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December 2001

Sunday, December 30
R.C. Longworth: A Nation Alone: Even Our Friends Don't Share America's Image of Itself
Marc Cooper: Blame the IMF Crowd for Argentina: The One-Size-Fits-All Globalization Model Just Didn't Work
London Observer: Let This Be a Brave New Year
M. Cherif Bassiouni: Beware Patriotism When It Seeks to Take Away Rights
Carl Hiaasen: Blame This Bad Reporting on 'The Fog of War'
Eric Margolis: India, Pakistan Rattle Their Nukes

Saturday, December 29
William Pfaff: Will the New World Order Rest Solely on American Might?
Kathy Kelly: 'The Most Precious Gift'
Christopher Brauchli: Intolerance of Dissent Poisons National Debate
Norman Solomon: In the Media Mix, What Happens to Music?
Dave Zweifel: So What's This Subversive Document?

Friday, December 28
Bishop Michael Scott-Joynt: This Terror is a Judgment Upon Us
Ira Chernus: Is bin Laden the Lord of the Rings?
Molly Ivins: How We Could Still Lose in Afghanistan
Nancy Snow: The Citizen and the Publisher
Harris Sussman: Crossing the Threshold
Paul Krugman: United States the Scrooge of the Western World
Seth Sandronsky: An Undertow of Underconsumption
Bob Ray Sanders: Say 'Enron' to Social Security Fix

Thursday, December 27
Ramzi Kysia: From Baghdad: Something Wicked This Way Comes
Earl Ofari Hutchinson: Shine the Light Elsewhere: Abu-Jamal's Fame Threatens Death-Penalty Cause
Helen Thomas: Let's Not Militarize the Heavens
Hugo Young: United Around the Goal of Safety from Sea to Shining Sea
Rob Richie/Steven Hill: Voters Beware: Redistricting Could Rob You of Any Choices

Wednesday, December 26
David Martin: Living with Balkanized Schools: Canadian's Tale on Why U.S. Should Nix Vouchers
Paul Knox: Evil is Not the Enemy
Madison Capital Times: Bush Bashes Women Again
Arianna Huffington: Promises, Promises: New Year's Resolutions I'd Love to Hear
Robert Scheer: Is Bush Still an Enron Fan?

Monday, December 24
Norman Solomon: Bad News When Madmen Lead the Blind
Bill C. Davis: The Choice of Christmas Future
Salim Muwakkil: Should Homegrown Terrorism Be Targeted?
Marie Cocco: If Recession is the Enemy, Then We're Losing the War
Robert Kuttner: Harvard Now Sees the Error of Its Wages
Bernie Sanders: A Year of Contrasts: Courage, Sacrifice and …Corporate Greed
Barbara Miner: President Bush Plays Scrooge to Our Nation's Schoolchildren
Doug Ireland: Liberty on the Defensive

Sunday, December 23
Russ Feingold: Name The Detainees
William D. Hartung: Militant Insecurity: Junking the ABM Treaty Will Not Make America Safer in This Dangerous World
Karl F. Inderfurth: Unearth the Killing Fields: Land-Mine Casualties Have Jumped to 15 a Day
Barbara Brenner/Barbara Ehrenreich: The Pink-Ribbon Trap
Richard Roeper: A Sales Pitch Wrapped in Patriotism
David Corn: To Make Amends for Errant Bombs
Stephanie Salter: What Would Jesus Do?
Brian W. Cobb: A Light in the Darkness

Saturday, December 22
Tom Turnipseed: War is Working for Bush: Osama Becomes Saddam
Alexander Cockburn/Jeffrey St. Clair: Enron and the Green Seal
Robert Jensen/Rahul Mahajan: We Can't Just Forget About Dead Afghan Civilians
Heidi Enji Hoogstra: Time for Contrition
Andrew Johnston: Totally Extreme Taliban

