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Friday, December 20, 2019
As has been the case throughout his presidency, The Hill tends to take everything Trump and his allies say at face value, sharing their statements repeatedly without indicating whether they’re actually true. (Photo: Ceci Freed / Media Matters | Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons) Parker Molloy
The Hill Can’t Stop Spreading Misinformation About Trump’s Impeachment
The site’s social media strategy sows confusion and spreads lies.
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It would probably be redundant by now to point to Eisenhower’s departing warning about the military-industrial complex, except for the fact that it continues to be prophetic and grows increasingly manifest every day. (Photo: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images) Randall Amster
Dread and Circuses: Powerful Forces Diverting Attention From Imperative Measures Through Crass Distractions
It may be tempting to obsess over the ways that the two main parties diverge, but it might be more important to note when they agree.
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A Rust Belt factory (Photo: Andrew Bardwell / Flickr) Walden Bello
Good Riddance to the WTO
Rich countries embraced trade multilateralism when it suited them, and now they’re abandoning it. That may not be such a bad thing.
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Residents defend a property from a bushfirein Taree, north of Sydney.(Photo: Peter Parks/AFP via Getty Images) Juan Cole
Climate Crisis Rages in Australia, With 14 of 15 Hottest Places in World and Sydney Fire-Besieged
Australia is a major exporter of coal and other hydrocarbons, and with 0.7 percent of the world population is responsible for 5% of carbon dioxide emissions if exported fuels are counted. That is staggering.
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How does one save one’s country from a cult? (Photo: Shutterstock) Sonali Kolhatkar
To Understand Trump, You Must Understand His Cult
One of the best means of battling the cult of Trump is to continue to hammer away at the truth, hoping the shelf of nagging doubts at the back of the MAGA heads may collapse someday with the weight of facts and truth.
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