All Views Articles for 2018-07-30

Monday, July 30, 2018
Trita Parsi
Trump's Offer to Meet With Iran's President Rouhani Won't Get Us a Better Deal. We Had Our Chance and Lost It.
Iran has offered American deals to end their nuclear programs before, but we preferred belligerency to diplomacy
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"Geo has turned into a household name in recent weeks for profiting off the youth and family detention centers that have become hallmarks of President Donald Trump’s inhumane immigration policies." (Photo: Negin Owliaei
Lancaster Shows How to Say No to Geo Group
A Pennsylvania county goes up against a giant of the private prison industry, and comes out victorious
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“It is sobering to witness how swiftly scientists’ worst predictions have come true, from the lethal heat wave gripping Japan to the record temperatures in Europe to the flames exploding near the Arctic Circle. ” (Photo: FEMA) Andy Rowell
California Wildfires Are “Climate Change, for Real and in Real Time”
As climate change creates its own weather, how many more people have to die, how many of our children do we have to bury or how many brave fire-fighters put their lives in danger, before society acts decisively?
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 "From DC, I returned to New York, a city that’s just spent hundreds of millions of public dollars on subway renovations that totally ignored one in six New Yorkers."(Photo: Emily Ladau/Twitter) Laura Flanders
Ominous Silence on the Anniversary of the ADA
The first two years of the Trump administration marked the first time that this landmark civil rights anniversary passed without official anything
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Nancy Altman
It’s Medicare’s 53rd Birthday—It’s Time Everyone Had It
Medicare for All is coming. It is coming because it is profoundly wise policy and profoundly winning politics.
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"The terror that ICE raids sow in our communities affects us all." (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images) Hamid Yazdan Panah
ICE Policies Hurt Our Communities Beyond the Border
The United States detains more immigrants than any other country in the world, and ICE’s ballooning budget and expansive detention policies run the risk of reshaping the character of our country
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Pianta and Ansari note in the study that previous research on the impact of school voucher programs “cast doubt on any clear conclusion that private schools are superior in producing student performance.”(Photo: iStock) Valerie Strauss
No, Private Schools Aren’t Better at Educating Kids Than Public Schools. Why This New Study Matters
The results confirm what earlier research found but are especially important amid a movement to privatize public education
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The destruction of the Great Mosque in Mosul (Photo: Wikimedia Commons) James Zogby
Foolish Wars Have Consequences
Countless civilan deaths, millions displaced, decimation of entire cities and the spread of extremism
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"The economics of the moment call for a political response – with policies that eliminate poverty, strengthen the middle class, and end the banking sector’s stranglehold on the economy." (Photo: Fed Up/Steve McFarland Photography) Richard Eskow
An Economy in the Fast Lane – With No Brakes
When the next recession hits, the working people of the United States will pay the steepest price
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"I’ve been teaching for 40 years and I don’t recall a generation as committed to social justice, reforming this country, and making it work for all and not just a few." (Photo: Screenshot) Robert Reich
6 Reasons for Hope in Trump Times
The fate of this nation depends on every one of us becoming an activist, joining with others, and reclaiming this land from those bent on destroying it
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Sina Toossi
Why Trump's Iran Policy is Bound to Fail
The administration's aggressive policies evokes past destructive foreign interventions against Iran.
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Robert Epstein
What's Going On With Donald Trump's Mental State? No Principles, Just Gusts of Wind
Trump's lies and reversals are not due to mental illness but because he reacts to people and situations in the moment, with no thought of future or past.
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