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Monday, June 11, 2018
"Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s decision to spend billions of Canadian citizens’ dollars on Kinder Morgan’s canadian assets provides no certainty that the Trans Mountain Expansion project will ever get built." (Photo: Protect the Inlet) Adam Scott
What Canada’s Pipeline Purchase Means for Line 3 and KXL
When all of these projects reach the end of the line, it’s the taxpayer that will pay to clean it all up.
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"Contrary to the idea relentlessly repeated in media coverage that there is no objective basis for a denuclearization agreement, it has become clear to Pompeo that Kim is serious about reaching such an agreement." (Photo: Ahn Young-joon / AP) Gareth Porter
How Corporate Media Got the Trump-Kim Summit All Wrong
They have assumed that North Korea cannot live without nuclear weapons—without making any effort to understand North Korea’s strategy in regard to nuclear weapons.
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"The warmongers have no more of a plan for “regime change” in Iran than they had in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya or Syria." (Photo: Mr. Fish) Chris Hedges
Scapegoating Iran
"Americans say they want the Middle East to be free from violent extremism, but this will only happen when the Middle East is free from occupation and foreign intervention."
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"So, while I don’t begrudge team Trump their bragging — it’s standard practice — if anything, the strength of the economy underscores how little it has to do with this extremely chaotic presidency and an economic team that engages far more in wishful thinking than cogent analysis." (Photo: Gage Skidmore/flickr/cc) Jared Bernstein
How Trend-Riding Trump Is Taking Credit for the Economy He Inherited
Though it is almost always undeserved, presidents take credit for good economies and try to blame others for bad ones.
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 "Beyond any possible dispute, the sharia conspiracy is a fabrication, an imaginary threat conjured up to stoke public fear and hostility toward Muslims." (Photo: Sue Ogrocki / AP) Arnold R. Isaacs
Giving a Pass to Anti-Muslim Bigotry
Islamophobia enters the government, is incorporated into the law, and becomes increasingly acceptable in America.
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Ira Helfand
A Failed Trump-Kim Summit Would Be a Catastrophe
We cannot know if such negotiations will be successful. But we do know what will happen if they fail and nuclear weapons are used
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"Katie Porter (above) , who is supported by Sen. Elizabeth Warren and progressive groups, supports Medicare For All and other left ideas." (Photo: Katie Porter For Congress) Richard Eskow
“Establishment Wins” Are Bad for Democrats – and the Country
Despite millions being spent to defeat the progressive movement, the left is experiencing an extraordinary ascendance.
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"Last Monday the court in its wedding-cake ruling declared gays once again second-class citizens, at least when their sexuality has to compete with someone else’s more stone-throwing version of Christianity." (Gexydaf) Pierre Tristam
Pious Homophobes Win One
Until the dissenting opinions win the day, the dignity of millions will be sacrificed at the hetero-altar of religious correctness.
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"N. Korea doesn’t trust Trump at all and is not planning to make any deal with him to give up its nuclear weapons entirely." (Photo: KCNA via Reuters) Juan Cole
After What Trump Did to Iran and Canada, Why Should N Korea Trust Talks With Him?
Even if the talks go nowhere, Pyongyang will have seen a permanent rise in its world standing.
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Kathy Kelly
A Mile in Their Shoes: In Praise of Afghans Walking for Peace
Can the a recently declared cease-fire lead to negotiations and an end to the war?
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"The only legal way to constrain Trump is to vote for a Congress, this November, that will stand up to him. And then, in November 2020, vote him and his regime out of office."(Reuters/Larry Downing) Robert Reich
The Constitutional Crisis Is Now
For a year and a half the president of the United States has been carrying out a systemic attack on the institutions of our democracy.
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Timothy Karr
Net Neutrality Can Still Be Saved
You can be sure that Trump's FCC chairman Ajit Pai and his cronies in the phone and cable lobby will declare victory on Monday, but the expiration of the 2015 rules will be only a temporary hiccup. The fight is far from over in Congress, in the courts and across the country.
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John Atcheson
Republicans Lost Their Way Long Before Trump (But So Did the Democrats)
When the entire democratic system is off the rails, this is what you get
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