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March 2001

Saturday, March 31
Anthony Lewis:
George Bush's America: The Feeling of a Coup
Madeleine Bunting: Who Are the Brutes Now? Foot & Mouth Disease's Panic Slaughter of Animals is Utterly Barbaric
Robert W. McChesney: Is Corruption an Art or a Science?
William Pfaff: The U.S. Misreads the Causes of Anti-Americanism
Saul Issac Harrison: Medical Marijuana: Compassion Goes Up in Smoke
John Nichols: McCain-Feingold: Senate Shocker!

Friday, March 30
Andrew Gumbel:
President George W Bush, Polluter of the Free World
Janet Norman-Philips: True Friend Would Abide by Kyoto Treaty
Derrick Jackson: Bush Has No Respect for Either Air or Water
Gordon Barthos: Bush is Creating a Market for Star Wars
The Independent/UK: History Will Not Judge George Bush Kindly; A Cynical Man, A Catastrophic Error
Norman Solomon: The Non-Issue of Media Finance Reform
Duane Campbell: César Chávez: "Presente"

Thursday, March 29
Britt Bailey: Think You Own Your Genes? Think Again
Spencer Overton: Fannie Lou Hamer Wouldn't Like This
Jeremy Rifkin: Shopping for Humans; Cloning Could Become a Production Line
William Pfaff: Bush 'Realism' May Backfire on US
Stephanie Salter: Let's Get Serious About Killing

Wednesday, March 28
John Moyers: The Fannie Lou Hamer Standard: Measuring "Campaign Finance Reform"
Naomi Klein: How Much Democracy Should They Be Asked to Give Up in Exchange for Trade?
John Bonifaz/Stephanie Wilson: 'Millionaire Amendment' Corrupts McCain-Feingold Bill
Nettie Wild: Zapatistas Dance of Democracy Picks Up Tempo
Stuart Laidlaw: World Trade Organization Targets Canadian Health Care System
Derrick Jackson: Gun Control Forces Should Call Bush's Bluff

Tuesday, March 27
Joan Ryan: Unsafe for Mice or Men: We Know Now We Can't Trust Anything the Chemical Companies Tell Us
Sean Gonsalves: US Iraq Policy: Easter Bunny Diplomacy?
Max Castro: Postcard from the Future?
Rev. Robert Seymour: 'We Are Our Own Worst Enemy': Adding Fuel to the World's Tinderboxes
Mokhiber/Weissman: Corporate Manslaughter?
Marie Cocco: Watch Out, or Bush Will Take Us Back to the 1950s
Joe Davidson: Loyal Clinton Supporters - African-Americans - Suffered Most From His Incarceration Policies

Monday, March 26
Martin Lee: More Bloodshed in the Balkans: The Bitter Legacy of NATO's 'Humanitarian' War
Nicholas von Hoffman: Here’s a Capital Idea: Make the Rich Pay Taxes!
Salim Muwakkil: Newspaper Editor's Resignation Reveals Growing Media Rifts
Bob Herbert: The Mask Comes Off: Is This What the Electorate Wanted?
Constance Garcia-Barrio: U.S. War on Drugs in Colombia is Ravaging Farmers and Land

Sunday, March 25
Robert Borosage:
Democrats Are Clueless These Days
Vandana Shiva: Violence of Globalization
Jeff Cohen: Pitching Softballs: Why are Journalists Going Easy on Bush?
Jim Shannon: Democrats Fall Short on Shame
Caroline Lucas: The Crazy Logic of the Continental Food Swap

Saturday, March 24
Tom Athanasiou: Europe & Global Warming: I'm Hoping That They're as Pissed Off As They Sound
Jeff Milchen: Passing the Bucks: Congress Debates the Wrong Question on Campaign Reform
Robert Jensen: Horowitz and the Myth of the Radical University
Michelle Ciarrocca/William Hartung: Star Wars II: Rhetoric Meets Reality
Susan Lina Ruggles: Stop the Titanic, I Want to Get Off!
Ian Urbina: Israel-Palestine: Let The UN Do Its Job

Friday, March 23
Tom Turnipseed: The Wild West of Dick Cheney: More Tax Cuts, Oil Drilling and Nuclear Plants
Jonah Peretti: My Nike Media Adventure
Deborah Mathis: The Spoiled are Spoiling Earth

Thursday, March 22
John Nichols: If Dems Fail, Greens May Strengthen
Molly Ivins: No More Hot Air From the Democrats
Chuck Fox: Arsenic & Old Laws: Bush Move Could Threaten the Health of 13 Million Americans
George Monbiot: GATS' Gaffes: The WTO, Which Meets in Geneva Today, Wields Enormous Power Yet is Unaccountable
Mokhiber/Weissman: Rats in the Grain
Dave Zweifel: Conservatives Keep Pushing ‘Big Lie’

