All Views Articles for 2018-07-14

Saturday, July 14, 2018
Richard Leonard
'You Shall Not Pass': Why Scotland Stands Against Trump
"What we are saying, with the eyes of the world upon us is that Donald Trump's visit does not have the consent of the people."
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Eric Margolis
Europe Cringes Before Emperor Trump
Doing his best bull in a china shop routine, Trump lectured and scolded the heads of NATO on live TV and they took the verbal thrashing like truant schoolboys.
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Robert Reich
Amid Lies of Trump and Sessions, 7 Truths About Immigration
Lots of misinformation leads to massive amounts of inhumanity
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Christopher Brauchli
Scott Pruitt, the Wall Street Journal, and Trump's Swamp
The WSJ is quite happy to overlook the particulars of the swamp of misconduct in which Mr. Pruitt swam during his tenure.
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Eileen McCabe
We Are All Pro-Choice
Who among us can say that we know another person’s challenges and conscience, and that we can judge for her?
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Chiara Giaccari
The Trump-Putin Helsinki Summit: Why a Meeting Behind Closed Doors?
A private meeting with no public record is not a good idea.
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Steven Singer
Don’t Tread on Me, But Let Me Tread All Over You: The Credo of Personal Freedom and Limitless Greed
This slogan has become a farce. It’s a maxim hoisted on those with very little individual power to convince them to join together and become powerful while guarding the door for the wealthy.
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