All Views Articles for 2018-04-30

Monday, April 30, 2018
"After a decade of severe budget cuts and misappropriation of more than a billion dollars, voucher schemes, and the rising corporate tax cuts handed out to billionaires, educators found themselves backed up against a wall." (Photo:@BrennaGoth/Twitter) Sarah Giddings
Making People's History in Arizona: Educators Rise Up
We had no other choice but to demonstrate our basic civil liberties in pursuit of real, transformative change — by walking out of our classrooms together and into the Capitol on the historic day of April 26, 2018.
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Medea Benjamin
Olive Branch for North Korea, Bombs for Iran?
The great tragedy of the horrifying specter of another Middle East war is that it is wholly fabricated by the US administration
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Thom Hartmann
Fascists Compete To Own America
Now might be a really good time to examine the origins and nature of the whole right-wing collusion between business and government
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"Trump’s emphasis on what he terms “America First” is anything but that." (Photo: Gage Skidmore/flickr/cc) John H. Johns, Trita Parsi
The End of US National Interest
The damage Trump is inflicting on U.S. security and global standing may well prove irreparable.
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"Beyond limiting reporters’ access, ICE may even deport an immigration journalist who is often critical of law enforcement." (Photo: Irfan Khan/LA Times via Getty Images) Camille Fassett
Why is ICE Interfering with Journalists Covering Immigration Hearings?
ICE’s continued hostility towards journalists covering deportation hearings is deeply troubling.
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Emmanuel Mervilus, who will graduate soon from Rutgers after being in prison, speaks in Newark, N.J., at an event sponsored by the Mountainview Program, which fosters education among those who have been incarcerated. (Photo: Mountainview Program) Chris Hedges
The Crime of Being Poor and Black
There are only a few saints in this world. Professor Roden is one.
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Hayley Miller
Joy Reid’s Defenders Praise Her Apology — But Ignore Her Apparent Cover-Up
The MSNBC host’s most ardent fans are willing to turn a blind eye to her hacking claims, and that’s unsettling.
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"Despite their contributions to British society as workers, many migrants are made to feel unwanted, viewed with suspicion, exploited and discriminated against." (Public Domain) Dorothy Grace Guerrero
Colonialism, Borders and Justice Should Be in Our Conversation About Migration
Former colonial powers, like Britain, are culpable in promoting the unfair rules, creating debt burdens, forced privatisations and entrenching oppressive neo-colonial power dynamics on the international stage.
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President Lyndon B. Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act in the East Room of the White House on July 2, 1964. (Anonymous/AP) Raúl Grijalva
Be Progressive, Democrats, Not Merely Liberal
What was once pigeonholed as the “progressive” position has since become the popular position.
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Paul Buchheit
Meeting the Definition of Terrorism: Big Pharma, Big Oil, and Big Banks
Beware the corporate terrorists in our midst.
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"At the center of that vortex of corruption lies the president and his family, the man whose taxes remain an American mystery and who couldn’t even get them in on time this year." (Photo: Defending Our Future/Twitter) Tom Engelhardt
Swamping the Drain in Washington
Washington has been and remains a swamp in every sense of the word.
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Richard Eskow
Pyrrhic Party: The Democratic Establishment’s War on Progressives
The party’s antipathy for progressive candidates and ideas that seems to grow more conspicuous with each passing day.
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Molly Roberts
Michelle Wolf Got It Just Right
That Wolf’s performance was not “normal” for the correspondents’ dinner is a testament to its timeliness and necessity — nothing is “normal” right now, and pretending otherwise out of a false sense of the fourth estate’s friendship with the executive would have been the real disgrace.
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