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Tuesday, July 31, 2018
"Those facing deportation have no constitutional right to appointed counsel." (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images) Richard Rodriguez, Joy Moses
Lawyering Up on Immigration in the Trump Era
Immigrants are uniquely vulnerable to efforts to undermine the rule of law
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Jamie Longazel
Trump Bringing Familiar Politics of Division to Pennsylvania Coal Country
At Thursday's rally, Republican senate candidate Lou Barletta and Trump will do their best to emphasize the differences of those who live in this region. Like the coal barons before them, they’ll look working class Pennsylvanians in the eye and tell them economic policies that favor the rich are...
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"For every dollar a millionaire gives to charity, the public subsidizes 37 to 57 cents of that donation through diminished tax revenue." Chuck Collins, Helen Flannery
If You Take a Charitable Tax Deduction, You Should Actually Give to Charity
Wealthy donors are hoarding money in shady "charity" accounts in the face of urgent community needs
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Thom Hartmann
Trump Is in Major Legal and Political Trouble—His Desperate Attempts to Escape It Could Lead America to Catastrophe
We should talk about and prepare against any drastic measures from war to martial law Trump may undertake to escape his crises.
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"We urgently need a comprehensive approach to the problem." (Image: Food & Water Watch) Hannah McKinnon
As California Burns, Nobel Peace Laureates Call on Governor Brown to Phase Out Fossil Fuel Production
Like many self-identified “climate leaders,” California is dangerously ignoring the reality that in order to meaningfully tackle climate change we have to address fossil fuel production
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"As a religious minority in a country where their faith makes them potential victims of hate crimes, Muslims have stronger reasons than most Americans for believing in and practicing religious tolerance, not holy war." (Photo: Sue Ogrocki / AP) Arnold R. Isaacs
American Islamophobia’s Fake Facts
The con game of anti-Muslims
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"Unless Trump fires Mueller and gets away with it, the president’s supporters can expect additional phases of depression."(Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images) Bill Blum
Paul Manafort and the Five Stages of 'Mueller Derangement Syndrome'
The syndrome is most prevalent among Trump supporters, whose ranks range from off-the-hinge zealots like Alex Jones to the hacks on Fox News and, of course, the president’s biggest cheerleader—himself
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Stacy Bannerman
Is Climate the Worst Casualty of War?
The money misspent on the Iraq War—a war for oil, let’s not forget— could have purchased the planetary conversion to renewable energy. Just sit with that a moment.
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