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August 2001

Friday, August 31
Molly Ivins: Deregulation: High Prices, Bad Service
Mark DePaolis: Call It Wealth Care, The Doctors Who Cater to Super-Rich
EJ Dionne: Public Deserves to Know How Energy Policy Created
Norman Solomon: 30 Years Later, Memories of Attica Cry Out
Derrick Jackson: Who's Better Off This Labor Day? Numbers Tell
John Nichols: Wal-Mart Out to Ravage Workers' Rights

Thursday, August 30
Reggie Rivers: Where is Our Outrage Over Iraq?
Tara Mack: Racism Only Happens in Little Nations
Jeffrey St. Clair: From the Bloodbaths In East Timor to A Suicide in Alexandria
Ted Rall: The End of Apartheid, Redux: A Peace Plan for Post-Israeli Palestine
Chi-Dooh Li: Impose Moratorium on Gene Patenting

Wednesday, August 29
Holly Sklar: Minimum Wage -- It Just Doesn't Add Up
John Balzar: George W: Garbage In, Garbage Out
John Buell: Nature, Technology and Stem Cell Politics
Patti Goldman: Fast Track a Way to Dump Democracy
Kaizer Nyatsumba: America and Its Allies are Frightened of a Good Argument
Polly Toynbee: The Lazy Person's Guide to Saving the Planet
Deborah Mathis: Colin Powell All Wrong to Duck Race Conference
Derrick Jackson: While Bush Talks to Cows, Workers Get Milked
Molly Ivins: Liberals Have Been Right About Three Important Things
Robert Fisk: Travels in a Land Without Hope

Tuesday, August 28
Sean Gonsalves: Was Gandhi Anti-Semitic?
Stephen Handelman: White House Moves Into Danger Zone on Plutonium
Neal Peirce: International Condemnation for Our 'War on Drugs'
Laura Flanders: Days of Outrage: Pacifica Protests Planned to Demand Democracy Now! Reinstatement
Seth Sandronsky: Spend The Projected Surplus On Unmet Human Needs
Dave Zweifel: Rebate Checks Are Good Old Reaganomics

Monday, August 27
Salim Muwakkil: How Will Future Generations View Israeli Occupation?
Madeleine Bunting: As Long as We Prefer to Keep Our Utopias Personal, Our Doom and Gloom About the World at Large Will Hold Sway
Howard Gardner: Carrying Out Good Work in Turbulent Times
Helen Caldicott: 'Clean' Power Source Should Carry a Global Warning
David Morris: Power Surge: How We're Adding Energy from Below
Phil Reeves: World Stays Silent as Israel Flattens Palestinian Bases
Peter Dale Scott: U.S. Is Supporting Military Brutality in Indonesia
Karen Rivedal: Kathy Kelly: A Passionate Voice in the Wilderness

Sunday, August 26
Robert Kuttner: The Brutal Price of Bush's Tax Cut
Robert Fisk: Amira Hass: Life Under Israeli Occupation - By an Israeli
The Sunday Herald: We Should All Feel Roddick's Disillusionment
Geoffrey Lean: Air Travel is Fast Becoming One of the Biggest Causes of Global Warming

Saturday, August 25
Robert Fisk: Why Don't We Try to Collar All the War Criminals?
The Irish Times: Disturbing Isolationism
Neal Gosman: A Solution Instead of a Blood Bath
Jeffrey St. Clair: Test Anxiety: Bush Flirts With Resuming Nuclear Testing
Seth Effron: Helm's Legacy of Divisiveness
Sandra Alvarez: Plan Colombia: U.S. Aid Fuels Violence
Matthew Rothschild: Jesse Helms: No More Whistlin' Dixie

Friday, August 24
Mary Midgley: The Bankers' Vision is Limited: Free Trade is All Very Well - Until We Run Out of Resources to Exploit
Robert B. Reich: Democrats Are Falling Into the Austerity Trap
Norman Solomon: Denial and the Ravaging of Cyberspace
Boston Globe: US Cowardice in Rwanda
Molly Ivins: More Foxes: Bush Continues to Put Corporate Types in Federal Agencies
Eric Alterman: West Bank Dreamin'
Syl Jones: Coverage of Shark Attacks is Fishy on a Grand Scale
John Nichols: Free Speech Advocates Will Miss Jesse
John Balzar: Bill Gates' Way or No Way
Scot Lehigh: Senator John Kerry Might Have to Face a Foe From the Left

