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January 2001

Wednesday, January 31
Naomi Klein:
World Social Forum: The Most Talked-About Alternative Turns Out to Be an Alternative to Talking: Acting
Derrick Jackson: Dick Cheney's Telling Words on Roe v. Wade
Jeremy Scahill: Depleted Uranium, Just The Tip of the Iceberg in Serbia
Sam Fleischacker: The Impoverished Are Owed Justice, Not Charity
Richard Gwyn: Corporate Leaders Fear Free Ideas

Tuesday, January 30
John Nichols: Another Hero Has Fallen: Sam Day Was Weapon Against Nuke Lunacy
Wenonah Hauter/Tyson Slocum: Itís Greed Stupid! Debunking the Ten Myths of Utility Deregulation
Molly Ivins: In Deifying the Market, We Forsake a Just Society
James Carroll: America's Bookstores: Shrines to the Truth
Joan Ryan: Bush Didn't Promise to Uphold the Teachings of Jesus. He Promised to Uphold the Constitution of the United States

Monday, January 29
Norman Solomon: Letter From Porto Alegre: 'A Different World is Possible'
Martin Lee: Nobody Wins If Nature Loses: Environmental Risks Posed by 2002 Winter Olympics in Utah
Mark Weisbrot: Bush's Tax Cut Would Lose In An Honest Debate
Salim Muwakkil: 'Liberal Media' is the Goal Rather Than the Enemy
Peter Capella: Global Warming Dangers 'Buried' in New Rankings
John Lichfield: Pentagon 'Knew Nato Shells Contained Dangerous Nuclear Waste'
Gregory Palast: California's Power Companies Going Bankrupt? It Would Be Justice and Good Public Policy
Matthew Rothschild: Sam Day, Peace Activist, Journalist, Lovable Leftist, Dead at 74

Sunday, January 28
Gary Ruskin: Super Commercialism: Money, Ads and Hype are Draining the Fun Out of Sports
Robert Kuttner: Watching '13 Days,' Worrying About Today
Ed Vulliamy: Clintons Blow It As Sleaze Hogs Stage at Final Curtain

Saturday, January 27
William Pfaff: 'Anti-Davos' Forum Is Another Sign of a Sea Change
Anthony Lewis: A Character Assassin Should Not Be Attorney General
John Sweeney: Not a Backlash, but Birth Pangs of a New Internationalism
Michele Fry: Bush Misled Us on Abortion
Ira Chernus: Rumsfeld Preparing for War in Space; Shouldn't We Have a National Debate?
Harold Meyerson: The Pretender: Illegitimate and Ill at Ease, George W. Bush Begins What Looks to be a Retro Presidency

Friday, January 26
William Pfaff:
The Business of Business Isn't Principally the Common Good
Robert McChesney: Pacifica -- A Way Out
Judith M. DeSarno: Bush's Family Planning Funding Ban Imperils Millions in Developing World
Matthew Miller: Bush's Hypocrisy Index
Derrick Jackson: Bush's Cruel Trip Backward

Thursday, January 25
John Nichols: Feingold Could Learn from Wellstone
Ralph Nader: My Untold Story: What if We Threw a Presidential Campaign and Nobody Came?
Harvey Wasserman: Unnatural Disaster: Deregulated California Utilities are Electrocuting the Public
Andrea Buffa: National Progressive Media: Who's Left?
Mark Weisbrot: Davos Elites Have Reason to Worry About Globalization Backlash
Robert McChesney: Media Giants Have a Pal at the FCC
Stephanie Salter: De-Fanged Democrats Should Take It to the Streets
Josh Silver: Derailing Reform: McCain-Feingold is Full of Loopholes
Ellen Goodman: Bush's Attack on the Poorest Women
Norman Solomon: Narrow Separation of Press and State

Wednesday, January 24
Mokhiber/Weissman: Corporations: Different Than You and Me
Naomi Klein: The Battle of the Global Gatherings
Derrick Jackson: What Happened to Bush the Uniter?
Dr Helen Caldicott: Australia is Far from an Innocent Bystander to the Damage Being Done by Weapons that use Depleted Uranium
Alison Snow Jones: You Don't Have to be Openly Anti-Minority to be a Racist
Charles Kaiser: What the News Stories Leave Out

Tuesday, January 23
Austin American-Statesman: Inform Public About Genetically Altered Foods
Sean Gonsalves: Here's to People Power
Joan Ryan: The Sheep's Clothing Comes Off
Robert Fisk: Bosnians Fall Victim to Nato's Deadly Legacy
Chris Shumway: A Dark Tale from TV Land

Monday, January 22
Ruth Conniff: The Spirit of the New Regime: Onward Christian Soldiers. Democracy Be Damned
Martin Lee: The Triumph of Neoracism: What John Ashcroft Learned from David Duke

