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June 2001

Saturday, June 30
Andrew Buncombe/Vesna Peric Zimonjic: How America Forced Yugoslavia to Trade in Its Most Lucrative Asset
Bob Buzzanco: We're on 'Fast Track' to Trading Away Democracy
Tom Teepen: Reforms Won't Redeem Death Penalty
Seth Sandronsky: When Free Trade Isn’t
Steve Erickson/Preston Truman: Is the Bush Administration Preparing to Break Out of the Nuclear Weapons Testing Moratorium?
Douglas Mattern: CEO Pay is Outrageous and It's Undemocratic

Friday, June 29
Kristen Davenport: Visualize Whirled Peas: How Thousands of Cans of Del Monte Peas May Stop a Nuclear-Waste Dump
Daniel Ellsberg: Lying About Vietnam
William Greider: The Man From Alcoa: Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill is Turning Out to Be a Dangerous Crank
Mokhiber/Weissman: You Don't Know Jack
David Proctor: Nuclear Murder: America’s Atomic War Against Its Citizens and Why It’s Not Over Yet
Norman Solomon: George Orwell in 2001, Speaking From the Grave
Simone Spearman: Eating More Veggies Can Help Save Energy
Michael Byers: Like It or Not, Americans May Be About to Pay a Heavy Price for Their Support of Capital Punishment
Dean Baker: Pocketing the Trust Fund

Thursday, June 28
Rachel Giese: What is Holy About Seeing Millions Die of AIDS?
William Pfaff: What's Left to Do When You Don't 'Do Windows'?
Jonathan Marshall: No Defense for Missile Defense
David Rossie: Political Definitions Are Orwellian Newspeak
Martin Lee: Food Fight: International Protests Mount Against Genetically Engineered Crops

Wednesday, June 27
Frances Moore Lappe: People, Not Technology, Are the Key to Ending Hunger
Paul Rogat Loeb: GW Bush's America: No Second Chances
Isabel Hilton: Arequipa, Peru: The Town That Roared
Los Angeles Times: What is Vice President Dick Cheney Trying to Hide?
Robert Fisk: Twenty Years On, Sharon Is Up To No Good
Molly Ivins: Right to Sue HMOs Aids Patients, Not Lawyers
Dalton Camp: We Can Learn a Thing or Two from US
Boulder Daily Camera: Lori Berenson: Send Her Home
John Nichols: New Voting Rights Act Merits Support

Tuesday, June 26
Sean Gonsalves: Hussein and the Hoodwinked
Marie Cocco: Bush Puts Biggest Women's Issue Ever On the Table
James Garcia: Bush vs. Vieques
Kofi Annan: We Must Wake Up To AIDS
Eric Alterman: A Legal Victory for Free-Lancers? One Writer Isn’t Sure How He Feels About Court Ruling on Compensation
Max Castro: Bush: Of, By and For the Rich

Monday, June 25
Robert Kuttner: Bad News for President Bush
Barry Bortnick: Married To A Cause: Priest Will Serve Time Again for Missile Protest
William Pfaff: In Britain, Public Services Are Victims of Inefficient Ideology
Sister Dianna Ortiz: Giving Aid To Torturers
Salim Muwakkil: Farrakhan and Hip-Hop: A Not-So-Odd Couple
Tom Teepen: Hidden Details of Bush's Agenda
Penni Crabtree: Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Biotech? Increasingly, We Are

Sunday, June 24
Neal Gabler: A Nation Longing for a Higher Cause
Robyn Blumner: Amtrak Snitches On Riders for Profits
Maureen Dowd: The Smithsonian: Tales From the Crypt
Salih Booker: Forgive the Debt of the Dying Millions
Bill Maxwell: Israeli Settlements: Outposts of National Lunacy

Saturday, June 23
Barbara Ehrenreich: The Making of McVeigh
Marcia Angell: A Wrong Turn on Patients' Rights
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Building to Win: If the Progressive Movement is to Oppose Bush's Agenda, A New Strategy is Needed
Federico Barahona: Global Action Urged on Gay Persecution; Governments `Turn a Blind Eye' to Violence
Frank Rich: Death With Commercials

Friday, June 22
Mokhiber/Weissman: Censorship at the National Press Club
Norman Solomon: Designs for a Different Media Future
Derrick Jackson: To Big Tobacco From Ashcroft With Love
Molly Ivins: Executing the Retarded: More Proof That There's No Place Like Texas
James Zogby: The Unsettling Truth About Those Israeli Settlements
Boston Globe: Injustice in Peru
Phil Reeves: Jose Bove Takes His Magic Potion to the West Bank
John Nichols: This is Bush's Honor and Dignity?

