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Thursday, July 19, 2018
Nate Singham
Obama Has Jumped on the Universal Basic Income Bandwagon—Let’s Make Sure It’s a Tool to Help Solve Inequality, Not Enforce It
We have to be vigilant to prevent the UBI debate from getting hijacked to promote greater wealth inequality across the world.
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Jordan Holycross
Child Separation Coverage Focused on Beltway Debate, Not Immigrant Voices
As corporate media dove into this story, the voices of those impacted most by immigration policy were drowned out by soundbites from congressmembers and Trump administration officials
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"While some will equate the entire episode with a California Democratic Party that is “out of touch” with voters, maybe those who would vote for Feinstein are out of touch as well — or ascribing power to her that she does not possess." (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) Marcos Brenton
Dianne Feinstein Is Not Who You Think She Is
Feinstein should not have retired because she is a terrible representative. She should have stepped aside because it’s time
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"They came into South Shore much the same way U.S. troops enter Iraq: armed and fearful, not part of the community but “in control” of it." (Photo courtesy of Ryan Harvey) Robert C. Koehler
Mixing Guns and Racism
Police shoot another black man, spark community rage, further destroy all trust and continue to behave not as protectors but as an occupying army. God bless America.
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Tom Gallagher
May We Speak of Reason, Rather Than of Treason?
The bottom line is that treason is a vacant, rote charge; a wasted opportunity to talk about real things.
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“Of all the many, many terrible things the Trump Administration is doing, opening space to war will be the most destructive.” (Photo: Noah Flora) Harvey Wasserman
Trump’s Space Force: Military Profiteering’s Final Frontier
“The heavens are going to be littered with radioactive debris.”
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"That Part of the World knows – and what it knows is devastating." (Photo: Alisdare Hickson/flickr/cc) Rebecca Gordon
Making Sense of U.S. Moves in the Middle East
Confronting “That Part of the World”
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Josh Hoxie
Our Missing $10 Trillion
Tax cuts from the Bush, Obama, and Trump years have left a massive gap in the public coffers. This hurts everyone
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Monique Harris, an employer of personal attendants and member of Hand in Hand, mobilizes against family separation and detention at the July 2 #FreeOurFuture rally in San Diego on July 2nd. (Brooke Anderson) Brooke Anderson
Defending Undocumented Nannies, House Cleaners and Caregivers in Trump’s America
“These family separations need to stop. It’s not just happening at the border, it’s happening in our own communities."
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"Kavanaugh’s record on environmental issues is appalling."(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images) Basav Sen
Brett Kavanaugh Would Be a Disaster on Climate
When a literal reading of the law makes it harder to regulate corporations, judges like Kavanaugh stick to a literal reading. When it doesn't, they get creative
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Protesters march against the Muslim ban in Washington, DC. (Photo: Masha George / Washington, DC) Khury Peterson-Smith
Given What the U.S. Has Done to the World, It Should Be Letting All Refugees In
From the Muslim Ban to family separations, the U.S. is cruelly restricting refugees from conflicts it helped create
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"It is especially plausible to assume that the interests motivating Trump were the interests of Donald Trump more than the interests of the United States." (Mike Trukhachev/Shutterstock/cc) Paul Pillar
The Multiple Facets of the Russia Problem
There are not just two, but four, big problems involved
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Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, right, and Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, conduct a photo-op in Russell Building before a meeting on July 17, 2018. (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call) Jeremy Slevin, Jake Faleschini
Confirming Kavanaugh Would Be a Disaster for Workers and People in Poverty
Kavanaugh exhibits a preference for the more powerful party—whether corporations, agencies, or the criminal justice system—over the less powerful—whether consumers, workers, or victims of pollution
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