Wednesday, March 21
Naomi Klein: Quebec City: Keeping Us Out Before We Get There
Dalton Camp: Canadians Know Who Runs the Free Trade Show
Robert Scheer: Bush Crawls Into Bed With the Money Lenders
John Nichols: NAFTA Expansion Would Hurt Workers

Tuesday, March 20
Meghan Cox-Gurdon: Feed Live Cows With Dead Cows? Yuck
James Carroll: Bush's Dangerous Rites of Spring
Molly Ivins: More Examples of How Not to Govern
Sean Gonsalves: Is the Sky Falling?
Norman Solomon: Digital Promise of Global Village
Dave Zweifel: Truth Voids Nike’s Free Speech Offer

Monday, March 19
David Helvarg: Being Anti-Green Is No Piece of Cake
Amitai Etzioni: When It Comes to Material Goods, Enough is Never Enough
David Gartner: Our Need for Campaign Finance Reform Seen in New Bankruptcy Bill
Salim Muwakkil: Combating AIDS in Africa: Cheaper Drugs Help, But They Are Not The Sole Solution

Sunday, March 18
Matthew Rothschild: Horowitz Flap Makes Left Look Bad; The Proper Response to Bad Speech is Good Speech
Robert Kuttner: The Tax Debate We Really Need
Robert Reich: Corporate Power in Overdrive
Stephanie Salter: A Parable for Hard Times
Will Hutton: How the Market Made Us Stupid: The World's About to Learn an Awesome Lesson

Saturday, March 17

Frank Rich:
Democrats: The Slumber Party
Mariana Mora: Marching for Indigenous Rights; Zapatista's Have Found Massive Public Support
William Greider: Stockman Returneth: Washington Seems About to Replay History as Farce

Friday, March 16
Rose DiManno: Taleban A Monument to Western Folly
Independent/UK: President Bush's U-Turn Exposes His Irresponsibility

The Irish Times: Mr Bush's U-Turn on Global Warming
Jo Dufay: Stop the Experiment: Transgenic Salmon Could Be in Our Waters Before We Know It

Glenda Holste: Political Expediency, Short-Term Thinking Choke Off Limits to Greenhouse Gases

Thursday, March 15

Brian Haliwell/Dani Niernberg:
Listen to This Wake-Up Call From Farm Animals
Heather Haddon: Standing Up to the Rampant Abuse of Female Prisoners in America
Dennis Hans: Reefer Madness Strikes NBA
Seth Sandronsky: Going Global: The System in Contradiction
Norman Solomon: Bad News Bears Change Tone of Media Script

Wednesday, March 14
Naomi Klein: When Coke Politics Meets Mayan Folklore
Mokhiber/Weissman: Stop the Torture Trade
Bill Weinberg: Zapatistas Present Mexico With an Issue of Peace
Derrick Jackson: Bush Tax Cut Pitched to Our Gluttony
Ken Livingstone: A Delightful Tale of Two Socialist Cities: London and Paris
David Broder: Monied Interests Prevail Over Public's in Bankruptcy, Workplace Measures

Tuesday, March 13
Tim Wise: School Shootings: We Show Our True Colors in Wake of Tragedy
Matthew Engel: Just Like Vietnam: The United States is Bogged Down in an Unwinnable War on Drugs
Sean Gonsalves: America's 'Just War' Theory
Terry Allen: In From the Cold War: Bush's Pick for UN Ambassador has Some Spooky Stuff on his Resume
Molly Ivins: Bush Making Gaffes While Cheney Maneuvers
Dave Zweifel: Congress Backs Big Banks Over People

Monday, March 12
Robert Parry: The Bush-Kim-Moon Triangle of Money
Andrew Gumbel: At Last, Americans Swallow the Truth About Their Burgers
Mark Hertsgaard: Dioxin Study is a Political Hot Potato for EPA
Salim Muwakkil: The Nation's War on Drugs is Corroding Civility Between Cops and Communities
Dan Schnur: When McCain-Feingold Push Comes to Shove Watch Who's Backing Off

Sunday, March 11
Robert Reich: The Democratic Party is Dead
Jeff Cohen: Democrats, Who Needs Them?
Will Hutton: Powerful Education Systems and Strong Welfare States Means the Future is Europe, not America
Carol Susan Woodruff: Missoula, Montana Townsfolk War over Peace Sign
Robert Reno: Bush's Energy Policy an Oncoming Disaster
Peter Dreier/Robert Gottlieb : A Multiracial and Multilingual Progressivism Is Born in Los Angeles
Robert Kuttner: Unless We Stop Behaving as Props, We Will be Passive Spectators at the Increasingly Contrived Sport of Politics in America

