All Views Articles for 2018-06-22

Friday, June 22, 2018
 "Families aren’t the only things being separated, she shows us. Americans, too, are being divided from their consciences." (Photo: Beppesabatini/Flickr/cc) Laura Flanders
National Suicide Point?
This state of affairs is normal, but only in a broken society.
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Michael Winship
Trump’s Mean Boy Nation
Never forget that the president's gang may be incompetent at a spectacular level but they're cruel and nasty to the bone
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"In Mexico, the influx of corn has created a situation where U.S.-grown corn is cheaper than corn grown in Mexico, pushing farmers and families off their land." (Photo: Richard Perry/NYTimes) Wenonah Hauter
Recognizing the Neoliberal Roots at the Heart of Trump's Cruel and Inhumane Border Policies
America’s unique responsibility for creating this crisis is one of the many reasons that we have to put an end to the president's "zero-tolerance" policy.
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A group of U.S. mayors left shoes and a teddy bear outside a holding facility for immigrant children in Tornillo, Texas, on Thursday. The mayors, from more than a dozen cities, gathered near the holding facility to call for the immediate reunification of immigrant children with their families. (Photo: Andres Leighton / AP) Sonali Kolhatkar
Which Side Are You On?
There are no gray areas, no nuances when children’s lives are at stake.
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"The mothers, fathers, little children and teenagers fleeing violence in Central America are not coming to “steal” the United States. They are simply looking for a way to survive." (Photo: U.S. Customs and Border Protection) Ruth Conniff
Trump’s Get-Tough Policies Will Make the Border Crisis Worse
Nothing about Trump’s ‘zero tolerance’ approach is addressing the root cause of migration.
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 "Today, thousands of refugees face grave harm if they return to their countries of origin. And yet the United States, Turkey, Israel, China, and others blithely return these refugees as part of a worldwide crackdown on “illegal” immigration." (Photo: UNHCR Photo Unit / Flickr) John Feffer
World to Refugees: Go to Hell
Over 22.5 million people have been forced to flee their countries. Last year, less than 200,000 were resettled.
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