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Thursday, May 31, 2018
The language — drafted by Reps. Keith Ellison, Barbara Lee, Ro Khanna, Jan Schakowsky, Jim McGovern, and Walter Jones — amended the defense bill to state clearly that “the use of the Armed Forces against Iran is not authorized by this Act or any other Act.” (Photo: Getty) Jamal Abdi
Did Congress Just Shut Down Trump’s War Plans for Iran?
The Senate would do well to follow the House’s lead — and go even farther to shut all the backdoors to war.
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"Let’s be clear: the gag rule the president has proposed is not about improving women’s health care." (Photo: Getty) Elizabeth Warren
Trump’s New Proposal Is Another Attempt By The Government to Control Women’s Bodies
Let’s be clear: the gag rule the president has proposed is not about improving women’s health care.
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"Instead of celebrating the true Saudi heroes, since May 15 at least 11 activists, both women and male allies, have been arrested." (Photo: @noconversion/Twitter) Medea Benjamin
The Message From Saudi’s “Reformist” Crown Prince to Saudi Women: Shut Up And Drive
While gaining the right to drive certainly brings Saudi Arabia a step closer to joining the 21st century, the biggest impediment for women has not been the inability to drive—but the male guardianship system that is a form of gender apartheid.
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A house in the mountains of Puerto Rico that was damaged by Hurricane Maria broadcast a call for help from its roof. A new study out of Harvard University estimated that the death toll from the storm far surpassed the White House's figures, sparking censure of the Trump administration's handling of the crisis. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons) Sonali Kolhatkar
Racism Keeps Rearing Its Ugly Head
We see over and over the dehumanization of people of color in our country and our world.
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"Media coverage of the crisis in Puerto Rico has been dismal since the hurricane hit; even when outlets reported on major scandals about the mismanaged recovery, the coverage was negligible and faded quickly." (Photo: Sarah Wasko / Media Matters) Katie Sullivan, Lis Power
Study Finds 5,000 People May Have Died From Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Cable News Focused on Roseanne Instead.
Cable news covered Roseanne for over 10 hours. They covered Hurricane Maria's death toll in Puerto Rico for just over 30 minutes.
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"There are no walls, no entrances or exits that can be closed in order to contain the damage from or protect the American people from Washington’s destructive follies." (Photo: Getty) Tom Engelhardt
Duck-and-Cover America: Advice to College Graduates in The Age of Trump
A commencement speech to the "campus of my mind" about what can't be walled out—or in.
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"Many people across the state share the school teachers’ desperate concern about the conditions in their children’s schools, even though their elected representatives adamantly ignore the wishes of a wide swath of their constituents." (Photo: @StepUpOklahoma/Twitter) Jan Resseger
Rivka Galchen Takes You Inside the Oklahoma Teachers’ Walkout and Inside Red-State, Anti-Tax Politics
"Oklahoma has essentially been under single-party rule for about a decade."
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"In North Carolina, there’s little doubt parents use charters to segregate."(Photo: New Boston Post photo by Evan Lips) Jeff Bryant
New Charter School Plan Should Alarm the Nation
“A design for racial and economic segregation.”
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Ken Burns and Lynne Novick’s “Vietnam War” series does not deserve a “Best Documentary” award. (Photo: Getty) Mike Ferner
Veterans’ Group Says “No” to Emmy for PBS Vietnam War Series
“In this war-torn world, what is desperately needed – but what Burns and Novick fail to convey – is an honest rendering of that war to help the American people avoid yet more catastrophic wars.”
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“Peace” is a feel-good delusion and “disarmament” (nuclear and otherwise) is the butt of a joke. (Image: CD/CC BY 2.0) Robert C. Koehler
The American Way of War: Evolution Stops Here
There’s nothing in this controlling consciousness devoted to creating — or imagining — a world without nuclear weapons or a world free of war and poverty.
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