Thursday, August 23
Penny Rosenwasser: We Must Refuse To Be Enemies
William Pfaff: Try Starting With the Idea That Able People Ought to Have Work
Andres Oppenheimer: Weapons Makers Find a Market in Latin America
Seth Sandronsky: What’s The Dollar Got To Do With It?
David A. Love: America's Best Law Firms are Reluctant to Hire Minority Partners
Mark Weisbrot: Return of the Lockbox
Laura Flanders: A Lott on the Dole: Southern Repubs are Hypocrites on Federal Welfare
Dave Zweifel: Bush Daughters Handled With Kid Gloves

Wednesday, August 22
Alanna Mitchell: A New UN Report Confirms It: The Planet's Woodlands Are Disappearing
Tracy Wilkinson: Another Kind of Intifada
Ben Lilliston: Farmers Fight to Save Organic Crops
Evan Woodward: Uncontrolled Burn: How Congress is Adding Fuel to the Western Wildfires
Robert Scheer: You Can Use God to Justify Anything
Martina Gillis: On The Five-Year Anniversary of Welfare 'Reform': Unequal Treatment Under the Law

Tuesday, August 21
David Winkler: Globalization's Victims: Film Reveals Hidden Horrors of IMF/World Bank Policies
Frida Berrigan: U.S. 'Supplier of Choice' for Weapons Sales
George Monbiot: Biotech Firms Found Persuasion Didn't Work, So They Are Using A New Tactic: Coercion
Sean Gonsalves: Investing in Families
Edward Welsh: There's an H-bomb in Our Swamp

Monday, August 20
Denver Post: Big Oil, Little Public
Salim Muwakkil: Quieting the Call of the 'Tribe'
Flora Lewis: Shine Light on the Lies Behind the Vietnam War
Huck Gutman: Changes of Historic Magnitude
Thomas Halsted: The Media Must Demand Truth From the Testers
Dave Zweifel: Missile Hit Got a Little Help
Monty Don: What's Wrong With Our Food? The Dire Consequences of Putting Profits Before Health
Robert Kuttner: Bush's Bow to the Religious Right
Charles Reuben: Long Train Runnin'?

Friday, August 17
Gwynne Dyer: It's Not Bush Making Real Decisions in Oval Office
Bernie Sanders: U.S. Needs A Political Revolution
Norman Solomon: How to Be a Contented Media Consumer
Sakara Remmu: The Inevitable Death of This Brother of Mine
Peter Phillips: Heartless America?
John Nichols: Feingold Should Go for the Bold

Thursday, August 16
Karen Narasaki: U.S. Should Take Leadership Role in Racial Justice
Suzanne Goldenberg: 12 Shots, One Corpse - They Call It Pinpoint Prevention

Wednesday, August 15
Kathryn Kingsbury: Brutal Israeli Terrorism Subsidized by US
Allen Callahan: If Jesus Were Invited to a Lunch with Bush
Laura Flanders: I Want My Democracy Now!
Sean Gonsalves: Colorblind Society No Utopia
Milcho Manchevski: NATO Gave Us This Ethnic Cleansing
John Nichols: U.S. Sanctions Against Iraq are a Crime

Tuesday, August 14
George Monbiot: Hells Grannies: Facing Down Ethnic Cleansing and Nuclear Criminality
RC Longworth: Is This Any Way To Run A Globe?
Ron Grossman: World Without Borders: Anarchy Blossoms Amid Disenfranchised
Laura Flanders: The Undeterred: Government Throws the Book at Protesters, Creating Lifelong Activists
Noam Chomsky: Neocolonial Invitation to a Tribal War

Monday, August 13
Burt Dragin: Barbara Ehrenreich Follows in the Tradition of Investigative Journalists' Patron Saint, Ida Tarbell
John Buell: Corporate Crime or Business as Usual?
Stuart Jeffries: France's Favorite Food Campaigner is Back at His Most Famous Battleground
Robert Fisk: Israelis May Regret Orient House Grab Amid Scepticism Over 'Terrorism' Charge

Sunday, August 12

Jennifer Hochschild: Bush's First Six Months: Trouble in the Tent
Adele Simmons: U.S.: Make the World Go Away
Edward Said: Innocents Face Endless Cruelty Without End
Robert Kuttner: Praise for Far-Sighted Public Planning
Margie Wylie: The Toxic Price of Throwaway Phones
Doug Cassel: The World Reaches Out for Justice
Steve Miles: Bush's Mistake on Stem Cells
Tom Mayer/Joy Barrett/Julie Greene: Support the World Bank Bonds Boycott

