Robyn Blumner: Privacy is Just So Suspicious
Sandy McIntosh: One Man's Guru Is Another Man's Fraud, or Worse

Friday, October 19
Betsy Leondar-Wright: As Economy Tumbles, The Poor Will Suffer Most
Scott Ritter: Don't Blame Saddam for This One
Brigitte H. Schulz: Feeding Military Won't Make Us Safe
Norman Solomon: War and the Televised Greatness of George W. Bush
Robert Kuttner: Stop the Rx Profiteers
Mushahid Hussain: 'Anti-Americanism' Has Roots in U.S. Foreign Policy
Marty Jezer: Attack on the Bill of Rights

Thursday, October 18
Mokhiber/Weissman: Three Arguments Against the War
Rahul Mahajan/Robert Jensen: Hearts and Minds: Avoiding a New Cold War
Holly Sklar: Economic Recovery That Unites Us, Not Divides Us
Arianna Huffington: Politics by Polls Led Us Astray
David Hirst: The Unsayable Must Be Said: It's Time to Settle the Palestinian Issue
Laura Flanders: Oil Omissions: Bush Sr., Cheney Have Big Stakes in Saudi Status Quo
Morten Rostrup: 'Humanitarian' and 'Military' Don't Go Together
Gwen Wurm: Spend (Differently) -- and Build a Stronger Nation...

Wednesday, October 17
Stephanie Salter: Afghanistan: We Didn't Have To Do This
Jonathan Steele: A Shameful Silence as the Bombs Drop
Lawrence Pintak: The Middle East’s Festering Wound
Blaine Townsend: A Tip for Wall Street: Don't Help the Bad Guys
Zia Mian: Walk Softly in Nuclear South Asia
Molly Ivins: U.S. Having Two Debates
Ramzi Kysia: Unleashing Hell
Vincent Browne: Afghans the Victims of US Terrorism
Laura Flanders: Evil at Home: Planned Parenthood Gets Threatening 'Anthrax' Letters
Robert Scheer: They're Rich, They're Spoiled, They're Supporting Terrorists

Tuesday, October 16
Hasan Jafri/Lewis Dolinsky: Why Bombing and Warnings Are Not Working
Jim Wallis: Deny Them Their Victory: A Religious Response to Terrorism
Heather Wokusch: Facing the Enemy Within
George Monbiot: Gagging the Skeptics: The True Defenders of America Are Those Who Are Now Being Told That They Are Anti-American
James Carroll: A Change For the Better or Worse?
Tom Turnipseed: New Targets of Terror: Media Outlets and a Poor Country to Build Back for Big Oil
Chris Kromm: Week One: Operation Infinite Disaster
Frida Berrigan: Between a Rock and a Hard Place: President Megawati and U.S. Military Aid and Training
Ira Chernus: Bush Should Consider Fate of War Time Presidents

Monday, October 15
Gary Younge: We Are All Victims Now
Salim Muwakkil: Understanding the War on Terrorism: What Motivates Radical Islam
Naseer Aruri: Islam Is Not The Culprit
John C. Rude: 40 Years of Unsung Heroes Giving Peace a Chance
Seth Sandronsky: Profiling Peace Activists
Ed McManus: Stop the Bombing
Hussein Ibish/Ali Abunimah: For the Palestinians, the Terrorism Crisis Has Two Faces
Jonathan Power: An America Above the Law
Robert Kuttner: A Self-Sufficient Energy Policy?

Sunday, October 14
Barbara Kingsolver: No Glory in Unjust War on the Weak
Mary Riddell: Save the Children: The Most Potent Weapon in the West's Arsenal is Aid, Not Armaments
Bernard Weiner: What Bush Should Have Said
Marc Cooper: Liberals Stuck in Scold Mode
Robyn Blumner: FBI Abuses Witness Detention
William Raspberry: 'With Us or Against Us' is a False Dichotomy

Saturday, October 13
Christopher Brauchli: A Timely Reprimand on Biological Warfare
Norman Solomon: Killing Them Softly -- Starvation and Dollar Bills for Afghan Kids
Ellen Dannin: Give Our Enemies a Face
Matthew Duss: Sticks and Stones
Michael Valpy: Listen up: God isn't Santa
Kenneth Zapp: The Naivete in Asking 'Why Do They Hate Us So Much?'
Mokhiber/Weissman: Why Bother?

