All Views Articles for 2019-04-20

Saturday, April 20, 2019
Romy Haber
How Women Are Leading the Sudanese Revolution
"Women are front, left, and center of the revolution."
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Gary John Adler, Jr.
Bringing the Border Closer to Home, One Immersion Trip at a Time
This unfamiliarity most Americans have with immigrants at the southern border makes it easy for politicians to distort what's going on there
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Will Bunch
Trump Thought Mueller Would Be 'the End of My Presidency.' It Should Be.
"Rather than working to prevent foreign election interference from happening again, the new president labored to prevent a true investigation into what happened."
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Jacqueline Keeler
Notre Dame and the Fight for Sacred Lands
An Indigenous journalist reflects on the 800-year-old cathedral and what "sacred" means to her
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