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February 2001

Wednesday, February 28
Naomi Klein:
Democracy, When You Least Expect It
Alan AtKisson: The Brightest Star in the Sky: A Tribute to Donella H. Meadows
Blaine Townsend: Alaska Oil Unplugged: The Plain Truth
Paul Sheehan: Corporate Spin and Lies: A Spymaster's Lament, And A Warning To Us All
Lynnell Mickelsen: No Longer a Fan of The Body: Jesse Ventura
Molly Ivins: Drug War has Made Drugs Cheaper, More Pure
Mark Weisbrot: Warning to Bush: Don't Mess With Social Security
Mokhiber/Weissman: Cuban Impressions

Tuesday, February 27
Consortium News: Press Blows Florida -- Again
Dean Baker: Scared Liberals and the Budget
Julian Borger: Richest Cabinet in History Would Gain from Bush Tax Cuts
Kathryn Wolford: U.S. Isn't Helping Colombia
Joan Vennochi: Bush's Proposed Tax Cuts: Some Lies Are Worse Than Others
Sean Gonsalves: A 'Settler's' Peace Settlement
Eric Alterman: Tally No! Keep Counting Votes in Florida; Miami Herald’s Recount Results were Sloppy, Incomplete
Dennis Hans: The Colombian Army Punishes One of its Own

Monday, February 26
William Arkin: America Cluster Bombs Iraq
Salim Muwakkil: Bush's Mideast Policy is What's Bombing
Robert Fisk: The United States Fiddles While the Middle East Peace Process Burns
Bob Herbert: Bill Clinton Has Been a Disaster for the Democratic Party. Send Him Packing
Chryss Cada: Elton's Embrace Was About True Tolerance
Craig Peck: Schools Are for Children, Not for Corporate Profit

Sunday, February 25
Robert Kuttner: Help the Poor Instead of the Rich
Will Hutton: Why America's Richest Love Taxes
Stephen Zunes: Bush Continues Failed Clinton Policy on Iraq
Dan Fahey: 'My Gulf War': Remembering a Matter of Conscience

Saturday, February 24

Frida Berrigan:
Washington High Fashion: High Military Spending
Robert Jensen: Free Speech on Campus (Batteries not Included)
Nathan Johnson: Another Presidency. Another Bombing of Iraq
Christopher Brauchli: Plan Colombia: U.S. May Be Wading into a Poisonous Quagmire

Friday, February 23
Derrick Jackson: Black Voters Get Too Little from Democratic Party
Seth Sandronsky: Israel: No Justice, No Peace
John Nichols: Pardon Just Shows How D.C. Works

Thursday, February 22
William Greider: Nader and the Politics of Fear: He and the Greens are Both a Problem and a Possible Asset for the Democrats
Kristine Swenson: Americans Travel to Iraq: "Your Visit Changes Everything"
Farai Chideya: Iraq and Ruin: A Country, and a U.S. Strategy, in Shambles
Norman Solomon: Obstinate Memory and Pursuit of the Present
Dennis Hans: This is Your Brain... All Drug Ads Not Created Equal
William Pfaff: The Privatization of Public Utilities Can Be a Disaster
George Monbiot: Wearing a T-shirt Makes You a Terrorist in the UK
Bob Herbert: Rising Tides: Global Warming is not Coming, It's Here
Mark Weisbrot: Truth-Telling at Treasury Pains Pundits
John Nichols: Execution is Capital Offense

Wednesday, February 21
Donella Meadows: No Point in Waiting Around for Leadership
Richard Gwyn: Chilling Inaction on Global Warming
Ken Livingstone: UK Shouldn't Help the US in Its Mission to Become an Unassailable World Power
Rami Khouri: The Futility of Bombing Baghdad

Tuesday, February 20
Ross Mirkarimi: Greens, Ignored on Energy, Have Full List of Issues
Robert Scheer: A Moderate Wouldn't Make Appointments Like These
Sean Gonsalves: Breeding Ground for Terrorism
Minneapolis Star Tribune: Worker Rights: What If the US Isn't a Role Model?

