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May 2001

Thursday, May 31
John Nichols: Rep. Moakley Took Charge for Justice
Norman Solomon: At Commencement, Journalism Has A Murky Future
Robert Reich: Bush Is Glued to His Script
Molly Ivins: Populism's Comeback
Mary McGrory: Massachusetts is Having a Most Undemocratic Moment
Paul Simon: Returning Wellstone to Senate Would Continue Proud Minnesota Tradition...

Wednesday, May 30
Naomi Klein: Give Me a Hug: When Multinationals Want to Be Our Friend
Matthew Rothschild: Sweet Music from Jeffords, A Tall Order for Democrats
Walter Schwarz: UK Elections: Only the Greens Offer a Way of Protesting Against the Insanity of Free Trade Without Taking to the Streets
Molly Ivins: Bush Blunders Toward Future Budget Meltdown...

Tuesday, May 29
Sean Gonsalves: The Great Wrestling Match: Today, I Honor Nonviolent Freedom Fighters
Medea Benjamin: Bush's First California Visit Not So Welcome
Robert Jensen: Rich America, Unfair America
Max Castro: Exporting American Trash
Danny Gotham: The Single-Wide Life in Six-Figure Territory
Ralph Nader: Overtaxed Infrastructure: $1.3 Trillion Needed for Repairs Not Tax Cuts for the Wealthy
Arianna Huffington: The Mauling Of America

Monday, May 28
Howard Zinn: Whom Will We Honor Memorial Day?
Salim Muwakkil: The Global Costs of Police Brutality in the US
Harley Sorensen: There is a Reason Why the Practice of Branding Criminals was Abandoned Centuries Ago
Felicity Lawrence: I'm No Longer Swallowing Experts' Advice On What's Safe To Eat
H.D.S. Greenway: Brute Force by Israelis Won't Bring Peace
Bob Herbert: The Mean Strategy Backfires

Sunday, May 27
Bernie Sanders: Vermont Isn't Out of Touch - Bush Is
Sharon Collinge: Saving Endangered Species by 'Re-Creating Habitat'? Let's Not Fool Ourselves
Amelia Hill: Oil, Scandal & George Place Jeb in Jeopardy
Geneva Overholser: In America, Hard Work May Get You Nowhere
Robert Kuttner: Bush Paid Dearly For Arrogance
John Balzar: The Right of the Government to Regulate, Supervise and Control Public Utilities in the Public Interest We Believe Should Be Strengthened. -- Republican National Platform, 1924

Saturday, May 26
Muhammad Ali: World Needs to Pay More Attention to Poor Nations
Michael Lerner: Faith-Based Defunding of the Public Sector
Jeremy Rifkin: New Technology Was Supposed To Make Our Lives Easier, Not Take Them Over
Dick Walsh: Who Are the Heroes of the Common Man?
Betty Ball/Gary Ball/Marty Walter: Hold FBI Accountable in Bari Case

Friday, May 25
Mokhiber/Weissman: Corporate Taxes Under Attack
Flora Lewis: Soured Allied Relations Under Bush Need Fixing
Martin Woollacott: The Battle Over the Legacy of Pearl Harbor Rages On
Tony Palmeri: The Jeffordsonian Era
Dr Michael Breen: Capital Punishment Lowers Level of Society
Daniel Schorr: A Profile in Courage Clouded by Ambiguity

Thursday, May 24
Rachel Giese: Five Very Good Reasons To Put 'Dubya' On Notice
Jerome Burne: Animal Testing is a Disaster
Cutler J. Cleveland: 250 Scientists Express Grave Concern Over White House Energy Plan
Lester Brown: Dust Bowl Threatening China's Future
Deborah Locke: Low Wages, High Esteem
Martin Lee: TV Uber Alles; Berlusconi Wins, Democracy Loses in Italy

Wednesday, May 23
Naomi Klein: Not Everyone Rode the Big Boom; Many Were Flattened By It
Tom Turnipseed: Did God Bless Americans to Have More than Others and Steal From Future Generations?
Molly Ivins: With Bush, What You See Isn't What You Get
Susan Barciela: Most of Us Feel Called to a Labor of Love: Protecting Human Rights, Nurturing Nature
Michael Kelly: Bush/Cheney's Fat Cat Fundraising: Restoring Honor, Integrity and Dignity?
Tom Chaffin: Bob Dylan -- A Poet for Our Times
Dalton Camp: A Few Good Women Are Leading the Way

Tuesday, May 22
Sean Gonsalves: In 'Service of Their Ambitions'
John Carroll: Retreating From 'The Death Ground'
Mark Weisbrot: The Bush Payback: It's Never Been Easier to "Follow the Money"
Arianna Huffington: Bush's Energy Plan: Chicken Little Meets Pollyanna
Ralph Nader: Act to Leave No Child Behind; Become Part of the Children's Defense Fund Campaign

