All Views Articles for 2018-06-29

Friday, June 29, 2018
Jenice Robinson
Rigging the System and Poor Shaming (Rightly) Are Incompatible Political Strategies
Turns out working people and low-income Americans don’t take too kindly to being depicted as booze-guzzling swindlers who don’t know the value of a dollar while the rich and corporations, whose profits were at historic highs under the old tax regime, are cast as worthy of tax cuts
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"They come after us because we lift wages across the board — especially for women and people of color — and they want to keep that money for themselves." (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images) Lee Saunders
Five Justices Cannot Break the Solidarity of America’s Unions
We are unbowed by this decision. We will continue to do what we have always done, but now with greater energy and passion.
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"If you defend appalling behavior (your own or that of others) in a “polite” tone of voice, you aren’t “civil.” You’re complicit. You’re an enabler. You’re full of sh-t." (Photo: @BusinessInsider/Twitter) Tim Koechlin
Uncivil Disobedience and the GOP’s Racist, Rapacious Agenda
If you defend appalling behavior (your own or that of others) in a "polite" tone of voice, you aren't "civil."You’re complicit. You're an enabler. You're full of sh-t.
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Rethinking Schools Editorial
Keeping Kids Safe — At the Border and in Our Classrooms
"Aren't grown-ups supposed to keep kids safe?" a child recently asked after seeing pictures of other children held in cages
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"ACLU advocates say they’re concerned by the absence of a coherent federal plan to comply with the order." (Photo: aclu) Ashoka Mukpo
In Brownsville, Converting Pain and Anger Into Action
“We have to continue the pressure to make sure the families are in fact reunited.”
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"Can these global Bernies turn the Trump tide?" (Photo: Shutterstock) John Feffer
Next Stop for the Global ‘Bernie’ Movement: Mexico?
After many disappointments, the left-populist alternative looks primed for a big win in Mexico.
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Joseph Crowley on Capitol Hill in Washington. (Photo: Susan Walsh / AP) Norman Solomon
What Joe Crowley’s Defeat Has to Do With Democratic Party 'Superdelegates'
Grass-roots pressure to democratize the party—mounting since 2016—is starting to pay off.
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