Thursday, June 21
Marie Cocco: You Can Bank on the Ethics of the Bush Administration
Alexander Cockburn: Maybe You Don't Want To Know Where Food Comes From
Kate Pflaumer: New Iraqi Sanctions Merely Tinker Ineffectually with a Failed and Terribly Costly Mechanism
Amber Hollibaugh: They Are Everywhere. But We Refuse to See Them. Queers Without Money
Robert Reich: Secretary O'Neill's Candor is Refreshing As He Asks: Why Should There Be Any Social Insurance At All?
Tom Z. Collina: Build US Security on Goodwill, Not Bombs

Wednesday, June 20
Naomi Klein: How Magic Markers Are Messing Up Our Food System
Derrick Jackson: Would Bush Have Survived His Own Education Plan
Duncan Campbell: Past Masters: As the Perpetrators of Atrocities in Central America Are Finally Convicted, The US is Again Center Stage
Max Obuszewski: Sharpton Follows Path of Thoreau, King, Gandhi
Jeff Hammarlund: California's Energy Crisis Hits Northwest Like a Tidal Wave
Dean Baker: The Trust Fund Raiders

Tuesday, June 19

Sean Gonsalves: The 'Crisis in Democracy'
Jeff Milchen/Jonathan Power: Why Is Killing for Capital Not a Capital Crime?
Robert Reno: In Congress, There's Dumb And Dumber
Seth Sandronsky: Ward and White Privilege
Chad Hanson: We Must Decide Whom We Trust More To Protect Our National Forests: Logging Corporations or Scientists
Salim Muwaakil: AIDS and the State of Denial
Max Castro: We Kill For Vengeance, Not Closure and Justice

Monday, June 18
Jim Cullen: No Time for Small Deeds
Mark Weisbrot: Lies About Social Security
John MacArthur: Americans Mean Well. Too Bad About That Awkward Collateral Damage
Barbara Lee: The Need for the Kyoto Protocol
Bob Herbert: Vieques: When the Bombing Ends
Natasha Walter: Pain Relief: We Have to Return to Dancing with the Angel of Death

Sunday, June 17
Robert Kuttner: Regulation is Still the Consumer's Best Friend, and Don't Let Organized Business Tell You Otherwise
Robyn Blumner: Counterdemonstrators' Brave Protest Deserves Protection
John L. Hagan: American Draft Resisters Fled Vietnam Through Canada. A Generation Later, They Are a Unique Breed of Citizen
Robert Reich: The Political Center Is Bogus: Real Leaders Don't Take People Where They Already Are

Saturday, June 16
Howard Zinn: McVeigh's Path to Death Chamber
Kristine Holmgren: Faith of Our Fathers: Public Dollars. Public School. Christian Evangelist
The Independent/UK: Mr Bush's Insouciance Over Global Warming Will Soon Seem Out of Date
Anthony Lewis: European Military Experts, Environmentalists and Many Ordinary Citizens Are Frightened of George W. Bush

Friday, June 15
John Balzar: The Gilded Age Goes On and On
John Vidal: Divisions Over Kyoto Set the Scene for Explosive Bonn
Syl Jones: An Open Letter to the Tall White Guys: Too Consumed by Your Own Privilege to Notice Who I Am
Molly Ivins: Look At It This Way: The President Hasn't Barfed On Anyone Yet
Robert McChesney: Homage to Catatonia: "Three Strikes and You're Out"
Baltimore Sun: Americans Deserve Reliable, Modern and Efficient Passenger Rail Service
Flora Lewis: A Changed Europe Leads America
Norman Solomon: The Pentagon Papers -- Media Praise Ringing Hollow

Thursday, June 14
Rachel Giese: Women Seek Sea Change On Abortion
Bob Herbert: Vieques Protesters: Treated Like Trash
Paul Rogers: Global Inequity and Climate Change are the Real Threat, Not Rogue States
Stephanie Salter: Federal Judge Makes World Safer, Sends Elderly Nuns To Jail
Rahul Mahajan/Robert Jensen: "Smart" Sanctions, Dumb Politics
Dean Baker: The Liberal Establishment was Wrong

Wednesday, June 13
Molly Ivins: McVeigh's Twisted Warrior Mentality Sadly Familiar
Derrick Jackson: Closure? McVeigh's Gone, But Pain Lingers
Naomi Klein: Looking for the Canadian Left-In-Waiting
James Roberts/Elizabeth Nash : Wildlife Runs for Cover as Don George Blunders into Spain
John Nichols: We're Now Accomplices in Killing
Harley Sorensen: Now The Blood's On Our Hands

Tuesday, June 12
Thomas Homer-Dixon: There's a Gap Between Our Global Problems and the Sense of Community We Need to Solve Them
Mokhiber/Weissman: The Campaign to Take Back Pacifica
Ed Hunt: Ecological Holocaust: Is Alaska Melting?
Sean Gonsalves: "Less Cost, More Safety"
James Wall: McVeigh's 'Sermon' Was Arrogant
The Irish Times: Vengeance not Justice
Martin Lee: Oy McVeigh: An All-American Execution
Nathan Newman: A Broadband Mandate? Communities and Workers Win a Round in Internet Legislation
Matthew Rothschild: On the Death of Timothy McVeigh