Friday, December 21
Bernard Weiner: 25 Things We Know: Summing-Up Post-9/11
Bruce Shapiro: Spurned for Our Death Penalty
Christopher Cook/John Rodgers: The Enduring War: History's Lessons
Roberta Brandes Gratz: Christmas Displays, Windows on America's Heart, Are Fading
Jeff Milchen: Building a Culture of Freedom
Martin Woollacott: The Cold War is Long Over, But Star Wars Goes On
Rick Salutin: From Democracy's Floor: I'm Looking for Hope and Inspiration Here, In Tune With the Season
Robert McChesney/John Nichols: The Making of a Movement: Getting Serious About Media Reform

Thursday, December 20
Mokhiber/Weissman: The Moral of the Story: Care
Carolyn L. Bennett: In the Pursuit of Peace, Acknowledge, Listen to Women
Charles Lewis: The GOP's New Lobbyist in Chief
Ramzi Kysia: We Are Also in the World: A Bulls-Eye View of Baghdad
Andrew Johnston: Disparities of Wealth Are Seen as Fuel for Terrorism
Arianna Huffington: The Enron Scandal: Why Was No One Minding The Store?
Mike Miles: Forgiveness: The Harsh and Dreadful Precursor to Justice
Molly Ivins: U.S. Has No Option But to Force a Solution on Mideast
Seth Sandronsky: Jobs Crisis for Black Teens in America
Seumas Milne: The Innocent Dead in a Coward's War

Wednesday, December 19
Joe Conason: Whitewater Critics Quiet About Enron
Naomi Klein: History Is Back With A Capital H
Huck Gutman: The Inhumanization of War
Robin Tolmach Lakoff: It's a Time to Let Discordant Voices Ring
Jonathan Freedland: Two Wise Men: Bill Clinton and Tony Blair Are Now Singing From the Same Song Sheet
David Rossie: Where is Osama bin Laden?

Tuesday, December 18
Jonathan Rowe: Could It Be That the 9/11 Attacks Have Helped Us to Ask Some Questions That We Long Have Needed to Ask?
George Monbiot: The Taliban of the West: This War is Threatening the Very Freedoms It Claims to be Defending
Harris Sussman: Mixed Messages: A Patriotic Christmas Becomes a Fusion of Church and State
James Carroll: The Way the War Ends
Frida Berrigan: The War Profiteers: How Are Weapons Manufacturers Faring in the War?
Marie Cocco: Even Death Won't Provide Justice in Terror Attacks
Congressman Bernie Sanders: Why 'Fast Track' Should Not Be Signed Into Law
Emil Guillermo: Un-American On A Stairmaster: The FBI's House Calls

Monday, December 17
Herbert Chilstrom: New York, Dresden and Wounded Knee
Madeleine Bunting: A Fairy Tale at Christmas: Coverage of This War Has Played Down the Civilian Deaths and 4 Million Refugees
Salim Muwakkil: Empowered United Nations: Terrorism's Greatest Foe
Holly Sklar: Tax Cutters Party Like It's 1999
Robert Jensen: Critical Hope: Radical Citizenship in Reactionary Times
Pratap Chatterjee: Enron: Pulling the Plug on the Global Power Broker
Eric Margolis: Is the Gun Smoking? 'Experts' Disagree on bin Laden Home Video

Sunday, December 16
Bonnie Greer: There is Another America
Medea Benjamin: Feeding the Hungry May Be the Prime Task of Peacekeepers
Fatma Antar/Leslie Brett : We Refuse To Be Enemies: Hartford Jews And Muslims Call for Just Peace
Bill Maxwell: U.S. Should Reconsider Aid to Israel

Saturday, December 15
David Potorti: Coming to a Mall Near You: Just War
Bill C. Davis: "Sounds Good to Me...."
Molly Ivins: Watch Out for Those Bush Photo-Ops
Eric Wertheimer: Crossing Brooklyn Ferry: An Elegy
Arnold Hiatt: Invest in Our Future, Not in Corporate Welfare
Isabel Hilton: Repressive Measures: India and China Have Seized on the Rhetoric of Anti-Terrorism to Steamroller Opposition
Seth Sandronsky: Let Social Security Be
William Pfaff: In Its Quest for Supremacy, U.S. May Squander Partnerships

