All Views Articles for 2019-02-17

Sunday, February 17, 2019
Christine Emba
Welfare for Those 'Unwilling to Work?' It’s Not As Crazy As You Might Think.
An FAQ in the Green New Deal drew criticism for calling for "economic security" for those "unwilling to work"—but is the proposal really so extraordinary?
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Ana Suda
Border Patrol Detained Me for Speaking Spanish in Montana. Then My Town Turned Against Me.
"My friend and I were illegally targeted and detained by a Customs and Border Protection agent, just for speaking Spanish to each other in a convenience store."
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Juan Cole
Trump’s Wall an Ugly Scar Across Hot Zone of Biological Diversity
"Because Trump's border wall exists in his fevered imagination he cannot imagine that it has an impact on real, living beings. But the impact is profound, and deeply damaging."
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Robert Reich
Dictator Trump
"Perhaps Trump's current attack on American democracy through his assertion of a fake national emergency is intended as to distract from this larger attack on America. No matter. Both threaten the essence of the nation."
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Eric Margolis
Hate-Fest in Warsaw
While Trump’s people were fulminating in Warsaw against Iranian 'terrorism', it was Iran that was the victim of terrorist attacks.
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Tom Huckin
To Get Any Economic Fairness, We Need To Be Demanding It—By Name
With ever-increasing income inequality now a national crisis, the American people need an appropriate banner to march behind
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Jefferson Morley
NSC Memo Shows Elliott Abrams ‘Caballed Quietly’ to Spring a CIA-Connected Drug Trafficker
"As time when U.S. prosecutors meted out 10-year sentences to young black men for the possession of a few ounces of cocaine, Abrams thought a multi-kiloton trafficker should be treated leniently. Such was his advocacy of 'human rights.'"
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Hank Edson
Setting Necessary Boundaries on Trump’s Misconduct
"The president does not get to declare an emergency as a substitute for a bill the legislature refused to pass. This is a blatant overthrow of the constitutional framework distributing power across three branches of government."
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Michael Winship
Trump Is Our One-Man National Emergency
His "big beautiful wall" is the great lie, a metaphor for hatred and separation
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