All Views Articles for 2019-01-19

Saturday, January 19, 2019
A crowd holds signs reading "On strike for our students." Marjorie Orellana
Why I Stand With UTLA’s Fight for Teachers, Families and Children
We have an opportunity in this moment to publicly ratify the human rights of teachers, families and all children, and to call for an end to the erosion of public education in the second largest school district in the nation.
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Members of the Central Labor Council of Nashville and Middle Tennessee Sue Sturgis
Institute Index: The Racial Injustice of the Government Shutdown
An eye-opening list of the shutdown's impacts
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A caricature of President Donald Trump. Al Martinich, Tom Palaima
President Donald Trump and Political Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy
Trump’s latest manifestationof political MSP has many stages.
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The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial with the Washington Monument in the background. Nancy J. Altman
Let’s Honor MLK’s Fight for Economic Justice by Expanding Social Security
Those who stand in the way should know that we are watching and we vote.
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Demonstrators march in San Francisco on Nov. 5, 2011. (Photo: Glenn Halog/flickr/cc) Cynthia Kaufman
Belonging and Social Change: A Critique of the Politics of Wokeness
Being woke and seeing what is wrong serves no good purpose if it is not also aligned to engagement which is aimed at transforming social patterns.
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Three fifth graders Dean Baker
Washington Post Forgets to Mention, Scott Walker Misled Fifth Graders About Taxes
Former Wisconsin governor either does not understand how our income tax system works or is deliberately lying to advance his agenda
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