All Views Articles for 2018-09-08

Saturday, September 8, 2018
public edu Steven Singer
There Is Virtually No Difference Between Nonprofit and For-Profit Charter Schools
Every single charter school in the United States of America is either a disaster or a disaster waiting to happen
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passports Christopher Brauchli
Trumping Passports
There are, of course, various ways of revoking citizenship. Hitler had one, Bahrain has another, and Trump yet another
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Former CIA Director John Brennan Trevor Timm
Trump Is Turning the Enemies of Civil Liberties Into Liberal Heroes
In going after the most egregious violators of American freedoms, the president has forced pundits to rush to their defense
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vote sign Juan Cole
Why the Midterm Elections Can't Be Counted on to End Our Constitutional Crisis
So many voting districts have been gerrymandered to have a permanent Republican majority that there is no guarantee that we can produce a congressional Democratic majority
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system change banner Karin Nansen
No, Capitalism Will Not Save the Climate
The magnitude of the crises we face demands system change
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Stockholm City Hall is seen behind the Swedish flag. Christian Christensen
Dear Sweden: Learn a Lesson From the US and Reject Corrosive Dystopianism
Is there crime? Yes. Problems in schools? Yes. Dissatisfaction with healthcare? Sure. Is Sweden on the brink of implosion? Not even close.
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