All Views Articles for 2018-08-10

Friday, August 10, 2018
"According to the International Committee of the Red Cross, at least twenty-nine of those killed were children under the age of fifteen, and forty-eight people were wounded, including thirty children." (Photo: BBC News) Kathy Kelly
U.S. Is Complicit in Child Slaughter in Yemen
“If an airstrike was a drive-by and killed someone, the U.S. provided the car, the wheels, the servicing and repair, the gun, the bullets, help with maintenance of those—and the gas.”
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Artist and activist Robin Bell projected the words "Emoluments Welcome" on the facade of the Trump International Hotel in Washington in May 2017.(Photo: Robin Bell) Rex Nutting
Confused By Emoluments? The Founding Fathers Would Have Impeached Trump in a New York Minute
The Founding Fathers had someone just like Donald Trump in mind when they banned any and all emoluments to the president from any foreign or state governments
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“There is overwhelming research that distress and anxiety relating to climate is on the rise.”  (Photo: Milamai/Getty Images) Peter Kalmus
The Best Medicine for My Climate Grief
A climate scientist talks to a psychologist about coping with the crushing stress related to climate change. Here’s what he learned
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'Rashida Tlaib at her campaign headquarters in Detroit on Wednesday after becoming the Democratic nominee for a House seat." (Photo: Anthony Lanzilote for The New York Times) Michelle Goldberg
The Pragmatic Left Is Winning
For once, Democrats are not in disarray
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"Laura Ingraham’s maternal grandparents were immigrants from Poland." (Photo: J. Scott Applewhite/Associated Press) Juan Cole
US Editorials Called the Polish Immigrant Grandparents of Laura Ingraham ‘Undesirables’
Ingraham's typical Know-Nothing pronouncements on immigration to the US
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"This is Alaska's North Slope, which already was heavily drilled and which the current administration and its landlords are planning to turn into another bonanza for themselves." (Photo: Getty) Charles P. Pierce
Climate Change Destroys the Lives of the Poorest Human Beings First
History will not look kindly on us for this, or for any other aspect of our environmental record
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 "More establishment-inclined Democrats, sensing which way the wind is blowing, are already repositioning themselves." (Photo: Illustrated | Alex Edelman/Getty Images, Bill Pugliano/Getty Images, AP Photo/Al Goldis, AP Photo/Jim Salter, grebeshkovmaxim/iStock) Ryan Cooper
The Left Is Just Getting Started
If centrists think a couple of close losses spells the end of the left, they have another thing coming
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