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Monday, July 23, 2018
"He berates judges who disagree with him, and journalists and news organizations that criticize him."(Photo: Screenshot) Robert Reich
We're Living a Constitutional Crisis
A malignant megalomaniac facing no countervailing power will continue to expand his terrain until he is stopped
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'No human should ever be treated this way. But while we are wounded, we are not broken." (Photo: Shutterstock) Nicole Braun
Let Me Tell You What Forced Separation Feels Like
Our country puts thousands upon thousands of U.S.-born kids behind bars, too. Mine was one of them
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"Alice Marie Johnson of Tennessee recently had her life sentence commuted by President Trump after she served 21 years in prison for a first-time, nonviolent offense. There are thousands more like her incarcerated in the U.S., and a growing reform effort seeks to free them." (Photo: Rebekah Barber
The Quest to Keep Nonviolent Offenders From Being 'Buried Alive'
Nearly 80 percent of those serving life without parole for a drug offense are people of color
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Secretary of the Treasury William H Crawford, Attorney General William Wirt, Secretary of War John Caldwell Calhoun (1782 - 1850), Secretary of the Navy Samuel Southard and Postmaster General John McLean discuss the Monroe Doctrine. (Original Artwork: Painted by Clyde Deland (Photo by MPI/Getty Images) John Feffer
The Flight 93 Doctrine
Donald Trump’s kamikaze attack on globalism
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"El Salvador provides perhaps the most striking case of how US responsibility is obscured in the current immigration debate, based on the notoriety of Mara Salvatrucha, a predominantly Salvadoran street gang better known as MS-13." (Photo: Screenshot) Justin Anderson
Key Fact Obscured in Immigration Coverage: MS-13 Was Made in USA
Perhaps more outrageous is the failure of the establishment press to grapple with how current immigration issues are connected to US intervention in Central America, and the subsequent gang violence it helped trigger
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"While Lowenstein doesn't see any problem with our incredibly rich counterfeiters in the real world we have the problem that they are creating demand for goods and services with their consumption." (Photograph: AP/Manuel Balce Ceneta) Dean Baker
The Washington Post Thinks It Is a New Idea to Tell People to Worry About Mobility and Not Inequality
I suppose in the Age of Trump it is appropriate that the Post has a business columnist determined to flaunt his ignorance
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