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Monday, July 29, 2019
George W. Bush's penchant for saying that in executing the war against Iraq he was carrying out "God's will."(Photo: Screenshot) James Zogby
The Abuse of Religion to Foster Extremism Is a Universal Phenomenon
When it masks a political agenda or when it justifies violence either by groups or state actors, it becomes a danger
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Demonstrator holds a sign that reads, “No one is illegal on stolen land” at a protest near the U.S.-Mexico border. (Photo: SOPA Images/Getty Images) Guillermo Torres
Indigenous People Demand an End to Detention on Stolen Lands
"As the original caretakers of these lands and territories, we have inherent authority over migration and demand an end to these barbaric acts."
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A B53 nuclear bomb at the Pantex facility in Texas. (Photo: NNSA/flickr/cc) Lawrence Wittner
Dear Moderators of the Presidential Debates: How About Raising the Issue of How to Avert Nuclear War?
Don’t you―as stand-ins for the American people―think it might be worthwhile to ask the candidates some questions about how best to avert a global catastrophe of unprecedented magnitude?
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Remaining at the present level would imply a continued carnage at the “commodity extraction frontier” until so little is left that eternal warfare and collapse are inevitable. (Remko de Waal/Getty-AFP) Joan Martinez Alier , Nick Meynen
Never-Ending Growth?
The fatal flaw in the plan to end poverty and save the planet.
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Poorer seniors are likely to have been poor, or among the working poor, most of their lives. (Photo: Shutterstock) Katherine Newman
Retirement Shouldn’t Mean Poverty
Social security helps, but growing inequality means millions of elders are just barely making it.
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Kolkata, India: Temperatures soar past 40˚C during a June 2019 heatwave. (Photo: Piyal Adhikary / EPA) Tom Matthews
Heatwave: Think It’s Hot in Europe? The Human Body Is Already Close to Thermal Limits Elsewhere
Spare a thought for less fortunate communities who are routinely experiencing extraordinary temperatures.
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Miles Mogulescu
Nadler to the Rescue?
While Nadler and his Judiciary Committee colleagues may have saved Democrats from having nothing to say to their constituents about impeachment during the recess, the question remains whether they're being too clever by half
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Danny Sjursen
How America's Wars End (Messily)
And the Afghan war will be no exception
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