Monday, May 21
William Marshall: Preferences for the Rich Grease the Way to College
Seth Sandronsky: Honesty, Tax Policy and Society
Geneva Overholser: Seeing Our Nation As Others See It
Nancy Snow: Is It a 'Hood or Verging on Good?
Marc Sandalow: A Nation of Gluttons

Sunday, May 20
Gregory Palast: Smells Like Texas
Robert Kuttner: Democrats, Block Those Bush Appointees
Molly Ivins: Once More, Government By and for Corporations
Gwynne Dyer: Driven to Drill by a Smokestack Mentality
Maureen Dowd: Drill, Grill and Chill: We Are America
Kevin Horrigan: Keep Your Poor. Our Masses are Huddled at the Mall
Zac Goldsmith: Cowards One and All: No British Politician Dares to Tackle the Dangers of Globalization
Meir Carasso: We Must Err on Side of Global Warming Caution

Saturday, May 19
Susan Sargent: Dirty & Unsafe: Nuclear Power No Relief From Energy Woes
Flora Lewis: Time to Reverse the Drift Toward War in Space
Robert Fisk: Their Lagoons and Reedbeds Gone, Iraq's Marsh Arabs Have No Refuge
Tom Wicker: Bush: Trying to Defend What is Indefensible
Holly Sklar: When Greed Comes to the Forefront

Friday, May 18
David Allan: McVeigh's Execution: Peace and Justice for None
Hans W. Perl: Vieques: Political Sentences
Michael Lerner: Threats Dehumanize Jews Who Question Israel
Martin Woollacott: Politics All Over the World is a Disappointing Business
Meredith Tax: 'Not in Our Name'
James Rule: An Invasive Trend? It's a Cultural Weed

Thursday, May 17
Arianna Huffington: Bush's Drug Policy: "The Thing With Two Heads''
John Nichols: Dems Idle as Bush Courts Labor Leaders
Norman Solomon: Mediated Democracy -- Following Italy's Example
Mokhiber/Weissman: A Call to Defy Corporate Domination
Natasha Walter: Don't Vote. It Only Encourages Them to Ignore the Real Issues
Mary McGrory: George W. Bush: Out to Lunch

Wednesday, May 16
Dennis Hans: Bob Kerrey Reminds Me of My Uncle Sam
David Morris: What We Need Is A Bottom-Up Energy Policy
John Vasconcellos: What a Shame: A Truly Awful Decision
James K. Galbraith: The Dangers of National Missile Defense
Elaine Hagopian: The Pope's Emphasis on Palestinian Rights
Tom Is Dick in the Dark or Just Dishonest?
Richard Gwyn: It's Time for Canada to Challenge Washington

Tuesday, May 15
John Nichols: McVeigh Gets 2nd Chance, Gore Doesn't
Sean Gonsalves: How to Fight Monsters?
Mark Weisbrot: Don't Cry for the IMF, Argentina

Monday, May 14
Martin Lee: Turkish Spy Scandals Shed New Light on 1981 Papal Murder Attempt
Joel Rogers: Rail Could Ease Commuters Nightmares
Ralph Nader: Irradiate Food? We Should Clean Up Food Processing Plants Instead
The Seattle Times: End the Iraq War: We Should Recoil at the Collateral Damage Our Economic Sanctions are Inflicting
Salim Muwakkil: Execution Will Only Make McVeigh's Point
Angela Neustatter: Relinquishing the Quest for Revenge
Dennis Jett: The World's Only Super Pouter
Dan Becker: Coal Simply Doesn't Belong in a Clean Energy Future

Sunday, May 13
Tom Harpur: Bush Likes to Think God's On His Side; This 'Champion' of Life Could Well Bring the Apocalyptic End to Everything
Thomas Oliphant: Power to the People: LA Shows the Way on Electricity
Marian Wright Edelman: Does President Bush Really Mean to Leave No Child Behind?
Haroon Siddiqui: Shadows of Sharia in McVeigh Execution
Robert Kuttner: Democrats Waking Up on Tax Cuts, Judgeships

Saturday, May 12
Molly Ivins: Drug Companies' Antics Can Really Make You Sick
Ian Gilmour: Without International Pressure on Israel, the Shameful Humiliation of Palestinians Will Continue
Robert Fisk: Dealers in Death - A Visit to an Arms Bazaar
Matthew Miller: Cheney's Remarks About California Bode Ill for the Nation's Energy Policy
Cesar Chelala: Women Taking Charge to Save the Environment
Fergal Keane: Timothy McVeigh is a Symbol of an Enduring Commitment to Violent Retribution

Friday, May 11
Maude Barlow: The Fight for the Americas
Mokhiber/Weissman: Big Pharma and the Global Response to HIV/AIDS
Flora Lewis: To Earn Respect, the U.S. Must Show It
The Nation: United States: Rogue Nation
Norman Solomon: Executing McVeigh: The Media Rites of Retribution
Lesley Reed: Give Debt Relief to Africa
Charlene Spretnak: $1.6 billion Tax Cut Will Further Hurt Government's Ability to Protect Consumers

