All Views Articles for 2018-08-17

Friday, August 17, 2018
Simone Chun
Sea of Tears: The Tragedy of Families Split by the Korean War
'How can there be a half-century of separation between brothers and sisters, between parents and children?'
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Jeffrey D. Sachs
Billionaires Reach for the Stars While World Suffers
With all due respect to Jeff Bezos and other billionaires who plan to spend billions of dollars of their personal wealth on space travel, hundreds of millions of children who lack access to basic...
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Peter Certo
Trump Snubbed McCain. The Media Snubbed the Rest of Us.
The media treated Trump's petty snub of John McCain as a bigger controversy than the $717 billion Pentagon bill named for the Arizona senator.
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Juan Cole
If You Put an Old W. Bush Crony in Charge of Iran Policy, Doesn’t It Signal a War-Like Intention?
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has appointed Brian H. Hook , the State Department director of policy planning, to head a coordinated “Iran Action Group.” Hook served in several important posts in the...
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Sonali Kolhatkar
Women of Color Are Making History Ahead of Midterms
While the more important battles will come in November’s general elections, the primary races have already indicated that we are witnessing a game-changing moment in the nation’s political landscape.
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Norman Solomon
Democrats Should Finally Put Superdelegates Behind Them
The superdelegate system remains a burr in the donkey’s saddle, threatening to further undermine party unity.
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Will Bunch
Can Elizabeth Warren's Big New Idea Save Capitalism (and America) From Itself?
This isn’t socialism, but it's an attempt to make the brutal "free market" a little more responsive to the needs and demands of the workers who toil within this flawed economic system
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Ralph Nader
Going Fundamental Eludes Congressional Progressives
In short, Democrats — even the most progressive of the bunch — must do better to communicate with, inspire, and serve the American people
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