Sunday, January 21

London Observer:
Beware Bush's American Dream; This President is Not to Be Trusted
David Morris: Conservative Rage vs. Liberal Guilt
Troy Duster: Peaceful Transfer of Power Doesn't Mean We're at Peace
Robert Kuttner: Ignoring Health Care at Our Peril
Robert Jensen: Inauguration 2001: A Citizens’ Oath of Office
Michelle Ciarrocca/William Hartung: President Bush Revives Star Wars
Mark O'Keefe: Wealthiest In World Wield Power Through Philanthropy But is Their Giving Buying Influence?
Les Payne: Clinton Gave Blacks a Hug but Little Else

Saturday, January 20
John O'Farrell: The Global Village is Finally Complete. At Last It Has a Global Village Idiot
Frank Rich: After the Ball Is Over
Harvey Wasserman: The Unelected President: How George W. Bush Stole the White House from America's Voters
Patrick Cockburn: If Saddam Doesn't Get You the UN Sanctions Will

Friday, January 19
Jonathan Power: Bill Clinton Missed the Chance to Build a Better World
Abby Scher: The Crackdown on Dissent
Derrick Jackson: Caving In: Senate Democrats Bent Over as Jockey Lanterns
Flora Lewis: Mad Cows, Funny Plants, Uranium Dust and Such
Robert Fisk: In Another Bosnian Town Two Small Boys Lie in Their Hospital Beds. Is This Collateral Damage?
Mokhiber/Weissman: Pardon Me?

Thursday, January 18
Norman Solomon: Ashcroft and Racism: Breaking the Code
William Pfaff: It's Government by and for U.S. Corporations and Their Values
Farai Chideya: Felonious Intent: America's Refusal to Come to Grips with its Racial Disparity in the Criminal Justice System
Robert Naiman: The Economic And Social Toll Of U.S. Policy
Hugo Young: GW Bush: A Surreal Sleepwalker with Little Right to Wield Power
Mary McGrory: John Ashcroft a Racist? Obviously, It's a Case of Mistaken Identity
MW Guzy: The Military-Industrial Complex is Fighting Fictional Foes
David Rosner/Gerald Markowitz: Gale Norton: A Dangerous Bias for the Worst Polluters of the American Environment
Robert Cox: Gale Norton Just Says Yes to Pollution

Wednesday, January 17
Mark Weisbrot: Bork Him
Dave Zweifel: Let’s Hope W Doesn’t Keep Promises
Larry Johnson: Sanctions Hurt Children More Than Saddam
Jeremy Hardy: Ammunition is Good for You
Derrick Jackson: Bush in Denial on Florida's Voting Scandal
Robert Fisk: Are the Governments of Nato Guilty of Committing a Heinous War Crime?
Mark West: Gulf War Anniversary Compels Our Attention

Tuesday, January 16
Sean Gonsalves: Non-Violent Action: The Source of All Political Power
Seattle Times: Ten Years Later, Time To End the Gulf War
James Carroll: Eisenhower's Farewell Warning Was Meant For Our Time

Monday, January 15
Martin Lee: Hail to the Thief, Our Commander in Chief
John Nichols: Meet Ann Veneman — Perhaps Bush’s Most Dangerous Cabinet Pick
John Valleau: There's More than Meets the Eye to the Controversial US Star Wars Scheme
Salim Muwakkil: Can 'Traffic' Loosen Drug-Policy Gridlock?

Sunday, January 14
Dalton Camp: Plague of Privatization is Robbing Our Citizens
Felicity Arbuthnot: Depleted Uranium: My Battle for the Truth
Carl Schoettler: Concerns Raised by Philip Berrigan about Radioactive Ammunition are Echoing in Europe
Robert Kuttner: Another Kind of Piracy in the Skies
Ed Vulliamy: Unrepentant South Mounts New Assault on Washington
Ron McKay: Depleted Uranium: The Horrific Legacy of Basra

Saturday, January 13
Robert Fisk: I See 300 Graves That Could Bear the Headstone: 'Died of Depleted Uranium'
Kevin McKiernan: Human Rights vs US Arms Sales To Turkey
Josh Reichert/John Passacantando: Save the Steller Sea Lion

Friday, January 12
Michael Eric Dyson: If George Bush's Cabinet Appointments Count as Racial Progress, We Need an Immediate Recount
Flora Lewis: Israel Defiles Itself With These Assassinations of Palestinians
Derrick Jackson: The Confederacy's Favorite Nominee
Norman Solomon: The Triumphant Doody-Bluster Ticket

Thursday, January 11
Mark Steel: Watch out! America's Unleashing Its Depleted Imagination
Bob Herbert: The Quiet Scourge: The AIDS Virus is Surging Like a Prairie Fire Through Black Communities in the United States
George Monbiot: Gulf War Veterans Deserve Better Treatment and We Need Honesty