Friday, October 12
Stephen Zunes: U.S. Military Response is Wrong -- And It Won't Work
Lance Dickie: Peace Movement Needs to Update Its Message
Wiiliam Hartung: A New Kind of War: "We're Making It Up As We Go Along"
Scott Ritter: The Bioterror Road Doesn't Lead to Iraq
Jesse Jackson: Going to War With Smart Objectives and Winning Tactics
Imran Khan: Terrorists Should Be Tried in Court

Thursday, October 11
Shaun Casey: Ethics of This War Have Yet to be Spelled Out
Seumas Milne: Lurching Towards Catastrophe
Dominic Nutt: West Risks Culpability for a Massive Tragedy
Tom Turnipseed: The Earth Is Our Homeland And Expanding Secret Military Actions Will Not Protect It
Isa Daudpota: The Mujahid and his Driver
Molly Ivins: Looking For a Few Good Policies on Foreign Affairs
Danny Schechter: Before The Deluge
Dave Zweifel: Congress Should Treat Trains Like Planes

Wednesday, October 10
Bernard Weiner: A Conflicted Activist Speaks Out
Bernie Sanders: Fighting the Looming Recession
Simon Jenkins: They Opted To Bomb, It Had Better Work
Stephanie Salter: Iraqis Know What New Yorkers are Suffering
Harvey Wasserman: America's Nuclear Terrorist Threat To Itself
Maude Barlow: The Charge of the Trade Brigade
Paul Wellstone: US Must Lead Efforts to Prevent Refugee Crisis
Vincent Browne: Bombs No Substitute for Justice
Lewis Green: Proud To Be a Pacifist
Derrick Jackson: Already, One Smart Bomb Has Proved Dumb

Tuesday, October 9
Sean Gonsalves: When in Doubt, Jab
George Monbiot: Folly of Aid and Bombs
Paul Rogat Loeb: An Alternative to Silence
Laura Flanders: Killer Food Drops
Marie Cocco: Military Might Cannot Heal Our Psyche This Time
Paul Simon: Water Problems Will Be the Cause of War - or Peace - in the Middle East
Michael Mandel: Say What You Want, But This War is Illegal
Norman Solomon: TV News: A Militarized Zone
Heather Wokusch: Hey Kids! Can You Say Antipersonnel Microwave Weapon?
Robert Buzzanco: Five Reasons Why America Should Not Be at War
Larry Minear: Our Do-Gooder Delusions in Afghanistan Are in for a Shock
Crispin Sartwell: If You're Not Killing the Killers, It's Terrorism
Robert Scheer: Dry Up the Pools of Discontent

Monday, October 8
Marion Winik: A Sorrowful Certainty That The Worst Is Yet To Come
John Balzar: A World Too Intoxicated by the Wine of War
Rahul Mahajan/Robert Jensen: A War of Lies
Clarence Lusane: Black Lawmakers Should Stand Firm as Voices of Dissent
Salim Muwakkil: Big Government's Embrace of the Comfort Zones
Madeleine Bunting: The West's Arrogant Assumption of Its Superiority is as Dangerous as Any Other Form of Fundamentalism
Julian Borger: Rhetoric to Arouse the Islamic World: Video Speech was Part of the Overall Plan
Sheryl McCarthy: With This New War, Profound Changes Are In Store

Sunday, October 7
Theo Lippman Jr: Two Who Voted Against War, 60 Years Apart
Ellen Goodman: Moral Lessons: Don't Just Study History, Face It
Naomi Klein: Signs of the Times: Protests Aimed at Powerful Symbols of Capitalism Find Themselves in a Transformed Landscape
Gene Lyons: Flying Blind With A Lazy Press
Robert Keohane: Building Up the U.N. Helps Build Our Case