Monday, February 19
David Hirst: Villains and Heroes: US's Double Standards on Saddam and Sharon
Dorreen Yellow Bird: Interior Nominee Gale Norton Raises Concerns of Native Americans
Stephen Jay Gould: Humbled by the Genome's Mysteries
Salim Muwakkil: Unavoidable Byproducts of Prisons

Sunday, February 18

Richard Gwyn: Bush Fear of `Rogue' States is Laughable
Robert Fisk: Long Live Oceania! US-UK Locked in an Orwellian Eternal War with Iraq
Stephanie Salter: Young Activists Target School of the Americas aka 'Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Operations'
Dan Fahey: Depleted Uranium: America's Military 'Gift' That Keeps on Giving
Matthew Rothschild: Bush's Routine Barbarism in Iraq
London Observer: Beware Bellicose Bush, Mr Blair; His Warmongering Will Not Work
Mindy Cameron: An American Epiphany in the War on Drugs
Michael Byers: Call it Defense? This is Personal:'With the Bombing of Iraq, Bush is Settling His Father's Old Scores
Ron Forthofer: It's Time To Act On Global Warming
Robert Kuttner: The Power of Money
David Morris: Democratic and Electric: People are Plugging In to the Production of Power

Saturday, February 17
Mokhiber/Weissman: Blue Light Special at the Smithsonian
Theresa Keegan: Father Roy Bourgeois: Priest Abhors U.S. Teaching of War Tactics
Mark Ritchie: Alternative Forum Was First Step Toward Democratic Globalization
Winifred Tate: Colombia: Rules of the Game
John O'Farrell: The Good News: We Have More Genes than Nematodes. The Bad News: Most of Them are Junk
Seth Sandronsky: Bush’s Tax Plan: An Unkind Cut for 12 Million
Dave Zweifel: Don’t Let Investor Greed Turn Off Lights

Friday, February 16
Derrick Jackson: Superfly Scores in Harlem
Susanna Rodell: Graceless End to Eight Years of 'Idealism'
Michael Lerner: A Mideast Window to Peace: Nonviolence
Martin Woollacott: Assassinating Palestinians Simply Doesn't Work
Katha Pollitt: Vaginal Politics
Norman Solomon: Reagan, Clinton and the Spectrum of Mainstream Punditry

Thursday, February 15
Cesar Chelala: Making a Killing on Weapons Sales to the Destitute
Paul Rogat Loeb: The Perils of Civility: It's Been Painful to Watch the Democrats Roll Over and Play Dead
Molly Ivins: A Contest Between Us and the Health Care Folks
George Monbiot: A Discreet Deal in the Pipeline: Nato Mocked Those Who Claimed There was a Plan for Caspian Oil
Evan Balkan: Though It's Often Bashed, Liberalism's Day Has Not Quite Passed
Laura Burns: R2K: A Son's Protest at the Republican Convention

Wednesday, February 14
Todd Gitlin: How TV Killed Democracy on Nov. 7
Jennifer Pozner: For Love or Money? Economics Takes a Backseat in Network Reports About Working Mothers
Kieran Allen: Hypocrisy of Social Partnership
Derrick Jackson: Unlikely Embrace: Eminem & Elton
Jonathan Freedland: Ready to Renationalize: Western Countries Turning Their Backs on Deregulation
Farai Chideya: `Reality TV,' Style Over Substance Chipping Away at News Broadcasts
Madison Capital Times: Clinton & Wall Street

Tuesday, February 13
Sean Gonsalves: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Facts on the Ground
James Carroll: Pulling Together Here to Stop AIDS Everywhere
Miguel Aguayo: Privatized Health Care: US System is Not the Way To Go
Mark Weisbrot: Beyond Tax Relief for the Prosperous Few
Madeleine Bunting: The Profits That Kill: Intellectual Property Agreements are Making Too Much Money for the West
Martin Lee: CIA's Tricks are for Kids: Web Site Tells Children: Don't Take Drugs
Ralph Nader: Cut Rate: Democrats Have Only Themselves to Blame for Greenspan's Boost to Tax Cuts

Monday, February 12
Mokhiber/Weissman: Marc Rich's Hidden History as a Union-Buster
Larry Elliott: WTO: Evil Triumphs in a Sick Society
Mark Shields: Class Warfare is Over: The Richest Won
Andrew Brown: Human Genome Project: Of Mice and Men and the March of Science

Sunday, February 11
Norman Solomon: Reporting on Drug Firms and AIDS in Poor Nations
Edward Helmore/John Arlidge: Fast Food Nation: One Small Bite for Man, One Giant Problem for Mankind
Robert Kuttner: Here It Is, Democrats - A Sensible Tax Plan
Sarah Shields: Fundamentally Unfair to Palestinians
Jerry Long: A New Wave of Arrogance: Exit the Clintons. Enter Ashcroft, Torricelli, Weldon and the Bush Brothers

