All Views Articles for 2018-06-10

Sunday, June 10, 2018
Sam Pizzigati
Wage Theft: To Fight the Crime, Attack the Motive
'Respectable' corporate giants in the United States today are stealing their employees blind. We need to better understand how—and why.
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James North, Philip Weiss
New York Times Teams Up With Israel to Smear Slain Medic Razzan al-Najjar as 'Complex,' Not Innocent
"Everyone knows what this woman was doing: protesting and saving lives."
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Josh Bell
How the Justice Department's Seizure of a Reporter's Email Records Subverts the Free Press
The Trump administration's actions in this case increase the danger of a real chilling effect on both reporters doing their jobs and sources who will be less likely to talk.
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Sam Husseini
Anthony Bourdain: The Last Gasp of CNN's Original Vision
There's a hunger among regular people in the U.S. for the unvarnished realities of the rest of the world, and major media are serving up precious little to feed it.
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Gina Benevento
Who Owns America's Water?
Not you. Not if you're an average American citizen.
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