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Saturday, August 11, 2018
healthcare rally Pierre Tristam
It Should Be Criminal to Let Health Insurers Deny Coverage Based on Pre-Existing Conditions
Instead, the Trump administration, Florida, and 19 other states are fighting in court to make it permissible business again
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schoolboy protester Steven Singer
This Wall Street PAC Bankrolling Democrats Thinks Being Progressive Means Mirroring Betsy DeVos
If Democratic candidates want to keep the support of grassroots voters, they need to reject money from Democrats for Education Reform
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Trump Eric Margolis
Trump's Sanctions on Iran and Violation of the Nuclear Deal Defy His Vows to Create US Jobs
The $20 billion lost should be counted as part of annual U.S. aid to Israel
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carr fire Bob Burnett
As California Burns, It's Time to Elect Climate Leaders to Deal With This 'New Normal'
The catastrophic impacts of the climate crisis aren't confined to the West Coast wildfires—each community will have to develop their own particular response
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Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler Ansje Miller , Zack Kaldveer
Toxic Corruption: The Chemical Industry Keeps Pulling EPA's Strings
Protecting public health was once an EPA priority—now it's being treated as just another obstacle to maximizing corporate profit
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buses Kevin Kumashiro
A Back-to-School Lesson for 2018: As Elites Cut, the Masses Build
Education can strengthen our democracy when it raises our consciousness, reframes the debate, and mobilizes the public
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