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Thursday, June 21, 2018
"Throughout Central America extreme inequality along with ruthless and repressive governments have led to a pathological politics." (Photo: @NIJC/Twitter) John Buell
Look Deeper: Child Detention and the US’s Paramilitary Politics Abroad
Amidst the justifiable horror evoked by US authorities’ criminal treatment of these children there is too little examination of the conditions that spur many of these mass migrations.
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 "Amazon has been a leading corporate welfare King and is about to reap more of this extorted harvest once you decide where to locate your second headquarters." (Photo: Mathieu Thouvenin/flickr/cc) Ralph Nader
The Unsurpassed Power Trip by an Insuperable Control Freak: An Open Letter to Jeff Bezos
Given your successful tax avoidance mania, you should be ashamed of yourself. Because of your company’s insatiable greed, you have decided to ignore the plight of the homeless.
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"Such was the case with the more than 100,000 Japanese men, women and children, the vast majority of them US citizens, who were imprisoned in concentration camps during World War II." (Photo: Chronicle file photo, The Chronicle) Brett Wilkins
What Have We Become? What We Have Always Been
We are a nation that has, since its earliest days, stolen children from their parents.
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"I’m a working class, Black Latina living in a multi-racial, multi-generational household." (Photo: Brandy Brooks
How We Can Transform Our Communities Now
I want to change how we understand who is qualified to lead – and how we decide who and what counts in Montgomery County.
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Ernesto Falcon
Corruption at the Assembly Committee Gutted California's Net Neutrality
Between the money, the disingenuous arguments of the telecoms, and the manipulated process that forced the hostile amendments into the bill, what happened this week shows just what giant corporations can accomplish with willing legislators.
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United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley withdrew the United States from the U.N.’s Human Rights Council. (Photo: Stephanie Keith/Getty Images) Charles P. Pierce
Just Another Day Where the United States Completely Abandons Its Commitments to the World
On human rights and climate change, Trump says we're taking our ball and going home.
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"There is no mechanism in place to reunite parents, some of whom have already been deported, with their children, who are still in cages, jails and hastily erected tent cities scattered around the country in 17 states." (Photo: Screen shot / Democracy Now!) Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan
How Four Words Changed the Course of the Immigration Debate
“They was begging and saying, ‘No, no.’ And the mothers was hugging their children and … well, we kept right on firing."
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"From Oct. 15 to present, 2017-2018, only 15,383 refugees were legally admitted to the US."(Photo: Masha George / Washington, DC) Juan Cole
Not Only Is Trump’s Refugee Policy Morally Wrong, it Is Illegal in US and Int’l Law
It is absolutely clear that the US under Trump is in violation of its commitments under the 1967 Protocol and the relevant articles of the Convention on the Treatment of Refugees.
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"As the explosive Group of Seven, or G7, summit in Quebec showed, the Trump administration is increasingly isolating itself from its allies in palpable ways and, in the process, significantly impairing the country’s negotiating power." (Photo: Miguel Medina/AFP via Getty Images) Nomi Prins
Imperial President or Emperor With No Clothes?
How Donald Trump’s trade wars could lead to a great depression.
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"Over seven decades of murderous contempt for this tiny, communist country, we helped create it." (Photo: KCNA via Reuters) Robert C. Koehler
Trump, Kim and the Nuclear Status Quo
There seems to be a huge media memory void surrounding North Korea — and the U.S. role in shaping its defense strategy.
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Katie Wilson
Jeff Bezos 1, Seattle Homeless 0. Now What?
Advocates are regrouping after city officials knuckled under to pressure from Amazon and repealed a tax on big employers.
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Jessicah Pierre
Celebrating the End of Slavery—With One Big Asterisk
Juneteenth marks the end of slavery in America. But with over 2 million of us behind bars, has it really ended — or just transformed?
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"This battle is a tough one, as public sector workers are constantly under attack, all over the world." (Photo: Poor People's Campaign/Twitter) Rosa Pavanelli
50 Years Later, We Still Have a Dream
Only real access for all to quality public services—education, health care, childcare services, decent retirement, public transport, efficient justice systems and quality infrastructures—will allow the fight for social justice and the reduction of inequalities to progress.
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