Friday, December 14
William Hartung: Afghanistan, Continued: Does War Really Work?
Laura Flanders: Beyond the Burqa: The Rights Women Need in Afghanistan are Basic Human Rights
Matthew Engel: ABM, Salt and Start. And Now the Finish; US Shuns World Opinion to Set Unilateralist Course
Norman Solomon: Announcing the P.U.-litzer Prizes for 2001
Frank Smyth: OK, It's a Smoking Gun, but for Whom?
David Marsden: A Frank Letter Home From an Undisclosed Front
Sara Austin: Where Are the Women? Debating Afghanistan's Future

Thursday, December 13
Ruth Conniff: Patriot Games: Wrestling With the Patriotism Question
Bill C. Davis: An Alternative Anthem
Ramsey Eric Ramsey: What Is In Our Stars
Jennifer Pozner: Missing Since 9-11: Women's Voices
Roberto J. Gonzalez:Lynne Cheney-Joe Lieberman Group Puts Out a Blacklist
William Pfaff:Silly Question: Support the Palestinian Authority or Hamas?

Wednesday, December 12
Amy Pagnozzi: Grieving Families Walk For Peace
Ed Garvey: Any Poll Can Be Manipulated To Support An Agenda
John Buell: Civil Liberties and the Fear of Freedom
Stephanie Salter: The Ghost of Christmas Future in the Land of the Free
Sonali Kolhatkar: By Any Standard, This is a War Against Afghans
Harris Sussman: Raw Material: It is a Serial, a Real Cliffhanger. It's a Fable
Paul Krugman: Argentina and Enron -- Peas in a Pod
Dennis Hans: A Parody: Bush Made Taliban a Target After Rove Met with Razor-Industry Execs

Tuesday, December 11
John C. Polanyi: Listen to the Realism of a Hundred Nobel Laureates
Robert Scheer: Connect the Enron Dots to Bush
Sean Gonsalves: The Trouble with Tribunals
M. Shahid Alam: Race and Visibility: In the Shadow of September 11
Arianna Huffington: On Flying High And Lowered Expectations
Dean Baker/Mark Weisbrot: Bush Commission: No Social Security Crisis
Jonathan Steele: Fighting the Wrong War
Robert Hellyer: Why We Don't Need a Missile Defense Shield
Marie Cocco: Eight Amendments, But Only the Second Seems Safe
James E. Jennings: U.S. Wages Overkill in Afghanistan

Monday, December 10
Bill C. Davis: The Curious Narrative From Author Unknown
Ira Chernus: Old Hanukkah Story Irrelevant and Dangerous
Salim Muwakkil: Israel Continues to Fuel the Conflict
Richard Rapaport: Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and Their Allies: The American Taliban
Robyn Blumner: Keeping Our Hands Clean in This War
James Heddle: Beyond 'TINA': Another World is Not Only Possible... It's Necessary!
Robert Kuttner: Religious Right Hijacks Stem Cell Debate

Sunday, December 9
Robert Fisk: My Beating By Refugees is a Symbol of the Hatred and Fury of This Filthy War
Stephanie Salter: Women in Black
David Morris: Through Enron, Lay Left His Mark, All Right
Eric Margolis: America's New War: A Progress Report
Paul Krugman: It's Clear Bush Tax Cuts Have Hurt Americans
Thomas Friedman: Ask Not What
Cynthia Peters: A Veil on the Truth
Howard Garcia: In Bush v. Gore, Supreme Court Conservatives Brought Disgrace on Their Institution

