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Wednesday, June 20, 2018
"Already pediatricians are warning about the lasting damage they’re likely to suffer from this cruel treatment." (Photo: Otherwords) Jill Richardson
Immigrant Kids Are Suffering Trauma That Will Last Years
I know firsthand how childhood trauma follows you your whole life. What's happening to kids on the border is even worse.
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 "It will mean things like abolishing the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agency (or better yet, the entire Department of Homeland Security)." (Photo: National Nurses United/flickr/cc) Ryan Cooper
Democrats Were Oblivious About Immigration During the Obama Years. Now They're Enraged — and Hopefully Sorry
A sensible and humane immigration policy will mean far more than just reversing the particular actions from Trump.
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Tamara Pearson
The Vivid Dangers of Our Indifference to a Hellish World
What if ignoring the world's problems was the most morally fucked thing a person could do?
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U.S. Border Patrol agents process immigrants from Central America while taking them into custody on August 17, 2016 near Roma, Texas. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images) Kate Aronoff
Why Abolishing ICE Is Good Climate Policy
The war on terror has unleashed unspeakable cruelty. We must not rely on its institutions to fix the climate crisis.
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"The Syria war has resulted in a massive influx of refugees, most of whom are hosted by neighboring Middle Eastern countries, but many have sailed the sea to seek safety in Europe." (Photo: Getty Images) Ramzy Baroud
End the Wars to Halt the Refugee Crisis
Without military interventions, economic exploitation and political meddling, a refugee crisis - at least one of this magnitude - wouldn't exist in the first place.
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“Our true national security lies in achieving the long overdue objective of nuclear disarmament.” (Photo: Screengrab) Kathy Kelly
Hungering for Nuclear Disarmament
Our small community here longs to preserve all life, to end potential omnicide.
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"The next step on the road towards total tyranny might be arresting the leaders of the Israeli human rights community and outlawing the existence of the major NGOs doing this lonely, valuable work - and it has already made moves in this direction." (Photo: MEE) Richard Silverstein
Israel Wants to Turn Filming of Its Crimes Into a Crime
Bill criminalising the filming of Israeli security forces underscores the state’s chilling suppression of Palestinian rights.
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“The act of ripping children away from their parents is nothing new for the United States. Separating children and their families to ‘kill the Indian to save the man’ by sending Native children to boarding schools, and doing it in the name of religion, is one generation removed from my family.” (Photo: John N. Choate/MPI/Getty Images) Mark Trahant
Indian Country Remembers the Trauma of Children Taken From Their Parents
As Congress prepares to debate separating families at the border, a look back at the U.S.’s past with the cruel practice.
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"This is about a runaway military-industrial complex that our ruling elite are more than happy to let loose." (Photo: Pixaby) Lee Camp
Trump’s Military Drops a Bomb Every 12 Minutes, and No One Is Talking About It
We are a rogue nation with a rogue military and a completely unaccountable ruling elite.
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 "Parents who were deported four months ago and are still waiting for the U.S. to return their baby." (Photo: @ajplus/Twitter) Amrit Cheng
Fact-Checking Family Separation
The Trump administration is choosing to separate families. It’s a policy decision that could be stopped at any time by the president without legislation.
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Jim Hightower
What Do Those People Want?
It's simple: progress.
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