Thursday, May 10
Jane Eisner: Raped by the Numbers: Outdated Definition Used by FBI is a Source of Injustice
Andrew Buncombe: Confessions of a UFO Spotter: We Don't Want a War in Space
Molly Ivins: Hey, All of You Petty Criminals, Now You're Going Straight to Jail
Michael Kamber: The New School’s Kerrey Crisis: An Antiwar Institution Agonizes Over a President Who Killed Unarmed Vietnamese Civilians
Richard Cohen: The War-Is-War Excuse

Wednesday, May 9
Gabrielle Banks: How Far Have We Come Since Hangings?
Janet Bagnall: Justice and Jaggi Singh
Peter Tabuns: Dick Cheney's Politics: There's No Fuel Like an Old Fuel

Tuesday, May 8
Martin Lee: Newly Declassified Files Confirm United States Collaboration with Nazis
A. J. Langguth: Death, Taxes and Bob Kerrey
Andrew Buncombe: Black Versus White on the White House Lawn
Max Castro: Ruthlessly Corporate: The Plutocrats Are In Charge
Jim Scarantino: Forests on the Road to Ruin; Bush "Local Input" Mantra Just a Ruse to Trash the Rules

Monday, May 7
Harley Sorensen: Hey, Dems! It's Your Fault, Not Ralph's
Peter Preston: Bush Sees Himself as Master of the World, But the Serfs are Muttering
Natasha Walter: The US Should Execute People in Public
Ann McFeatters: New Berets for Our $325 Billion Gorilla
Salim Muwakkil: African Slavery and Its Denial by Blacks
Geneva Overholser: Cheney's Swagger a Waste of Energy

Sunday, May 6
Jeff Cohen: The Myth of the Media's Role in Vietnam
Mary McGrory: Real Men Don't Conserve
Harold Meyerson: Unrepentant Pariah: An Interview with Ralph Nader
Henry Porter: All in All, It's Been a Very Bad Week for the World and America
Karin Winegar: I Have the Stomach and the Palate of a Carnivore, But This Might be a Good Time to Listen to my Vegetarian Heart
Thomas Oliphant: US Drug Policy in Colombia a Recipe for Disaster
Noreena Hertz: May Day in London: A Bad Day for Democracy
Richard Gwyn: Bush Signals a Move to Sidelines on Global Issues
Robert Kuttner: Out of Los Angeles, A Resurgence for Labor

Saturday, May 5
Christopher Nyerges: Bravely Staring Into the Sun
Molly Ivins: Dumb on Defense, Dumber on Energy Policy
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: They Must Be Joking About Energy
Ted Rall: The Mythology of Vietnam: A Reality Check for a Clueless Nation
Norman Solomon: Media and Vietnam: Apparitions of Innocence

Friday, May 4
Seth Sandronsky: Wilkerson Free After 29 Years in Solitary
James Fendrich: Privatization Costs Floridians Millions of Dollars
Gordon Barthos: Bush Flunks Logic 101
EJ Dionne Jr: The Gutless Moderates of the Democratic Party

Thursday, May 3
Bob Herbert: Harvard's Heroes
Mark Weisbrot: Bob Kerrey's Nightmare Tells the Story of Vietnam
Alexander Cockburn: Shocked Over Kerrey? It's How We Fought the War
Michael Ratner: Kerrey Should Return to Thanh Phong: Make Amends in Word and Deed

Wednesday, May 2
Matthew Rothschild: Missile Offense
Naomi Klein: McProtests Forget That The Most Powerful Resistance Movements Are Always Deeply Rooted In Community
Gail Phares: It's Time All Americans Demand an End to the Current War on Drugs
Molly Ivins: Bush's Hundred Days Show His Attitude
Jonathan Freedland: In Place of Violence: The Threat is Global and Serious - and So Must Be Our Response

Tuesday, May 1
Tom Turnipseed: Another Energy Crisis????
Mokhiber/Weissman: Warning: Philip Morris Wants Regulation
Peter Phillips: American Censorship
Michael Moore: Nader Bashing: Why Don't We All Just Cut the Crap Right Now
Douglas Mattern: Senator Kerrey and Crimes of the Past -- And the Present
James Carroll: The Shameful Context of Kerrey's Killings
George Monbiot: The New Protest Movement: If Violence Holds Sway, It Will Deliver the Movement into the Hands of Its Enemies
Sean Gonsalves: The Difference Between China and Peru Incidents: 'Results We Are After'
Arianna Huffington: Trying To Paint The White House Green
The Independent/UK: The May Day Protesters are Right to Challenge the March of Globalisation
Max Castro: Don't Let Kerrey Off the Hook Yet



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