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Tuesday, March 17, 2020
Sara Nelson, the dynamic president of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, has made a powerful case for direct payroll subsidies to the employees who keep our airline industry passengers flying and safe, everyone from flight attendants and pilots to security screeners and wheelchair attendants. Sarah Anderson
How to Make the Airline Bailout Work for Workers, Not Just CEOs
The government should provide direct wage subsidies to airline workers while restricting CEO pay to no more than 50 times median wages.
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Protester’s sign decries sanctions, “a silent war” (Photo: Campaign for Peace and Democracy, 2013) Kathy Kelly
Stop Tightening the Thumb Screws, A Humanitarian Message
We need to jointly confront the coronavirus while constructing a humane future for the world without wasting time or resources on the continuation of brutal wars.
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They aren’t testing a handful of people who might be positive. (Photo: Fatemeh Bahrami/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images) Mike Pappas
On the Front Lines of the Coronavirus Pandemic: A Doctor’s View
The virus is exposing inadequacies in health systems all over the world, especially the U.S.’s abysmal health infrastructure. Health workers on the ground continue to provide care during the pandemic despite the severe lack of resources and dangers to their personal health.
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Medea Benjamin, Nicolas J.S. Davies
12 Ways the US Invasion of Iraq Lives On in Infamy
The most serious consequences of the disastrous invasion and occupation of Iraq confirm what millions of people around the world warned about 17 years ago.
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Though few remember it today, exactly 100 years ago, this country’s media was laboring under the kind of official censorship that would undoubtedly thrill both Donald Trump and Mike Pompeo. (Photo: Tuan Mark/Getty Images) Adam Hochschild
When "Fake News" Was Banned: An America Trump Might Have Loved
Our country under censorship.
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Rich or poor, Americans already spend more on medicine than any other people in the world. (Photo: Elvert Barnes/flickr/cc) Josue De Luna Navarro
If You Think Coronavirus Profiteering Is Bad, Wait Till the Climate Heats Up
From testing for coronavirus to treating the health impacts of climate change, universal healthcare and publicly owned medicine production are critical components for adapting to the coming crisis.
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More war is never a good answer, and it makes even less sense at this time. (Photo:  Erich Ferdinand/flickr/cc) Kevin Martin
Social Distancing? Peace and Social Justice Demand More Coming Together, Not More Distancing
Let's get all US troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, make peace with Iran, and address the real threats to human security like pandemics and the climate crisis.
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Once the current crisis has passed, we will need a thorough diagnosis of just why the U.S. economy and society was so fragile to this shock. (Photo: Shutterstock) Josh Bivens
Coronavirus Shock Will Likely Claim 3 Million Jobs By Summer
Policy is needed now to curb further losses.
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Ensuring access to water as a human right is crucial, especially given the number of localities across the United States grappling with privatized water during a public health emergency. (Photo: uusc4all/flickr/cc) Negin Owliaei
The Detroit Organizers Long Demanding Water Justice
As cities and states grapple with the spread of coronavirus, activists remind government why water is a human right and not a commodity.
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A Syrian refugee woman puts a face mask on a boy as a precaution against the spread of coronavirus, in al-Wazzani area, in southern Lebanon on March 14, 2020 (Photo: Ali Hashisho/Reuters) Edna Bonhomme
Coronavirus, Colonization, and Capitalism
What the global outbreak reminds us about inequality.
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When the playing field is so wildly tilted to start with, loss is hardly indicative of being out of touch with voters’ preferences. (Photo: Marc Nozell/cc/flickr) Julie Hollar
Who Wants a Revolution? No One Who Owns a Major Corporate Media Outlet
The pundits appear willfully ignorant of their own role in shaping electability narratives.
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The Fed can close banks to quarantine financial crises but the US can’t close workplaces because the nation’s social insurance system depends on people going to work. (Photo: Bastiaan Slabbers/NurPhoto via Getty Images) Robert Reich
Coronavirus Outbreak Proves There Is No Public Health System in the US
There is no public health system in the US, in short, because the richest nation in the world has no capacity to protect the public as a whole, apart from national defense.
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"Whatever the outcome," writes Butigan, "the experience of this current pandemic is likely a rehearsal for the summoning of global resolve to, once and for all, tackle the series of grave 'epidemics' that are mutating and growing all around us." (Photo: Nes/iStock/Getty) Ken Butigan
Love and Nonviolence in the Time of Coronavirus
The stark choice for a nonviolent future is here.
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The U.S. prison system is one of deplorable living conditions, disregard for human life, and perpetual punishment. And given Assange’s health, he will be lucky to receive adequate care. (Photo: Claire Doherty/In Pictures via Getty Images) Jeffrey Sterling
I Reject Using My Unjust Conviction Against Julian Assange
Given the long history of the U.S. government’s pursuit of Assange and the obvious political nature of his potential prosecution, I fear there will be nothing reasonable with regard to any sentence to be imposed.
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The current crisis exists," writes McWilliams, "because businesses fear that other businesses with whom they are dealing every day will run out of cash. This fear is infectious." (Photo: Tim Mossholder / artistGNDphotographer / Getty Images) David McWilliams
Central Banks Must Give Everyone Free Money. Right Now.
Is it free? Yes. Is it one-off? Yes. Can it be done? Absolutely! To stem economic fears unleash by coronavirus, now is the time to act.
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