Saturday, March 10
John Shattuck:
Renewing the Call to Public Service
Hussein Ibish: Israel's Wrong Turn

Friday, March 9
David Burgess: A Conservative Convert To Socialized Medicine
Farah Stockman: Boston's 'Ma' Barker Gave Inmates Hope, Direction, Dignity
Norman Solomon: Triumph of (George) Will: When Media Might Makes Right
Eric Alterman: Ignorance is Bliss: We're Living a Morally Incoherent Life
Richard Elliot: Drug Firms Make Big Profits While Millions Die Because They Can't Afford Medications
Rick Salutin: Ideology and the Price of Electricity

Thursday, March 8
Glenda Holste: While World Recoils at Demolition of Ancient Religious Icons, the Women of Afghanistan Suffer in Stone-Faced Silence
Laurie King-Irani: The Electronic Intifada: Cyber-Activists Deploy Internet Technology to Short-Circuit Middle East Media / Military / Policy Machine
Robert Jensen: Palestine and Terrorism
Ellen Goodman: Wrecking Ball Swings in Arctic Too
Bob Herbert: Cruel and Unusual: Executing the Mentally Retarded in America

Wednesday, March 7
Naomi Klein: Sacrificial Lambs on Europe's Altar
Richard Gwyn: "Patients Before Patents": Big Drug Companies, Shameful Profits
Robert McChesney: Farewell to Radio
Joseph Dolman: Lives Are at Stake, Yet Pharmaceuticals Sue
Isabel Hilton: Blaming the Breakers of Statues: The West Should Perhaps Temper Its Outrage at the Taliban's Threats
Ben MacIntyre: Bush Policies Threaten to Restart Cold War Rivalries
John Nichols: Even Republicans Balk at Bush Tax Cut

Tuesday, March 6

Sean Gonsalves:
The Cockroach Perspective
Mokhiber/Weissman: Corporate Spooks
Stephanie Salter: "Power of Choice": Breaking Bread With Reality
Edward Flattau: Do Americans Want the Mother of All SUVs?
Rick Bass: Confusing Public and Private Property

Monday, March 5
Martin Lee: Women and Children For Sale: The Globalization of Sexual Slavery
John MacArthur: Plan Colombia: War in the Neighborhood
Lora Gross/Tanya Becker: Arctic Wildlife Refuge: Protect This Sacred Place
Bob Herbert: Cycle of Death
Gary Younge: Capitalism's Casino: Americans Gambled on the Stock Market to Protect their Futures. They're Losing
Seth Sandronsky: America's 'Goldilocks' Economy

Sunday, March 4
Joan Smith: Foot & Mouth Crisis: To Be Killed for Having Flu Is As Sick As It Gets
Stephanie Salter: Bombs Over Big Sur
Robert Kuttner: Beware Bush's Words on Social Security & Medicare
Jan Jarboe Russell: Protest Message to Bush Becomes a Boon for Planned Parenthood

Saturday, March 3
Frida Berrigan: US 'Paramilitaries' Widen the War in Colombia
Naomi Klein: World Social Forum: A Fete for the End of the End of History
Tony Robinson: Poor, Poorer, Poorest: The Politics of Poverty
Chuck Collins/Mike Lapham: Why the Wealthy Want To Be Taxed

Friday, March 2
Paul Rogat Loeb: Shaky Ground: Public Squalor Betrays Our Nation's Soul
Helen Thomas: After Handing Presidency to GW Bush, US Justices Engage in Spin
Herbert Schreier: Bitter Pills: What if Doctors Chose Global Treatment for AIDS over Pharmaceutical Companies' Freebies?
Glenda Holste: Repealing Rather than Repairing Estate Tax Could Regild America's Gilded Age
Norman Solomon: Politics As Performance Art, Journalism As Drama Reviews
Sara Callaghan Chapell: Arctic Oil Unnecessary

Thursday, March 1
Anthony Kirkpatrick: In Brothers To The Rescue Shootdown, U.S. Shares the Blame
George Monbiot: Foot and Mouth Disease: It's Big Profits - Not 'Cheap' Food - to Blame for the Latest Farming Crisis
Jane Dwyre Garton: Peace Corps: Waging Peace for 40 Years
Greg Palast: Silence Of The Lambs: The Election Story Never Told
Ruth Conniff: Bush's Budget Hucksterism
Neal Peirce: Imagine a Future with Car-Free Cities



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