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Wednesday, January 23, 2019
 The Janus case was spearheaded by ALEC’s sister group, the $80 million State Policy Network (SPN), made up of 66 right-wing think tanks and other Koch-funded institutions.(Photo: Screenshot) Mary Bottari
ALEC’s New Union-Busting Toolkit Illustrates the Goal Is to Bankrupt Unions Not Protect Workers
The ultimate goal of the ALEC-SPN groups is the end of worker power
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The transgender ban in the military has nothing to do with military readiness or cost — and everything to do with bigotry and transphobia. (Photo: Shutterstock) Jill Richardson
The Transgender Ban Is About Bigotry and Distraction
Trump's attacking service members to provoke the left, throw red meat to his base, and distract the rest from things like the shutdown
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The new fifth-generation 5G cellular technology will bring a revolution to America every bit as transformational as was the transition from dial-up modems to high-speed broadband. (Photo: Screenshot) Thom Hartmann
How Libertarian Theology and Trump Are Destroying the Internet—and America
According to Trump and his billionaire libertarian owners, the safety and security of America is not the proper role of government. Not our air, our water, our public lands, or even our internet
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Seventy-five per cent of the US public supports Medicare for all, including nearly two-thirds of Republicans. (Photo: Screenshot) Alan MacLeod
Ocasio-Cortez Rattles Pundits Across the Corporate Media Spectrum
It appears the centrist establishment is as uncomfortable with a progressive agenda as the most frothing-at-the-mouth conservatives
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The World Economic Forum is not some sort of international organization, it is a for-profit organization.  (Photo: Market Watch via Getty Images) Dean Baker
No One Said Rich People Were Very Sharp: Davos Tries to Combat Populism
The real incredible aspect of Davos is that so many political leaders and news organizations would go to a meeting that is quite explicitly about rich people trying to set an agenda for the world
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Oxfam reports that the wealth of the 2,200 billionaires across the globe increased by $900 billion last year – or $2.5 billion a day. (Cartoon credit: Khalil Bendib/OtherWords) Robert Reich
The Fall of Davos Man
Message to Davos Man (and Women): Either commit to pushing for broader prosperity and democracy, or watch as trade wars, capital controls, and isolationism erode global prosperity (including yours) and global peace
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A recent “60 Minutes” segment featured venture capitalist and author Kai-Fu Lee predicting that advances in artificial intelligence would “in 15 years displace about 40 percent of the jobs in the world.” (Photo: Shutterstock) Adam Simpson
The Problem Isn't Robots Taking Our Jobs. It's Oligarchs Taking Our Power
Training for the jobs of the future keeps workers trapped as long as workers can't shape how technology is used and who profits from it
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A placard calls for an end to the partial government shutdown during the Third Annual Women's March LA in downtown Los Angeles, California on January 19 (Photo by DAVID MCNEW/AFP/Getty Images) Jesse Jackson
Common Sense Is Now Perilously Absent in Our Nation
We are constantly in danger of losing our bearings
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Despite all of the issues roiling the Middle East, Palestine remains a priority concern across the region and there is no tolerance among Arabs, in any of the region's countries, for normalized relations with Israel until the terms of the API are met, in full. (Photo: Getty) James Zogby
A Weakly Inflated Trial Balloon
For President Trump the matter of Palestinian rights, has never been a priority or even a concern
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Public education and plutocracy, educator activists in L.A. and nationwide increasingly understand, do not mix. Public schools do not thrive when billionaires prosper.(Photo: @magoo_tweets_2u/Twitter) Sam Pizzigati
What LA Teachers Tell Us About Rising Inequality
By shifting tax dollars to nonunion charters, billionaires sap the strength of teacher unions and undermine their capacity to support the causes—like higher taxes on the rich—that the rich find so distasteful
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Michael Winship
Trump Puts the White in the Red, White and Blue
Speech was another faux wringing of hands about the humanitarian crisis he himself has created.
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