All Views Articles for 2018-07-07

Saturday, July 7, 2018
Gus Bova
The Trump Administration's Own Numbers Show "Zero Tolerance" Didn't Work
The "zero-tolerance" policy appears to have achieved only one thing: Making it extremely difficult for asylum-seekers to follow the law.
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Ryan Cooper
The Most Politically Savvy Thing Democrats Can Do
Democrats must stop assuming that being a big money sellout is a guaranteed political winner
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Lisa O'Neill
Inside the Crowdfunding Campaign to Reunite a Family Separated at the Border
"We live in this incredible moment where 'ordinary citizens' have so many means at their disposal to take action. Crowdfunding really provides an equalizing opportunity for people to be involved."
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Sharon Velasquez
Trump Administration War on CFPB Is Bad News for Communities of Color
"In gutting the CFPB and corrupting its mission, the Trump Administration disregards struggling families, and how the 2008 crisis brought our economy to its knees."
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Friday, July 6, 2018
Christopher Brauchli
Guns and Candles
The stated purpose of the NRA Candlelight Society would be: “To conduct candlelight vigils in memory of victims of gun violence whenever and wherever such vigils take place, at no charge to the community.”
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Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg
Trump’s Racism Coils Around Black Children, South American Immigrants
Racism—the lifeblood of the Trump presidency—fuels and sustains both the criminal justice and immigration systems.
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