All Views Articles for 2018-06-05

Tuesday, June 5, 2018
"It’s not dialogue if one side has access to policymakers and corporate media and the other side gets punished merely for asserting its existence." (Photo: Getty) Steven Salaita
How to Tell When Defending Israel Is Actually Racist
The moment anybody defends Israel, of course.
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Amira Hass
Anonymous Snipers and a Lethal Verdict
We may never know the name of the soldier who killed Razan al-Najjar. But we do know the names of those who gave the order enabling him to kill her
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Entire neighbourhoods in Raqqa are damaged beyond repair. Credit: Amnesty International Donatella Rovera, Benjamin Walsby
Civilians Paid A Very High Price for Raqqa’s Devastating “Liberation” by US-led Forces
Hundreds of civilians were killed: some in their homes; some in the very places where they had sought refuge; and others as they tried to flee.
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In 2011, New York Law School, which ranked in the lowest tier of such institutions, was charging more than Harvard Law School. (Photo: NYLS) Erin L. Thompson
Minority Lawyers Hanging From Their Own Bootstraps
How law schools fail those who seek justice.
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"Those who will benefit most from a Forever State of War are currently pounding the Senate’s marble halls, perhaps even stalking members of the Committee as lobbyists from the MIC, AIPAC and other enthusiasts for war, will do whatever it takes to bring adoption of the AUMF to a favorable committee vote." (Photo: Tim Kaine/Getty) Renee Parsons
Forever AUMF Stalls at Senate Foreign Relations Committee
It is difficult to recognize a more ill-considered, reactionary vote of enormous global consequences as adoption of a Forever AUMF which will surely hasten the Final Chapter of the American Empire.
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"If Trump can pardon anyone, including himself, and shut down any investigation, then he has a free pass to break any federal law." (Photo: AP Photo/Evan Vucci, Wikimedia Commons, holwichaikawee/iStock) Ryan Cooper
America's Rickety Constitution Is Proving No Match for The Mad King Donald
Instead of restricting the growth of tyranny, the Constitution's separation of powers is enabling the coronation of our own mad king.
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"The Republican party abandoned its political innocence long ago."(Photo: Getty) Charles P. Pierce
Trump Has Access to Everything A Dictator Could Want
He is consolidating power based on deceit at an alarming rate, and getting more popular as he goes.
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"Nor has he shown any interest in unifying the nation, or speaking to the nation as a whole. Instead, he periodically throws red meat to his overwhelmingly white, rural, and older base." (Photo: Johnny Louis/Getty Images) Robert Reich
A Second American Civil War?
Consider Trump’s torrent of lies, his admiration for foreign dictators, his off-hand jokes about being “president for life” and his increasing invocation of a “deep state” plot against him.
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Dean Baker
No You Assholes, Obama Did Not Do It Too
Nobody has done what Trump did last week. To suggest otherwise is simply dishonest.
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