Saturday, February 10
Robert Adleman: Democrats, Not Nader, Caused Gore's Loss
Barbara Ehrenreich: The Phony President
Ana Carrigan: Plan Colombia: A Foolish Drug War
Paul Wellstone: Bush Funding Gaps Will Leave Poor Kids Behind
Frances Fox Piven: Tommy Thompson's Easy Ride

Friday, February 9
Walden Bello: The Super Rich at Davos Are the Voice of the Past
Seumas Milne: Ariel Sharon: The Man of Blood
Laura Flanders: Enough to Make You Gag
Salih Booker: Pandering to Abortion Foes Cripples Global AIDS Effort
Molly Ivins: A Cabinet That Looks Like Corporate America

Thursday, February 8
George Monbiot: Dissent is in the Air: Take to the Streets
James Ron: Is Sharon a War Criminal?
Boston Globe: Favoring the Rich
Robert Reno: U.S. Learning Road to Future Includes Rails
Mark Weisbrot: Can Democracy Survive in Haiti?

Wednesday, February 7
Doug Ireland: Looking for Mr. Nader: Since Election Day, Ralph Has Been Missing In Action
Eugene Carroll Jr: It's a Friend's Duty to Speak Up: UK Should Tell Bush That He is Making a Disastrous Error with NMD
Naomi Klein: The Power of Fast Tracking
Scott Lehigh: Dukakis was Joking About Nader (Wasn't He?)
Oscar Arias: Bush Should Export Educators Not Armies
David Wilkins: The Affirmative-Action President's Dilemma
Dean Baker: How About Taxing Those Gamblers on Wall Street?
Robert Fisk: 'I Want an Aggressive Israeli to Get the Reins of Power and Go to War'
Richard Pretorius: What are the Priorities in a Land of Wealth?

Tuesday, February 6
Mokhiber/Weissman: House Call
Naomi Klein: Myth of the People's Market
Steven Conn: Memo to President W: I Don't Want a Tax Cut
Minneapolis Star Tribune: Sam Day: A Life Moved by a Conviction for Peace
Robert Jensen: Don't Deny the Brutality of History
Sean Gonsalves: The Urge To Unveil
Molly Ivins: Recessions are Good for You -- Unless You're a Little Guy

Monday, February 5

Frederick Borsch:
Pry Loose the Cold, Hard Fingers of the Market's 'Invisible Hand'
Irish Times: The Danger of 'National Missile Defense'
Molly Ivins: Getting Between the Hogs and the Tax Cut Trough
Vincent Schiraldi: No Single Person Has Been More Closely Identified with Unsound Crime Analysis and Punitive Imprisonment Policies...
Salim Muwakkil: Why American Blacks Deserve Reparations
John LaForge: Food Irradiation is a Deal with the Devil

Sunday, February 4
Boston Globe: Snake Oil from Bush
Rahul Mahajan: Time to Ban Depleted Uranium Weapons Used in Gulf, Kosovo
Robert Kuttner: Democrats are Supposed to Stand for a Whole Other Public Philosophy, Remember?
Jim Anderson: How Honest the American Broker?

Saturday, February 3
Robert Jensen: Young People Do Care
John O'Farrell: Whoever Thought of Solving Third World Poverty with Western Capitalism Must Be Nuts
Dean Baker: Free Market Ideology Loses Power in California
Robert Jensen: Young People Do Care

Friday, February 2
Harold Meyerson: Power to (and From) the People! Why Outright Public Ownership Will Solve California's Power Crisis
Roger Graef: Prison Does Not Work. We Know That. So Why Do We Send More and More There?
Paul Wellstone: Winning Politics
Derrick Jackson: The South is Rising in DC
Norman Solomon: From Global South's Side of the Media Looking Glass
Matthew Rothschild: The WTO Hides Out in Qatar

Thursday, February 1
Lara Marlowe: Deception Over Health Risks of Depleted Uranium
Sally Schuman: When Will America Grow Up, Globally?
Andrew Gumbel: The Real Traffic: Why America's War on Drugs is Nothing Like the Movies
Eric Tang/Carol De Leon: Secretary Chao Will Not Advance Causes of Poor
George Monbiot: It's Official: I'm a Menace to Society



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