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Friday, April 27, 2018
"Any activities that we do, whether it’s for Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, it comes out of our own pockets." (Photo: Twitter) Debbie Weingarten
Tens of Thousands Mobilize to Support Arizona Teachers Amid Backlash
Resentment among Arizona educators has been simmering for years.
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Aerial view of Black Wattle Colliery Opencast Coal Mine, Middelburg,RSA. (Photo: © Modirapula) Ahmed Mokgopo
How a Development Bank is Propping Up the Fossil Fuel Industry in South Africa. And Why it Must Reverse Course
Local communities are not the only ones who are going to pay the bitter price of reckless and backward-looking investment choices.
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The Supreme Court's infamous decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission will go down in US history alongside Dred Scott v. Sandford (1857) and Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) as among the worst moments in US jurisprudence. (Photo: Olivier Douliery/Abaca Press/MCT) Jeffrey D. Sachs
Mick Mulvaney Delivers the Chilling Truth
A political system among the most corrupt in the world.
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the bill could lead to funds going toward the virtual school industry, which has asuspect track record in terms of educational achievement and financial management, while targeting students of color and low-income students. Mike Garvey
Legislators Are Trying to Hide a Dangerous Voucher Proposal Inside the Defense Spending Bill
This proposal would funnel taxpayer dollars to private, unaccountable education providers that do not have an obligation to serve all students equally.
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"Being a journalist in Gaza only means death." (Photo: Twitter) David Palumbo-Liu
Are Israeli Snipers Censoring Palestinian Journalists by Murder?
“It is both an effort to ensure that the Palestinian story is not told to the world and to tell Palestinians themselves that no one is safe.”
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'She complains of “privileged white men” and “elites” in state office, with no experience in public schools.' (Photo: Karolina Buczek/Twitter) Jeff Bryant
Kentucky Teachers’ Walkout Catalyzes More Advocacy
At least 40 educators have filed to run for office.
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"New Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s first order of business appears to be to sabotage the 2015 Iran deal in cahoots with Likud PM Binyamin Netanyahu and MbS." (Photo: Screenshot) Juan Cole
If the Leaders of the Two Koreas Can Meet, Why Can’t Those of Saudi Arabia and Iran?
“Meeting jaw to jaw is better than war.”
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Christian Christensen
Charlie Rose, #MeToo and the Eternal Possibility of White, Male Redemption
"You committed sexual assault? No problem! Let's give you a TV show to talk about it!"
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