Saturday, August 11
Ted Rall: George W. Bush and the Politics of DNA: Send in the Clones
Rahul Mahajan: Containing the Rogue State
Harv Teitelbaum: Intelligent Design, or Creationism v2.0?
Seth Sandronsky: California’s Crisis of Black Incarceration, Census Shows
Trevor Corson: How My Electric Car Saves the World

Friday, August 10
John Balzar: The Nation's Bones Are Obsolete and Deficient
Brita Butler-Wall: GOP Dirty Tricks: Shenanigans Don't Impress People
Norman Solomon: Clinton Memoirs: Reflecting on the Media Wars
Jeffrey St. Clair: Battleground Alaska: From the Aleutians to the Arctic Plains, Star Wars is Coming to the Last Frontier
Martin Woollacott: Israelis and Palestinians Are Once Again on the Brink of Disaster
Douglas Mattern: The Time of the Nuclear Nightmare Must Have a Stop

Thursday, August 9
Chris Toensing: The Daily Doublespeak at the State Department
Richard Norton-Taylor: The US Search for Absolute Security is a Threat To Us All
Anthony Schinella: Democrats 2004: Ten Steps for Prospective Candidates
John Nichols: "Republican Feminist": Recalling a Better Reagan
Bob Herbert: Let's Clear the Air

Wednesday, August 8
Duncan Campbell: Nader Initiative is Another Thorn in Democrats' Flesh
Steve Boggan: Space - The Final Frontier in a New and Terrifying Arms Race
Thomas Nagy: How the U.S. Intentionally Destroyed Iraq's Water Supply
Isabel Hilton: Forget Cancun, Globalization Has Destroyed The Real Latin America
Theodore Roszak: Bush Plan Could Turn Phony Crisis Into A Real Social Security Disaster
Molly Ivins: Adios, First Amendment
Denny Banks: Take Egregious Hypocrisy Out of International Racial Conferences
John Balzar: Al Gore's Challenge: Living Up to His Beard

Tuesday, August 7
The Oregonian: Ralph Does the Rose Garden
Mokhiber/Weissman: Corporate Globalization and the Poor
James Zogby: Bush's Undersecretary of Defense Should Have Been Disqualified for Conflict of Interests
Arianna Huffington: 6 Million Disenfranchised Voters? Perhaps We Should Do Something About It
Robert Fisk: Lebanon Turns Screw on the Palestinians Who Cannot 'Go Home'
Sean Gonsalves: Pardon Nonviolent Drug Dealers
Seth Sandronsky: Education or Indoctrination?

Monday, August 6
Nikolay Palchikoff: The Nuclear August of 1945
Barbara Ehrenreich: America's Working Poor Need a Raise
Salim Muwakkil: Stay Tuned for More Sleaze; Tabloid TV News May Be the Wave of the Future
John LaForge: Nuclear Weapons Cannot Be Tolerated
Neal Peirce: It's Time to Get Serious About Passenger Rail
William Pfaff: The Pentagon, Not Congress or the President, Calls the Shots

Saturday, August 4
Robert Fisk: BBC Staff Are Told Not To Call Israeli Killings 'Assassination'
John MacArthur: Sorry About That War Crime
John O'Farrell: The Hero Wore Gap and Drank Miller

Friday, August 3
John Balzar: Arctic Ignorance and Bliss
Emily Gurnon: What Would Jesus Drive?
Jonathan Steele: New Research Shows That Economic Growth Worldwide Has Actually Slowed During The Era of Globalization
Jeffrey St. Clair: The Case of the Missing H-Bomb
Wayne Grytting: Philip Morris Sees the Light
Eugene J. Carroll Jr: Vieques Not Needed For Navy Maneuvers
Mary McGrory: Bush Lives in a Bubble
John Nichols: Greens Say They Will Fill Political Void

Thursday, August 2
Nathan Newman: A Death in Genoa: Who killed Carlo Guiliani?
Norman Solomon: A Green Party Campaign for President in 2004?
Laura Flanders: Why Them? NGO Investigates Bomb Massacre on Iraqi Soccer Field
Tom Teepen: Feasting on Private Lives
Bob Herbert: Texas Travesty

Wednesday, August 1
Steve Connor: We Are Living on the Planet of the Apes
Julian Borger: Too Young To Vote, Old Enough To Be Executed
Molly Ivins: Media, America Have Abandoned Working Folk
Vincent Browne: No Progress at Genoa Despite Bono Contention
Jeff Milchen: Fees on Public Lands Threaten a National Heritage
Robyn Blumner: For Bush, Abortion Gag Rule is Only the Beginning
John Wildermuth: Will Political Donations Keep Microsoft Intact?
Philip Gailey: American People Will Soon Awaken From Politicians' Fantasies



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