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Wednesday, August 28, 2019
Trump has constantly funneled the White House budget into his own pockets. (Photo: Illustrated | Jeff J Mitchell - Pool /Getty Images, NATALIIA OMELCHENKO/iStock, javarman3/iStock, KittisakJirasittichai/iStock) Ryan Cooper
Donald Trump Is Picking Your Pocket
Donald Trump using the presidency to line his pockets is perhaps the most viscerally compelling piece of evidence against him. It is baldly unconstitutional, practically the dictionary definition of corruption, and simply gross .
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David Koch at the Economic Club of New York in 2012. (Photo: Mark Lennihan/AP Photo) Alexander Sammon
David Koch’s Heirs Will Enjoy the Biggest Tax Loophole Nobody Talks About
It’s called step-up in basis, and it wipes away all capital gains in his $50 billion estate.
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 Tree in the Brazilian rainforest. (Photo: Pablo Albarenga, all rights reserved.) Francesc Badia i Dalmases
The Open Amazon and Its Enemies: A Call for Action and Optimism
The Amazon, now on fire, has become the central political and geopolitical hot spot for humanity's right to its own future. Optimism is the gasoline that must feed the fight.
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It’s beyond elitist for wealthy donors to a president who openly incites violence and hate to complain of "harassment" when they face criticism. (Photo: Screenshot) Basav Sen
Name and Shame Big Political Contributors
Donors don’t like it, but using this publicly available information is one of the best ways to fight corruption.
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The media take a somewhat different tack on this country versus country story, but they nonetheless embrace the nonsense Trumpian logic. (Photo: Screenshot) Dean Baker
Corporate Media Take the Trump Line on Trade
It would be great if trade reporters could get a bit more serious and give some thought to winners and losers from trade policy, and not pretend that everyone in the United States is in the same boat.
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Our country spends the most (more than $10,000 per year per person) on a system that often delivers the least. (Photo: Elvert Barnes/flickr/cc) Jim Hightower
The Problem With Health Care Is 'The System'
While our doctors and other providers have top-level skills and knowledge, they operate within a fundamentally flawed corporate structure that measures success not in care delivered to the many but in profits extracted for the few: the investor elites.
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While some are denied the right to visit their families, others are dying in isolation in besieged areas, in “closed military zones”, while separated from one another by massive walls and numerous military checkpoints. (Photo: Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call) Ramzy Baroud
Humanity Denied: What Is Missing From the Omar, Tlaib Story
This is the story of Palestinian isolation by Israel that we must not allow to die out.
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About 15 years ago, Texas introduced a renewable energy integration program that has led to wind and solar making up 20 percent of the state’s electricity supply, comparable to California. Other regions are playing catch-up. According to the Sierra Club, at least 131 cities and nine states, districts or territories across the U.S. have committed to 100 percent renewable energy goals within a certain timeframe. (Photo: Pixabay/Pexels) Daniel Ross
Can We Reach 100 Percent Renewable Energy in Time to Avert Climate Catastrophe?
To prevent the worst climate scenarios, carbon emissions must be slashed to net-zero by 2050.
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People carry the coffin of indigenous leader and environmental activist Berta Caceres, Tegucigalpa, Honduras, March 3, 2016. (Photo: CNS/EPA/Stringer) Jovanna Garcia Soto
Violence Against Indigenous Hondurans Shows Us What Fuels Migration
The United States government bears direct responsibility for the violence—militarizing the region and ensuring U.S. corporations can extract profit and resources.
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Seventy percent of Americans support universal health care as presented in the Medicare for All Act of 2019. (Photo: People's Action Blog) Sameena Mustafa
Real People Will Lead the Way to #MedicareForAll
Most would not believe that a bunch of grassroots activists could stop a 172-year-old professional organization in its tracks. Such a feat would be nothing short of David felling Goliath. But that’s exactly what we did.
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According to the court, non-theistic people are not capable of meeting the goals of legislative prayer – only believers in the divine can do that. (Photo: A member of the Pennsylvania House of Representative recites an opening prayer) Rob Boston
Federal Appeals Court Green Lights Discrimination Against Non-Theists
It's yet another in a problematic line of recent decisions that allow government entities to endorse and promote religion (just about always Christianity) as long as it’s being done for "historic" purposes.
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