Wednesday, January 10

Robert Borosage:
Conservatives are Losing the Argument with the American People
Laura Flanders: Civil Rights Reverse
Robert Fisk: These Children had Cancer. Now They are Dead. I Believe They were Killed by Depleted Uranium
Naomi Klein: Recession Talk? We Talked Our Way into this Boom, We Can Talk Our Way Out of It, Too
Jerry Landay: Bill Clinton: The Last-Minute Liberal
Joan Smith: Outpourings of Rage from Eminem
Derrick Jackson: Ashcroft's Flirtations with the Racist Right

Tuesday, January 9
Doug Kendall: Gale Norton Is No James Watt; She's Even Worse
Mary Dejevsky: The 20th Century Was American, But This One Will Be Europe's
James Carroll: Black Caucus Sends a Message About Justice
Sean Gonsalves: Dreaming at Ground Zero
Mark Weisbrot: Clinton's Economic Legacy
Joan Vennochi: The Current Senate Makeup is Likely to Yield More Cowards in Search of Crumbs from the Bush White House
Ralph Nader: The Biotech Industry is Intent on Turning the Entire Consuming Public into Guinea Pigs

Monday, January 8
Robert Fisk: The Truth About Depleted Uranium
Annette Fuentes: Linda Chavez Exploiting Heritage for Personal Gain
Salim Muwakkil: The Other Side of Being the World's Leading Jailer is the Record Number of Inmates Getting Out of Jail
Ashley Nelson: To Eminem: Will the Real Slim Shady Please Shut Up?
Bob Herbert: The Bush Cabinet: Far, Far From the Center

Sunday, January 7
John Buell: A Party Pulled Apart: New Democrats Lose Touch with True Base
James K Galbraith: Our New Corporate Republic
Martin Kettle: Bush Likely to be the Best Recruiting Sergeant that the New Anti-Americanism Could Have Hoped For
Kevin McKiernan: Leonard Peltier: Put a Close to This Sad Chapter
Margot Magowan: Embracing a Youthful Feminism
Robert Kuttner: What is the Matter with the Democrats? They Make Nice While Bush Runs Hard Right
Alan Morrison/Sidney Wolfe: Your Health Records: None of Our Business, And None of Theirs, Either

Saturday, January 6
Jesse Jackson Jr: One Missouri Compromise Is Enough: Democrats Should Vote "No" On John Ashcroft
William Pfaff: Time for the US to Avoid the Vietnam Syndrome in Colombia
St Petersburg Times: Putting a Damper on Dissent
Seth Sandronsky: Got Consumer Debt? Watch Out for the Coming Recession
George Beres: Aaron Novick Helped Build Bomb, Then Atoned for it
Norman Solomon: 50 Years Later, The Tragedy of Nuclear Tests in Nevada

Friday, January 5

Isabel Hilton:
George Bush is Undoubtedly About To Embark on a Stupid and Disastrous War in Latin America
Jesse Jackson Jr: George Bush's Democrats
Bill McKibben: Global Warming: One Thing is Certain. We Don't Have Another Decade or Another Administration To Waste
Molly Ivins: Honeymoon? I've Got a Headache
Belle Taylor-McGhee: Key Cabinet Posts Send Disturbing Signal

Thursday, January 4
Jonathan Schell: Alan Cranston's Message on Nuclear Arms Lives
Ellen Goodman: In 'Ending Welfare As We Know It,' We've Left Many Families In Poverty
George Monbiot: Purporting To Be Beating Cancer: In Fact, The Figures Are Rising
Bob Herbert: John Ashcroft Is A Shameless And Deliberately Destructive Liar
Marjorie Williams: Soda Pop Deals & Bush's Nominee To Run The Education Department
Matthew Rothschild: Too Bad Bill Clinton Didn't Govern As A Lame-Duck From the Very Start. I Might Have Liked Him Better

Wednesday, January 3
Peter Phillips: American Mantra: Free Market Capitalism
Robert Parry: Rev. Moon, the Bushes & Donald Rumsfeld
Mokhiber/Weissman: The Insurance Industry/FBI Connection
Joan Smith: Hypocrite To The Last: The US President Has Suddenly Signed Up To The Plan For An International War Crimes Tribunal
Robert Jay Lifton/Greg Mitchell: The Death Penalty's Days Are Numbered
Mark Weisbrot: The Stock Market Party's Over
Martin Lee: Apocalypse Again: White Supremacists Seize On A New Date - 2050 - To Rally The Troops

Tuesday, January 2
Sean Gonsalves: Our Tax System is a Mechanism of Massive Wealth Transfer to the Rich
Salim Muwakkil: Will the GOP Have a Future Without Wooing Minorities?
James Carroll: A Quiet Reminder: We're All in This Together
Max Castro: Bush Lurches Rightward
Rob Richie/Steven Hill: Majority Rules? It's Time to Change Elections to Instant Runoff Voting

Monday, January 1
Abigail Garner: Our Nation Is Facing An Incoming President Who Is Not A Friend To Gay Americans
Bob Herbert: Addicted to Guns



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