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Thursday, June 7, 2018
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Elon Musk and the Corporate Controlled Media
When advertisers are calling the shots, don't call it journalism
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 "Hawkish Senate Democrats play a critical role as swing votes to keep the country at war and to ensure that the lion’s share of tax revenues keep flowing to the military-industrial complex." (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images) Medea Benjamin, Nicolas J. S. Davies
How The War Industry Corrupts The U.S. Congress
How can we, the public, make our voices heard by a Congress corrupted by war profiteers, when the war industry can buy a bipartisan majority for war and militarism in the U.S. Senate with such a tiny fraction of its profits?
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 "Internet service providers spent millions of dollars lobbying the Federal Communications Commission to end net neutrality, and they are certainly going to expect a healthy return on that investment." (Photo: @LiberalResist/Twitter) Chad Marlow
This Is How Net Neutrality Will End
The fight is far from over.
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"NFL team owners, overwhelmingly white men, half of whom are billionaires, held a secret meeting with several players in October, following Trump’s attacks." (Photo: Kevin Burkett / CC BY-SA 2.0) Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan
NFL's Eagles Give Trump A Civics Lesson
“You aren’t listening.”
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"While these connections may be new to some, the activists fighting both against the occupation of Palestine and for Black lives are not strangers to how their struggles are linked." (Photo: Shutterstock) Domenica Ghanem
Why We Should Be Alarmed That Israeli Forces And U.S. Police Are Training Together
The Israeli forces mowing down unarmed Palestinian protesters also train U.S. police forces that brutalize communities of color.
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The June 1 cartoon criticized Trump for his immigration policies. (Photo: Rogers) Olivia Riggio
Anti-Trump Cartoons Stopped By Censor at Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
None of these cartoons appeared in the Post-Gazette, despite Rogers being the paper’s full-time staff political cartoonist.
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"It's garbage politics, and worse still, it's so lame that nobody even pays attention." (Photo: Senate Democrats/Flickr/cc) Ryan Cooper
Chuck Schumer Is The Exact Opposite of What Democrats Need
Schumer has been doing the exact same tired stunt for well over a decade, and it was exhausted even in 2005.
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"It will be a party that unequivocally rejects austerity, proposes an urgent timeline for addressing climate change, and unapologetically aligns itself with organized labor and civil rights groups in the fight for justice and equality." (Photo: Heath Hinegardner) John Nichols
Taking It to The States
“It is time for us to dream again. It is time for us to get back to making big dreams real again.”
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"They have abdicated responsibility for policy to our own homegrown equivalents of Haig, Foch, Petain, Hindenburg, and Ludendorff. Their failure is unforgivable." (Photo:  Alex Guerrero/flickr/cc) Andrew Bacevich
Infinite War: The Pentagon's Gravy Train Rolls On
On not so great wars, theirs and ours
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"The sum total of Trump’s trade policy, such as it is, ranks as so ill-informed, fickle and inchoate that the only result can be recrimination and chaos." (Photo: Jonny White/cc/flickr) Michael Winship
When It Comes to The Economy, Trump Keeps Two Sets of Books
Contrary to the belief system of this current kleptocracy, what the business of America should be is not business but a commitment to full and fair employment.
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Jim Klutznick, Marilyn Katz
Three Myths About Gaza Dispelled
The lives of 119 Gazans have been lost and thousands more unalterably changed. We can't let the truth die with them.
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