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Tuesday, December 18, 2018
Mexicans participate in an indigenous ritual at President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s inauguration. (Photo: Shutterstock) Manuel Pérez Rocha
AMLO Goes Full Throttle Against Neoliberalism—But What About NAFTA?
Mexico’s first left-wing president gave a fiery inaugural speech against neoliberalism in Mexico. But he barely mentioned NAFTA.
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The fate of single-payer healthcare in New York may be imperiled by union opposition. (Photo: Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)   Natalie Shure
Why Are These Labor Unions Opposing Medicare for All?
As long as credible action toward Medicare for All remains scarce among elected Democrats, advancing the policy demands a confrontation with the party establishment—something most labor leaders so far seem unwilling to do
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Anti-abortion (in front) and abortion-rights (in back) advocates demonstrating in front of the Supreme Court in June. (Photo: J. Scott Applewhite/Associated Press) Louise Melling
Will the Supreme Court Overturn Roe v. Wade After All?
Reading the tea leaves on abortion rights
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Many Washington insiders assert forcefully that committing to PAYGO rules in the House for the next Congress is good politics. (Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images) Josh Bivens
The Bad Economics of PAYGO Swamp Any Strategic Gain From Adopting It
It is terrible economics to view federal budget deficits as always and everywhere bad
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How did we get to a national economic conversation that is dominated by chatter on the rise and fall of stocks, when it’s just a small part of economic life for most of the 300 million people who live in this country?(Photo: Ars Electronica / Flickr) Marshall Auerback
An Economy Built Around a Stock Market Is Certain to End Up Looking Like the Mess We Call America
The doctrine of shareholder value has created multiple economic crises, long recessions, growing inequality and decades of stagnant incomes for the average American worker
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Tom Engelhardt
In Praise of a Military Budget That Ensures Our Destruction
If we are this committed to destroying life and the planet that sustains it, perhaps the Pentagon does need more money
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A number of human rights and humanitarian organizations have even launched the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots with the goal of adopting an international ban on the development and deployment of fully autonomous weapons systems. (Photo: Sharron Ward/Campaign to Stop Killer Robots/Facebook) Michael T. Klare
The Coming of Hyperwar: "Alexa, Launch Our Nukes!"
Artificial intelligence and the future of war
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Certainly we have a political class that’s hostile to the idea. But we don’t have a public that’s hostile to the idea. (Photo: Reed Saxon/AP) Mark Engler, Sam Pizzigati
Jeff Bezos Has Enough! It’s Time for a Maximum Wage
A Q&A with author Sam Pizzigati
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Jackie Smith, Caitlin Schroering
Global Peasant Declaration Represents Huge Advance for Human Rights
Seventy percent of the world’s population is fed by small-scale producers. These producers, however, face an onslaught of threats related to economic globalization
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The war on Yemen has to end to prevent the near-death of the Yemeni people. (Photo: Felton Davis/flickr/cc) Vijay Prashad
Yemen Remains on the Precipice of a Large-Scale Famine
The UN and U.S. Senate weigh in, but will their actions be enough to bring peace?
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Rep. Beto O'Rourke (D-Texas) during a debate with Sen. Ted Cruz during this year's campaign. Norman Solomon
Beto, We Hardly Knew Ye
The Texas Democrat's actual political record deserves scrutiny, and it's not what progressives might expect from the overheated adulation that has sent his presidential balloon aloft
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Katie Halper
How Come So Many Bernie Bros Are Women and People of Color?
Despite data to the contrary, the media continues to distort Sanders' politics and the diversity of his supporters
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