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Wednesday, March 27, 2019
The mainstream press, owned by the corporations that have extinguished the democratic state and are fleecing the public, as well as destroying the ecosystem on which we depend for life, does not hold its employers to account.(Photo: Mr.Fish) Chris Hedges
Mueller Report Ends a Shameful Period for the Press
A nation that lacks a functioning press becomes a tyranny
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Ralph Nader
Forget Mueller. Forget Impeachment. A Million People Should Surround the White House and Demand Trump's Resignation
Even the master distractor himself could not have distracted the mass dittohead media any better from his true crimes.
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The homeless 8-year-old chess champion is a prime example of a fast-growing sub-genre of unintentionally horrifying stories that are meant to uplift the reader, but instead highlight the hellish nightmare much of the country lives in. (Photo: Screenshot) Alan MacLeod
The Homeless 8-Year-Old Chess Champion and Other Horrific ‘Uplifting’ Stories
Under neoliberalism, every problem is understood through an individualist lens, and not a result of systemic forces that dominate society
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Medea Benjamin, Nicolas J S Davies
War and Peace and the 2020 Presidential Candidates
While we can't guarantee that candidates will stick to their campaign promises, we still must ask this vital question: What prospects for peace might each of them bring to the White House?
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The report details a radical right-wing deregulation agenda that Trump & Company are quietly but determinedly pushing under the ruse of stimulating economic growth.(Photo: AP) Jim Hightower
Trumponomics: Batman...or Dracula?
Trump's economic report is shamelessly grandiose, replete with flagrant fabrications of facts and pretensions that his failed trickle-down policies are record-setting successes
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What’s important is that the Russian government meddled in our election to help him, and that we now have a President of the United States who lies continually. (Photo: The Progressive) Ruth Conniff
Mueller Report Does Not Disprove that Trump Is a Crook
The truth is less dramatic, but more sordid
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This may not work out as Pompeo hopes. (Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images) Sarah Jones
Pompeo Expands Global Gag Rule, Which May Actually Increase Abortions
There isn’t much reason to think that Pompeo prioritizes evidence-based development policy, or that the notion of punishing abortion-seeking women troubles him at all
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There is no justification—except partisan zealotry built upon race-based politics. (John Schulte, Dreamstime) Jesse Jackson
Imposing a Modern-day Version of a Poll Tax is a New Low
The real question to the Republican congressional majority in Florida: Have you no decency?
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What it should end, however, is the incredibly naive belief that someone was going to wave a magic wand and make all this “Trump stuff” go away. (Photo: Shutterstock) Peter Certo
Russia Was Never the Real Scandal
Collusion with corporations has always been hiding in plain sight. It takes real people to fight that—not an elite prosecutor
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A forest planted on an abandoned open-pit coal mine, Germany. (Photo: Hans Blossey Getty Images) Han de Groot
The Best Technology for Fighting Climate Change Isn't a Technology: It's Forests
Forests are the most powerful and efficient carbon-capture system on the planet
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