Saturday, December 8
Bianca Jagger: Selective Justice: The US Has Been Sponsoring Terror in My Native Latin America for Decades
Marjorie Cohn: The Deadly Pipeline War: US Afghan Policy Driven By Oil Interests
Keith Schneider: Sprawl No Antidote to Terror; Spreading Out Aggravates Underlying Causes of Attack
Laura Flanders: Perfect Timing: Ashcroft Gets Cover from Pearl Harbor Anniversary, Exposure from Timor Revelation
Christopher Brauchli: House Wants to Bail Out Insurance Companies
Jay Levin: The Home Front Battle on Poverty Is Being Lost
Marty Jezer: It's Credibility, Stupid!
Mark Weisbrot: United They Stand

Friday, December 7
Wendell Berry: The Failure of War
Ira Chernus: Pearl Harbor Myth Poses Dangers
Molly Ivins: Enron's Connections With Bush Go Way Back
Sarah Anderson/John Cavanagh: Fast Track Legislation Won't Defeat 'The Seattle Coalition'
Washington Post: The Ashcroft Smear
Norman Solomon: Noam Chomsky -- Saying What Media Don't Want Us to Hear
Bill C. Davis: CNN's Paula Zahn on Jazeera - Cable Clash
Peter Phillips: A Living Wage Makes Good Economic Sense for Local Communities
John Nichols: When Poetry Met Politics

Thursday, December 6
Marie Cocco: Enron Situation Points Out Woeful Lack of Pensions
Molly Ivins: We Are All Suspects, If Ashcroft Has His Way
Robert Jensen: September 11 and the Politics of University Teaching
Seumas Milne: Targeting Arafat Is Not The Answer
Ellen Goodman: For Journalists, A Question of Balance
Medea Benjamin: Reconstructing Afghanistan: Statement by Global Exchange Women's Delegation to the Region
Michael Wolff: Rallying Around a Wartime President is One Thing. But...
George Naggiar: Occupation as Terrorism

Wednesday, December 5
Danny Schecter: The "Turbanators" And The Terrorists: War Crimes And Media Omissions
Mokhiber/Weissman: The Global Justice Movement: Alive and Kicking
Ali Abunimah: Sharon's War Cannot Be Won
Harris Sussman: Christmastime Test
Arie Arnon: Israel: Where are the Brave Leaders to Get Us Out of This Mess?
Bernard Weiner: Talkin’ About the F-Word
Tom Turnipseed: The Wall Street Journal and The Workers Vanguard Agree
Anthony Schinella: Environmentalist John O'Connor Will Be Missed
Matthew Engel: Iraqmania Grips the US
Paul Krugman: Enron Workers' Losses a Cautionary Tale for Many Others

Tuesday, December 4
Sean Gonsalves: Amber Waves of Pain
David Aaronovitch: The Really Brave People are Those Fighting for Peace
Laura Flanders: Send in the Clones: Bush's Pro-Life Safety Net Turns Out To Be a Sticky Web, Indeed
Ryan Amundson: Leaders Exploit Victims to Continue Violence
Robert Scheer: It Is Crazy to Curtail Due Process Rules
Norman Solomon: And Now, A News Dispatch from the Media Twilight Zone
Bill C. Davis: '...Ask Questions Later.'
Arianna Huffington: Enron: Cooking The Books And Buying Protection
Hussein Ibish: Occupation Propels Conflict

Monday, December 3
Salim Muwakkil: Is This What We Mean By Victory?
Bob Herbert: The Witch Hunt
Robert Kuttner: Vigilance Needed as Cold War II Grips US
Wallace Shawn: The United States is in Denial About Why So Many Millions in the World Regard It as Their Enemy
Mark Shields: Two Extremes of Corporate Leadership
Ed McManus: Getting Out of the Big Muddy
Seth Sandronsky: The U.S. Left: Down But Not Out
James Heddle: Fascism In Defense of Freedom is a Vice

Sunday, December 2
Rose Moss: What is Happening to the America I Love?
Frida Berrigan: Lies, Damned Lies, and War
Patricia Williams: This Dangerous Patriot's Game



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