Monday, June 11
Salim Muwakkil: Kill Timothy McVeigh & the Cultural Gap Between the US and the Rest of the West Will Get A Bit Wider
Robert Jensen: U.S., Like McVeigh, Guilty of Terrorist Attacks
Todd Gitlin: Pictures From An Execution and Their Irrelevance
Molly Ivins: Tax-Cutting Our Way to Giant Deficits
Bob Herbert: Refusing to Save Africans
Robert Borosage: An Agenda for Democrats: America's Decay

Sunday, June 10
Gregory Palast: If You Liked the Way Florida Handled the Presidential Vote, You'll Just Love...
Angus Roxburgh: Showdown At The EU Corral As The 'Toxic Texan' Comes To Town
Daniel Botkin: Revive Nuclear Power? Dead Trees Standing
Robert Kuttner: No Escape from Money-Driven Politics
Minneapolis Star Tribune: Global Warming: Report Gives Bush No New Weasel Room
Hans W. Perl: Vieques: Denials Galore

Saturday, June 9
Frank Rich: The Backslap Backlash: Arrogance is the Real Story of This White House Thus Far
Flora Lewis: Israel Needs Wisdom, Not More Force
Eric Reeves: To Cut the Carnage in Sudan, Take Action Against Oil Firms
Colbert King: Moral Authority? Trent Lott Hails From Mississippi -- A State That Wrote the Book on Morally Bankrupt Political Systems
Tom Wicker: 'Coup of One' Can Affect UN As Well As Congress
Ted Rall: The Death of Democracy: How Bipartisanship Is Killing Politics

Friday, June 8
Farai Chideya: America is Still a Frontier
Jonathan Schell: The New Nuclear Danger
Tom Teepen: An NRA Annex at the Justice Department?
Harold Meyerson: LA Votes: A City Hesitates at Political Change
Daniel Schorr: Europe's Wary Eye on America's 'Big Ear'
John Nichols: GOP's Right Wing Should Watch Its Back...

Thursday, June 7
Norman Solomon: It's Killing Time in Medialand
Sean Gonsalves: From Jeffords to Democracy?
Naomi Klein: Three Coins in a Centri Sociali
Mark Weisbrot: Meet the New Economy -- Same as the Old Economy?
Dave Zweifel: Airline Deregulation Hurt Consumers
Richard Gott: I Shall Not Vote
Jim Hightower: The Cynicism of Biotech Corporations
Marie Cocco: Got Money? Welcome to America

Wednesday, June 6
John Balzar: Disgrace at the Smithsonian: A Heritage For Sale
Robert Fisk: All These Cruel Muslim Regimes Abuse the People of the Middle East
Parul Malhotra: Vandana Shiva: The Paradigm Warrior in Pursuit of Environmental Justice
Michael Gottlieb: Unless We Act on AIDS, Much Worse Is to Come

Tuesday, June 5
John Nichols: Jerusalem Loses a Vital Force for Peace
Albert Scardino: America's New Civil War: The North Once More is Lined Up Against a Bigoted South
Stephanie Salter: Just Say No To Just-Say-No Sex Education
James Carroll: Seize the Day! The Curse and Blessing of a Beautiful Sunset
Arianna Huffington: How The Other 1 Percent Lives

Monday, June 4
Salim Muwakkil: They Grow 'em Populist in Texas
Dave Zweifel: Even the Rich Rip Bush's Tax Scheme
Ken Udoibok: Those Who Praise Public Executions Haven't Seen One
Mindy Cameron: Sweden's Commitment to Children and Families
Peter Schrag: Food Stamps Become a Weapon in the War on Drugs

Sunday, June 3
David Rossie: Wrong Ones Are Going To Prison
Michael Pollan: The Organic-Industrial Complex
Iain Macwhirter: UK Elections: Why Politics Isn't Working
Nancy Allen: Seeds of Discontent as the Hemisphere Hurtles Toward Another Ill-Considered Trade Pact
Robert Kuttner: Tax-Cut Battle Lost, Democrats Can't Let Up Now
Marc Cooper: Pinochet & Kissinger Intertwined: A Magical Moment For Human Rights Activists Worldwide
Trevor Royle: Dubya Set to Pay Back with Policy on Bio-Weapons

Saturday, June 2
Fergal Keane: It's Not Too Late, Even Now, To Rescue Africa From Aids
Dennis Roddy: Sometimes Adults Drive Teens To Drink By Trying To Stop Them
Yolanda Chavez Leyva: Free Trade's Too High Cost
Phil Reeves: Another Step Closer to a Long and Painful War
Christopher Brauchli: Bush Team Acts With Unhealthy Secrecy

Friday, June 1
Jim Cullen: Take Back The Power
Johanna Bermudez: U.S. Bombs Explode Hope in Vieques
Nigel Parry: The Message of the Mortars
Cleve Jones: Power of the AIDS Quilt: Comforting, Consoling and Convincing
Philip Bowring: Bush's America Is Developing an Image Problem
Eric Alterman: The Vandals Repeat Did Not Take the Handles



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