Saturday, October 6
Peter Hain: Let's Use This Great Coalition to Fight World Poverty
Donna Britt: Using Clarity of Loss To See Ourselves
Richard Bell/Michael Renner: A Global Marshall Plan to Fight Terrorism
Mokhiber/Weissman: The Big Bank's Dirty Little Secret
Jean Desmond: How Didn't They Die in Vain?
Heather Mallick: One Thing Everyone Can Agree On: 'We Are Right, You Are Wrong'
Jonathan Steele: Our Afghan Warlords: Arming the Taliban's Opponents Will Only Deepen the Agony of a Ruined Nation
Katherine Rose Hawkins: Two Towers

Friday, October 5
Chakravarthi Raghavan: In Trade, Business as Usual Won't Do
Syl Jones: Tone of New Patriotism is as Dogmatic as the Old
Mark Weisbrot: Trading on Tragedy
Norman Solomon: Media Spin Revolves Around the Word "Terrorist"
Marty Jezer: My City
Adair Lara: This is No Time to Keep Your Mouth Shut
John Nichols: Congress Has Been Missing In Action

Thursday, October 4
Reggie Rivers: Waving a Flag is the Easy Part
Naomi Klein: Using Crisis to Take On the Fakes
Tom Turnipseed: Let's End Terror of Killing Now, Before Its Too Late
Mike Marqusee: There is Nothing Anti-American About Opposing the Drive to War
Nathan Newman: A War on Immigrants to Fight the War of Terrorism? Lessons from the Failed War on Drugs
Robert Jensen/Rahul Mahajan: Tough Talk Won't Solve Problem of Terrorism
John Chuckman: Some Perspective on the War Against Terror
Vinay Menon: The Art of Persuasion: Propaganda Machines Go Into Overdrive During Times of Strife
Robert Reno: Right-Wing Snarling Lifts Liberal Heart
Mary McGrory: Endangered Point of View

Wednesday, October 3
Lloyd J. Averill: In Dire Need of a Patriotism of Dissent
Mark Morford: Are You Sure You Really Want to Get Back to the Way Things Were?
Matthew Duss: Fly the Flags
Arundhati Roy: The Algebra of Infinite Justice
Molly Ivins: A Police Operation to Catch the Bad Guys
John Balzar: Somethings Happening Here. Is America Going to Change Now?
Giles Merritt: Wake Up to the Perilous Cost of the Wealth Gap
Arianna Huffington: Is Normal The Best We Can Do?

Tuesday, October 2
James Carroll: Mahatma Gandhi's Unfinished Work
Sean Gonsalves: The American Way
George Monbiot: Genocide or Peace: We Can Feed the Starving Afghan Millions or Mount a Military Campaign. We Can't Do Both
Katherine Rose Hawkins: Less Than Infinite Justice
Gerda Lerner: Alternatives to War Will Work Best in Long Run
Anthony Howard: War Fever Hits the World
Matthew Engel: Bush May Live to Regret His Finest Hour
Magie Dominic: World Trade Center-Day Of Terror
David Sirota: Jihad Against Jihad
Harley Sorensen: Apples, Oranges And Dates

Monday, October 1
Salim Muwakkil: A Vietnam Vet Casts A Critical Eye
Paul Rogat Loeb: Breaking the Cycle of Vengeance
Rahul Mahajan/Robert Jensen: No News is Bad News
San Jose Mercury News: Unpatriotic? No, Dissenters Are As American As Can Be
Los Angeles Times: Face It, Rail Needs Subsidy
Robert Kuttner: Creating A Secure - But Free - US
Ewen MacAskill: Bush Should Learn from the Restraint of Saladin Rather Than the Blood-Letting of the Crusaders
Chalmers Johnson: The Lessons of Blowback



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